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Add to the really frightful fun of decorating the home for the Fall season with some really creepy Halloween toilet paper holders for the bathroom. Let's hope that your visiting guests will be dying to use them.

These Halloween themed holders can be used in place of your regular ones for the duration of the spooking season or even all year round if you fancy some really cool and unique novelty themed decor for your home instead.

You can also change up the bathroom tissue rolls to match with patterned paper or perhaps even a solid color. Look for colors ideal for October 31st such as midnight black, blood red, pumpkin orange, witch purple and monster green.

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Halloween Toilet Paper Holders: Give Guests a Fright with This Grim Reaper

Sculpture wall mounted holder grim reaper skull toilet paper

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​The Grim Reaper is the symbol of death and this hooded skeletal figure doesn't look all that happy about holding out the bathroom tissue. It’s not something your guests are going to want to stare at for too long.

Why not get some different toilet paper in for Halloween. Black is a great choice for the season but you could also plump for pumpkin orange, blood red or witch purple. Or how about looking for some unique patterned bathroom paper instead. The paper roll in the example above has a skull pattern on it.

This Gothic style of sculptural toilet paper holder, should make quite the impact on your whole room decor theme. This one, by Design Toscano, is cast in resin and hand painted to give it just the right detail needed for that creepy look.

Creepy Skeleton Holds Your Bathroom Paper

Skeleton skull sculpture wall mounted holding toilet paper black wall

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​I like this stone-look skeleton holder who is wearing a rather demonic grin across his bony features. You can also add on to this skeleton theme by getting a handy matching toilet bowl brush and holder.

The matching skull toilet brush is shaped as a skull head and even the brush handle has been decorated to match with a bone themed shaft and a smaller skull top to it.

Medieval Gothic Gargoyle Halloween Bathroom Accessory

Wall mounted gargoyle sculpture holding bathroom tissue paper Design Toscano Flush Holder

Get this Gargoyle Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder from

​Dress the bathroom in an even creepier Gothic fashion with gruesome gargoyles and demonic dragons. These creepy creatures are not something that visitors will want to sit near for long.

There is another real tough looking gargoyle toilet paper holder with his jaw open and long fangs on show. He looks to be made of stone though it’s actually a quality resin.

Rivers Edge Products Standing Bear Toilet Paper HolderMythical Winged Dragon Toilet Paper Holder in Metallic Look for Medieval and Gothic Home Decor Bathroom Accessories or Whimsical Fantasy GiftsThe Undead Graveyard Zombie Decorative Toilet Paper Holder in Scary Halloween Decorations As Bathroom Wall Decor Art & Plaques or Spooky Home Bath Decorating Accessories for Whimsical Novelty GiftsScroll Toilet Tissue Holder, Park Designs

A gargoyle is a really grotesque carved stone creature which looks like it has come straight from the doors of some demonic realm. It almost looks as it it will launch itself from the restroom wall and fly towards an unsuspecting victim.

Other matching holders include a grim gargoyle to hold bathroom towels. This horned creature looks to be in a really black mood to start with. Dim the lighting in the bathroom for an even more dramatic effect.

Devil-Like Dragon Design to Hold Your TP Rolls

Wall sculpture dragon gothic evil fantasy holder for bathroom tissue paper

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​This dragon looks brilliant for anyone who loves frightful fantasies. Complete with sharp horns, talons, glossy black eyes and monster green highlights across his scales, he almost looks real for anyone who believes in the mythical world of winged beasts. This could be a great bathroom accessory for someone who loves dragons and fantasy.

If you want something a little less dramatic than these decorative offerings, consider buying a standard black holder that you could use all year and hang some Halloween patterned bathroom paper from it instead. A blood red, jet black, pumpkin orange or monster green color would all work well as paper for this time of year.

T-Rex Toilet Paper Holder 3D Printed - Bathroom accessories

Buy this T-Rex Toilet Paper Holder from MirskyArtGallery on Etsy

Many of the novelty paper holders will also match other items to go in your room such as bath towel rings and even toilet brushes too. Have fun selecting something spooky! Seeing that just about everyone who visits the room will be using this tissue, you can almost guarantee giving your guests just a little fright.

bathroom decor accessories for halloween toilet paper tissue roll holders

Image Credit: Original image shared by Taken on Pixabay with a CC License

To give your haunted bathroom just a little more atmosphere and effect, consider piping some spooky music or chilling sound effects into the room such as creaking floorboards, creeping footsteps, mad laughter, screams and ghostly moans. Your visitors will not want to stay in there too long.

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