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One thing most of us get plenty of, come the end of the month of October, is candy, chocolate and treats. Instead of putting them all into a plain container, it's great fun to display all the goodies into some fun themed Halloween candy dishes, bowls and holders instead.

There are many inexpensive and novelty designs that will do the trick but you can also get some wonderful keepsake and collectible dishes that you'd be proud to show off as part of your home decor, year after year.

Many of these candy holders also make great gift choices as well as being good for your home and kitchen styling. I've picked out some favorites from both these categories.

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Pick Halloween Candy Dishes for a Deliciously Dark Way to Display Your Creepy Treats

candy corn treats filler for bowl holder dish bucket

Image Credit: Original image shared by sambeawesome on Pixabay with a CC License

For Halloween time, any old container for your treats, candy and chocolate just won't do. For an item that's going to take center stage as you and your guests munch away, it needs to look frightfully good. Included is my pick of ideas for what bowls, dishes and holders you can use.

Display your Halloween Candy in the Top of a Skull

Realistic Looking skull candy dish bowl open top

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I liked this ceramic skull themed bowl as soon as I saw it. At 6.75 inches in width, it can be used to hold small pieces of Halloween or Trick or Treat candy. The fact that is open top means that people can see immediately what is on offer. It looks like a pretty creepy and realistic miniature skull too.

You can also get a Boston Warehouse bone collector dish design, try an auction site, which has attached skull ‘feet’ for the bowl with silver color painting on the outside. On the inside is a simple cream earthenware finish with a skull and crossbone design which will be revealed once the candy starts to disappear.

Matching the skull theme with the feet on the exterior of the dish, the bone collector candy holder features this skull and crossbones design in the middle of the bowl.

Dig In to this Ceramic Coffin Candy Dish

Black ceramic coffin casket with skeleton and shovel

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This versatile lidded black casket or coffin could be used as a dip tray, you may need a suitable liner for wet foods, or a candy container.

It's made of ceramic and has a fun slogan on the outside with the words Dig In added along with a skeleton and a shovel. It looks like the type of casket that Count Dracula would love to lie in. This one is quite some conversation piece to have on your table or counter top.

You can get inexpensive plastic spiderweb baskets as a cheap solution to store wrapped candy and chocolate treats.

A plastic bowl is a good option to have with younger kids around who might knock dishes over easily. The only downside is that any open sides mean that these do not always suit very small items such as candy corn which may fall right through. For larger items, they could be a fun decorative piece.

Grinning Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Candy Bowl

Halloween Candy Bowl Jack O Lantern Pumpkin

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This Jack-O-Lantern makes a really fun looking treat holder. Reach in and take treats from the grinning mouth of this orange pumpkin. I like the fact that it is easy to reach into and pick out your favorite treats from.

It looks like it would make a fun and cute decoration to sit out on a table too. Pumpkins are fun motifs with seasonal meaning and colorful for the Fall season.

If you're having a party then it's best to have your candy selection easily accessible. Pop treats and candy out in the middle of a table or on top of a kitchen counter but only if you want to share them.

If the container is fragile, make sure not to place it where it can be easily knocked off and broken. For some decorative figurine style dishes, you'll want them shown off where people can appreciate them as a real centerpiece of the home.

Star Wars Yoda Candy Bowl HolderOne Holiday Lane Vintage Retro Witch Boot Halloween Candy Bowl - Witch Shoe Candy DishBronze Resin Holiday Skull Candy Bowl Dish Statue Sculpture SkeletonStar Wars Darth Vader Candy Bowl

If you're looking for a Halloween gift or a piece of decor that you can enjoy in your home year after year then there are some more elaborate and figurative options for you to enjoy.

Jim Shore is a well known designer of collectible figurines and sculptures for the home, all with a bit of a fun and folksy feel to them. I really like his colorful pumpkin bowl with 3 ghosts all sat round on the edge, surveying the spooktacular sweet surprises inside. This is called the Jim Shore Heartwood Creek from Enesco, Ghosts on Pumpkin Candy Dish Figurine. You may still find this on ebay, an auction site or thrift store.

The Jim Shore witch candy dish, not pictured, is my personal favorite. I think it's fabulous for the witching season. There is a great deal of detail on this design and the witch is engrossed in whipping up a spell in her cauldron.

The text on the outside reads: A pinch of this, a dollop of that, chopped mandrake and some vulture fat. Will you let her put a spell on you too? Have fun choosing some great ways to display your treats this October.

Create a Fun Reveal in the Bottom of Your Bowl

I like the idea of a dish or container that reveals something like a design or some text at the bottom once all the treats have gone. It's the same with those coffee mugs that you drink out of and then find something painted on the bottom once you've drained the whole cup.

Of course, you could do something similar to jazz up a plain ceramic or any dish or holder. You could use some small Halloween themed stencils and some suitable ceramic paint to create a fun design that will show up once all the guests have eaten the treats.

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