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Here’s some horribly good ideas and inspiration for a Halloween that any visiting party or house guests are sure to remember after taking a visit to your wash room. Halloween bathroom accessories can really help to complete the decor for this occasion in your home.

Some of the very best props are actually the more subtle ones which might not immediately pop out at you but give just a little shock when seen. You can make those types of shock effects more or less creepy and scary depending on the expected age group and character of your visiting guests.

It’s fun to dress up individual rooms with spooky decor and unique items and you can also really freak out your guests with some clever ideas that reflect all the novel elements of this time of year.

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Halloween Bathroom Accessories to Creep You and Your Guests Right Out

Halloween bathroom accessories decorations ideas inspiration bath room

Image Credit: Original image shared by Depaulus on Pixabay with a CC License

There are lots of things in a bathroom that could be altered to give it the right look for Halloween. I would recommend starting with a few of the larger and more key pieces to give the overall effect.

Guests are not going to be able to miss larger items such as a shower curtain, door cover, bathroom rug, toilet cover or tattoo. You can then add in some smaller Halloween bathroom accessories with a clearer idea of how many you’ll need to finish off the effect. October 31st is going to be a whole lot of fun.

Skeleton skull sculpture wall mounted holding toilet paper black wall

Get this Skeleton Toilet Tissue Holder from

UK Readers get a Skeleton Toilet Roll Holder from

I love the look of this Halloween bathroom accessory which adds just a touch of creepiness to your wall decor and makes for a good quality conversation piece for your themed room.

Sadly it does not come with any toilet paper which is just shown in the image to give you an idea of what it looks like. For Halloween, I would want to pair this up with some black toilet paper or even red.

Alternatively, you may be able to find some really good spooky paper that you can use instead. It is definitely deserving of something better than the bog standard white roll.

See More Toilet Paper Holders for Halloween

It looks like a well crafted skeleton made from polyresin but with the weight and look of ceramic. This means that it is something that you could easily use on a permanent basis if you really wanted to and not just at this time of year. It looks even more dramatic here when set against a dark wall.

Toilet Seat Covers and Scary Clings: Halloween Bathroom Decorations

Scary Toilet Covers and Tattoo Clings ensure that house guests won’t want to spend too long visiting the bathroom. Decorate your toilet with some fun covers or special decals that cling on to the lid.

Make sure to leave the lid down so people can have a fun fright when they visit this room. All of these special decorations are easily removable and they are made to work on a standard, smooth lid. Try leaving the light off so the scare can be just a bit more exciting when your guest turns it on.

Zombie-Hand Peel 'N Place Toilet Topper by Beistle

Flat Zombie Hand Toilet Lid Topper Cling from

UK Readers get a Halloween Toilet Sticker from

Keen on Zombies at all? This gives the illusion of a gruesome blood filled bowl with a hand coming out menacingly to grab whoever is coming close enough to sit down.

I love the whole creepy hand idea and it is one which you can use with so many other Halloween decorations too with a hand emerging out from something. You could use this idea by buying or printing off a creepy looking hand and popping it into the middle of a dirt filled plant pot as another decoration to sit on a windowsill or shelf.

Spider Toilet Topper Peel 'N Place Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Sh)Amscan Zombie Toilet Seat Grabber Vinyl CoverSnake Toilet Topper Peel 'N Place Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Sh)Realistic Toilet Seat Tattoo - Sewer Rat - Oval

Lots of people have arachnophobia or at least a mild fear of spiders. You can also get a creepy cover which looks just like there are a whole host of them trying to climb out of the toilet bowl.

You could even make this illusion more effective by adding on some realistic looking plastic spiders around the actual toilet, perhaps on the floor surrounding the area or on the cistern at the top. Lid tattoos with spiders don’t have to be too horrible or scary for younger visitors to the washroom. But they will have you wanting to keep the lid down for fun!

Halloween Door Covers for your Bathroom: Show Guests Where to Go

Skeleton Restroom Door Cover Party Accessory

Get this Skeleton Bathroom Restroom Toilet Door Decal Cover from

UK Readers get a Toilet Door Cover from

A fun plastic cover for your door is this so guests know exactly where they need to head! The cover which features a skeleton caught doing his business while reading a paper is a really fun one and it can be used indoors or outside even.

In fact, it doesn’t even need to hang on your actual bathroom door since one purchaser placed it as a fake, illusion door on a blank wall instead. That might really confuse your guests who are desperate to use the restroom!

Pirate Captain Restroom Door Cover Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg) HalloweenHalloween Witch Restroom Door Cover Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)Beistle 00022 Skelton Grim Reaper Restroom Door Cover, 30-Inch by 5-FeetHorror Halloween Beistle Creepy Crapper Restroom Door Cover, 30-Inch by 5-Feet Blood Stains Splatters

It’s an original way to ‘label’ your bathroom that’s for sure but you don’t have to use it on the outside. You could also opt to use this on the inside of the room to shock people once they go in and close the door!

I like the idea of giving small frights when it is least expected. Not only that but then they have to put up with an evil looking green-eyed skeleton watching their every move. You will find plenty more items to spook you out below too.

Halloween bathroom Decor 8x10 Printed Toilet Sign boys ghouls black red white scary handprint art party decor room sign

Buy this Printed Bathroom Art from StockLaneStudio on Etsy

I love this fun and unique Boys and Ghouls toilet or bathroom printed art sign. This would be ideal to place on the door or use as wall decor. You can buy this printed or as a printable version depending on what works best for you.

Spooky Shower Curtains Set the Tone of your Bathroom Decor

Spooky Themed Shower Curtains are large items that no-one can miss when they walk in. They are ideal for parties and to dress up your bath shower in a gruesome style. Since it can be such a large item, it can give off the whole tone and ambiance of what you are trying to achieve. So some people buy this item first.

Perfect curtains are the ones which make you want to avoid getting clean anytime soon. If you use an over-the-bath shower then this is a quick way of dressing the room with themed decor and it is bound to have a dramatic impact because of the sheer size.

Bath with white shower curtain and shadow behind with blood red hands

Get this Scary Horror Psycho Like Shower Curtain from

UK Readers get a Help Me Shower Curtain from

This is very creepy indeed. It looks like it has come straight from a horror movie and gives the illusion of someone standing behind it in the bath and pressing their blood stained hands up against it. Because this item is quite see-through, you can add a standard white shower curtain behind it to make the illusion pop even more.

I am wondering if you could create a similar effect yourself, if you’re crafty enough. You could certainly paint red handprints and the Help Me words onto a cheap white curtain for a party.

More Shower Curtains for Halloween Here

For more of a fun, haunted style room, there are some Jack O Lantern curtains that are not too creepy for the kids, witches and haunted houses too.

Creepy Footprints Bathroom Mat Accessory

Blood Bath Bath Mat

Buy this Bloodied Footprints Bath Mat Accessory from

UK Readers get a Halloween Bath Mat from

If you’re wanting to complement the idea of those bloody shower curtains, here’s a mat to match! This gruesome is really horrid.

If you want to use this idea to make your own then you’d need a pale color bath mat and some suitable fabric paint (or even plain acrylic paint if you’re not bothered about actually using or washing the mat) to pop your own bloodied smears and stains across it. You can of course use lots of these ideas to make your own fun decorations to make for a suitably scary occasion.

More Creepy Bath Mats on Zazzle

You can also find bath mats which you are able to customize at Zazzle. They have some fun and creepy designs that would look good for this occasion.

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