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Personalized Halloween Trick or Treat Bags to Buy

It's easy to get hold of ordinary bags for trick or treating during Fall time. But what if you want personalized Halloween trick or treat bags that are customized with a kid's name or your choice of wording or text. Then they become just a little bit harder to find.

There are a couple of places I would trust to deliver great quality custom items. One is Zazzle and the other is Etsy. This is because I've bought and received items from both of these online venues before with great results.

Zazzle have a large choice of bags available from grocery to tote to backpacks. Etsy have perhaps more unique custom designs of trick or treat bags to choose from in a range of sizes and fabric color choices too.

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Custom Name and Personalized Halloween Trick or Treat Bags for Candy and More

pumpkin trick or treat Halloween bag

Get this Pumpkin Design Custom Name Bag from zoeysattic on Etsy

I really like this effective bag design which reads Trick or Treat Halloween's Sweet and has a cute looking pumpkin design on the front. You can get your own custom name version from the seller ZoeysAttic on Etsy.

Personalized, Unicorn Witch Halloween bag trick or treat add custom nameGiftsForYouNow Pumpkin Personalized Trick or Treat BagPersonalized Trick-or-Treat bag. Great for all the goodies your kids will collect. 3 different designs to choose from: spider, sparkle pumpkin and a witch. This is a cotton canvas tote bagcute halloween trick or treat bag GHOST joke bag

See More Personalized Trick or Treat Bags at Etsy

The tote bag is one of the cheapest designs to start with on Zazzle. There it can additionally be customized too with your own choice of wording or text at no extra cost.

A MONSTER Loot Bag that You Can Personalize with a Kid's Name

Green Frankenstein monster loot bag trick treating halloween october 31st

View this Monster Loot Trick or Treat Bag at Zazzle

​​What could be a better way for kids to stash their haul of candy and goodies for this Halloween's trick and treating fun? I just love the look of this fun and novelty custom name monster loot tote bag.

This personalized design which is easy for you to customize with your choice of child's name features a fun Frankenstein monster character on the front of the 100% cotton fabric. He does make for an especially ideal design to gift to a boy.

Every piece of text that you see on the front of this tote can be fully customized. The text and wording can be altered as you wish to reflect your own choice of words. Or, you can alternatively just delete the text provided in the spaces to leave off the text altogether.

These super cute Halloween Totes are perfect for your little ones. You can choose from a name or three letter monogram no your tote.  pumpkin cat frankenstein monster

I just love this choice of goody bags that you can have with a child's custom name or 3 letter monogram. You can choose from a black Cat, orange pumpkin or Frankenstein the monster theme. These look incredibly cute for kids to carry.

I really love the fun monster slogan used here and I think it makes an excellent gift to give your child, grandson or to a young boy that you know who will enjoy trick or treating this year.

Cute Teddy Bear Witch and Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag: Add a Name

Trick or treat teddy bear witch pumpkin frog tote

Buy This Cute Bear Witch Treat Bag and Add a Name at Zazzle

This is a really cute design of treat bag that features a teddy beakr dressed up as a witch with a cauldron, boo ghostie and even a frog. It is really ideal to give to a younger child for their trick or treating on October 31st or to a little girl.

You can easily change the name at the top and you can also alter the purple text that is on it as well. Just delete the text that is there if you want to leave that section blank. Alternatively you could use a fun phrase on there or even the year if you don't plan on using it for the next year's celebrations.

Stylish Sugar Skull Custom Treat Bag for Halloween

decorative sugar skull design in black and pink on a bag from zazzle

You Can Personalize this Custom Sugar Skull Treats Bag at Zazzle

For an older child, tween, teen or adult, this is a pretty sophisticated and modern design of treat bag for Halloween.

It features a decorative sugar skull in a striking black and pink design. You can alter the wording at the bottom of the design or remove it entirely and leave it blank. This one's great for girls and ladies to enjoy.

This Trick or Treating Bag has Eyes that Seem to Watch You

black background monster cat dragon eyes in green

Buy this Monster Eye Trick or Treating Loot Bag at Zazzle

I can imagine these green monster eyes being pretty visible come Halloween night with this eye-catching design in black and green. It’s simple but very effective and the text really stands out across the black color front of the bag.

Fun Zombie Themed Custom Trick or Treat Tote

need more candy zombie custom bag tote zazzle

Get this Need More Candy Zombie Tote from Zazzle

​​This funny zombie character needs more treats and candy or else! Take this cute little guy out with you trick or treating this Halloween to really fill him up, he has a rather insatiable appetite to indulge. This unique design can be placed onto a range of different bag styles and size options.

Halloween can be a real fun time of the year and getting hold of a cool Trick or Treat bag to match up with a choice of costume or outfit also adds to the overall effect and, of course, this one is great for all the undead and Walking Dead fans out there too. ​

Because Zazzle is a venue for individual artists and designers, you can find many different styles of art, graphic design and photos that you can have printed across your custom bag.

All of these can be made to be unique with your choice of wording or text too. I've picked out a few of my favorite designs for October 31st on this page but I'm sure you can find many more you like too.

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