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Halloween Witch Figurines and Collectibles

Halloween witch figurines makes an excellent choice to pop out for your All Hallows Eve decor and they are also fascinating if you have a real interest in sorcery, black magic and spells too.

There are all kinds of resin and ceramic collectibles and small sculptures with this witch theme. There is the stereotypical old female crone dressed all in black to the young and beautiful enchantress or temptress of the divine arts.

Here you will discover an enchanting selection of some wonderfully popular figurines that can look magnificent exhibited on their own or along with other themed items to make a whole set.

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Halloween Witch Figurines for Indoor Display and as Collectible Gifts

Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz Figurine Statue Decoration

Image Credit: Cropped and text added. Original shared by Kevin Dooley on Flickr with a CC License

Witches make for really magical and spellbinding characters that are ideal for lasting display pieces since they have just a small touch of darkness about them.

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There are many wonderful witch figurine designs to opt for. I've narrowed it down to a selection of my favorite choices here to help you choose. Let's see what you will be tempted by this Fall season.

Jim Shore Halloween Witches to Collect

Enesco 4027795 Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Pint Sized Witch Figurine

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Witches are often associated with black birds and not just cats. That is because birds like the crow and raven are associated with doom and death in particular due to their feathering colors.

The symbol of the black bird has been used to great effect on this wonderful sculpture that shows off the old crone and her familiar who will do her dark bidding.

Jim Shore for Enesco Heartwood Creek Witch Skeleton Flying Scene FigurineEnesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Witch with Crystal Ball/Broom

The other detailed symbols on the witch's dress are a skeleton key, skull and bone which all point to her dabbling in the dark arts of sorcery and enchantment. I particularly like the thorn detailing around the hem of her dress which you may overlook at first glance.

Jim Shore's Pint Sized Witch with Cauldron is a charming rendition of a stereotypical old crone. It is ideal as a Halloween piece with the gray haired old lady having a very pointed long chin, her hat of sorcery, two-tone shawl and her broom. It is a wonderful display piece to put out for the bewitching Fall season and has incredible hand-painted detail.

Enesco Jim Shore The Wicked Witch with Rotating Creepy CharactersJim Shore Heartwood Creek Curses Witch Spell Book Halloween Figurine 4047839 New

This pint sized crone with a cauldron is really a delightful piece and could make a perfect gift for someone who adores a bit of magic and spells too. It is adorable and one that I would keep out on a shelf or mantel year round, no putting this one back in a box.

Jim Shore's Little Girl Witch figurine is rather unique. It depicts a little girl who has dressed up as a witch, perhaps for Halloween or just for everyday fun. You can tell that she is dressing-up since you can see close up the crooked nose mask detail which she is wearing over her face.

The girl looks ready for trick and treating with the hollowed out pumpkin basket ready to carry her Halloween treats. It's a gorgeous little sculpture by Jim Shore which displays his talent for imagination and detailing.

Fantasy Style Witch Figurines

Black Witch with Baby Dragon Collectible Figurine Decoration Statue

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I love this design because it's not the normal branded design of sculpture that has flooded the market. This witch is different because she has a baby dragon pet and she has more of that fantasy feel about her.

Sometimes I feel like I've had enough of looking at Jim Shore designs, possibly because there are just so many that it feels like that whole style has been done to death. This figurine is refreshingly different which makes it really good.

9.25 Inch Resin Witch Kneeling with Dragonlings and Book FigurineComfy Hour 7 inch Polyresin Dark Fairy Witch Incanting In Front Of Firepan, Halloween Gift

This is a good looking witch character. She is attractive and feminine and I love the whole fantasy vibe with it. There's a lot of great detail right from the very small star buckles on her long boots.

She has a crystal ball in her hand and dark mushrooms and toadstools growing on the ground beside her. The addition of a baby dragon makes this design more magical and mysterious and should appeal to anyone who loves fantasy in particular.

Precious Moments Blonde Witch Figurine: Super Cute Character on a Broom

Precious Moments The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Witch Figurine statue sculpture

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Precious Moments are known for the real cute factor with their designs. This charming blonde witch figurine has been made for Wizard of Oz fans but, actually, you would not necessarily know that and I'd be happy to pop this one out on display for October 31st.

Other Cute Witch Figurine Designs to Enjoy

Collectors of Disney will be delighted with the Lenox Tink's Halloween Treats figurine, not shown, which is the fairy Tinkerbell who is dressed up in a little witch attire. She is the charming and slightly naughty fairy from Peter Pan and she is adored by millions of fans young and old.

Enesco Cherished Teddies Collection Bear Witch FigurineDisney Traditions Dstra Tinker Bell Witch Sugar Figurine

Tinkerbell is a must for collectors and will look bewitchingly brilliant on a shelf or displayed in a cabinet. Tinker Bell has a very sly and cheeky look on her face which says that she's going to be up to some tricks for the Halloween season.

Also look out for the Charming Purrsonalities Conjure up a Little Fun design. This black cat one ranks among my favorites since I used to have a black cat myself.

Custom Cold Porcelain Clay Witchcraft School of Magic Student Figurine, Personalized Wizard Witch Birthday Cake Topper, Halloween Decor GiftPolymer Clay Halloween Witch with Hat, Bucket Full Of Pumpkins and Broom

Pretty much every stereotype on witches is summed up in this wonderfully sweet sculpture: the black cat or witch's familiar, the pointed hat with a gold buckle, the magical 5-pointed star and a pumpkin, just in case you missed the theme going on there!

Halloween Witch Figurine by Fitz and Floyd for the Fall Harvest Season

Fitz and Floyd Halloween Harvest Witch Figurine

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Fitz and Floyd have some really stunning looking figurines and some of them are suitably on the premium scale of the market. I love this one in particular which is a Halloween witch through and through and really epitomizes the entire Fall Harvest season.

This design has been so carefully thought through from her black cat and broomstick, her striped orange and black socks, the pumpkins gourds and Fall leaves and flowers.

She looks fantastic from every angle and there is as much detail around the back of this design as there is at the front. Whoever designed this for Fitz and Floyd should feel very proud.

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