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You can add in a touch of some rather dark and rather creepy looking Halloween crow decorations to your home this Fall season. Use ravens, crows and other large black birds as a really dark room theme.

If you're going with that haunting and creepy theme for this October, items featuring these black color birds are ideal to add around your home space. Dim the lighting down and rely on those lingering dark shadows to create some disturbingly good scenes for your guests to come and enjoy.

Last year, I had a lot of fun incorporating this very sinister Halloween crow and raven bird theme into the home. Here's how you can do this successfully too.

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Room decor with black birds ravens crows decorations

Image Credit: Original image shared by Gimcrackery on Pixabay with a CC License

I'm a huge fan of birds and I watch them out of my window every day as they come down to bathe and feed in the back yard. As a result of this fascination, I tend to do a lot of homemade crafts on this theme.

I also have plenty of accessories that involve these beautiful winged creatures. Black varieties like crows, ravens and starlings can look really rather chilling placed in the correct setting.

Halloween Crow Decorations: Realistic Looking Bird Figurines, Statues and Sculptures

skull sculpture raven bird on top figurine collectible

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​There are some really quite realistic looking standing figurines and also small sculptures that are designed to be just like real crows and ravens. One of my favorite designs for the Halloween season is this particular figurine where a raven is shown perched right on top of a skull.

This is my personal favorite since it not only has a realistic look but the addition of a skull makes it a rather gruesome and creepy sight too. It looks to be a pretty well-made and good quality figurine and it is creepy because it looks so real. You might just want to check the size because the skull is not to scale with an actual human head.

Black Raven Bird on Stump Statue Cold Cast Resin FigurineRaven Crow Bird Perching On Skull Spell Roses Figurine Home Decor Skeleton Sculpture Halloween PropLeaning Black Raven on Rocks Hand Painted Resin Statue FigurineDark Raven Crow Perched On Tree Stump Collectible Figurine Lifelike Colors 6 inch Halloween Haunted House Evil Decor

A pair of raven or black bird figurines would look very good perched at either end of a cabinet or shelf, a bit like a pair of themed bookends.

This could be really great when displayed as part of a curiosity cabinet filled with rather magical and enchanting items such as spell books, potion bottles, body parts, weird ingredients and witch-like items.

It would also work well as a feature on a dusty old desk, on your decorated mantle or fireplace, as a welcome piece on your front porch even. I like the idea of having a skull and bird sat on top of some soil, just as if the skull has been partly unearthed. That would be quite some entrance for your guests.

Design Toscano Gothic Tombstone Wall Plaque Black raven bird sculpture decor tombstone

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​I love this very realistic looking wall plaque figurine that you can fix on to the wall or even on to a sheltered outdoor area like a front porch. He should look good perched up near a coat stand or somewhere that he's going to get the attention that he really deserves.

Black Bird Wall Decal Stickers and Wall Decor

Something wicked this way comes mantel decoration

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​Simple is often best and I like the look of this very effective black peel and stick Halloween design with the text Something Wicked this Way Comes. You can buy some individual bird decals and stick this around the quote.

There are plenty of different wall decorations that can be used to add to your theme. As soon as I saw some fun glitter crows last year, I just had to make my own versions. Perhaps you're not crafty and you'd rather get the Martha Stewart versions but these are really so easy to make.

BEWARE halloween burlap banner decoration FALL decor

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You can also incorporate banners and garlands which are quick ways to add in a theme across a whole room. Last year, I made a banner using some vintage style images and illustrations from the Internet that I printed off and mounted up onto black cardstock which looked very effective. It was a really inexpensive way to set the tone of the room.

Whether you make or buy, simple cut-outs look fantastic when carefully positioned on walls, around a mirror frame, in a bookshelf, in a cabinet or perched like they are poised to attack from above.

The DEAD & BREAKFAST Inn Est 1966 Sign Black Crow Hand Painted Spooky Halloween Porch Decor

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My favorite look that I used last year was some very simple cardstock and foam cut-outs and silhouettes stuck on the wall and around my big mirror with blu tack. Despite looking simple and being easy to make, they were really very effective indeed.

Wall decals are a great option for spicing up any blank areas of smooth and bare wall. There are loads of choices available with either fun, quirky or more frighteningly realistic images that you can add in.

Creepy Primitive Crows for Your Home at Halloween

Iron metal crow decoration decorative sculpture

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​One of my favorite designs is this primitive metal standing design fashioned as a folksy crow. I love the idea of standing this up as a prop on some old fashioned style books.

This is a hollow and a lightweight design and not heavy. That probably makes it better for when it is time to pack away all your Halloween decorations. Primitive crows create a wonderful atmosphere for your decor at this time of year. Combine with other motifs from the season for maximum effect.

Crow stood on Fall season pumpkin leaves

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​The combination of black and cream goes for quite an elegant look and styling. This is a garden flag decoration but adding the theme into your home soft furnishings can stop the whole look of your room from being too stark and cold looking.

One easy option is to add in some throw pillows which feature black bird designs. You can also get suitable fabric designs and have it made up into matching placemats, table runners, napkins, cushions, edging for towels and even turned into quick pieces of art for the wall by framing. Look for fabrics featuring these birds and also the Nevermore Raven.

You can easily make your own themed throw pillow or cushion by decorating a plain cushion cover. Use a cushion cover in cream or orange for Halloween and this should look great.

Cut out a crow or raven silhouette from felt or an easy to cut black fabric like cotton and sew this motif to the front of a cushion cover or stick it on using a fabric adhesive. Pop in a pillow pad for your custom throw cushion design.

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