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April 2016

Halloween Witch Figurines and Collectibles

Halloween witch figurines makes an excellent choice to pop out for your All Hallows Eve decor and they are also fascinating if you have a real interest in sorcery, black magic and spells too. There are all kinds of resin and ceramic collectibles and small sculptures with this witch theme. There is the stereotypical old female crone dressed all in black to the young and beautiful enchantress or temptress of the divine arts. Here you... Read more →

Themed Halloween Figurines and Collectibles

When Trick or Treating finally comes around again at the end of October, it is fun to display some themed Halloween figurines and collectible keepsakes around the home. Using figurines and sculptures, you can set the tone in a tasteful way for the bewitching season and for any guests who come and pay you a visit. These hauntingly good items make wonderful displays and some of them can even be used as centerpieces for table... Read more →