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Halloween pumpkin figurines are ideal collectible decorations to put on display during the Fall season. This particular motif is one that is highly associated with the harvest season, Thanksgiving and Halloween too.

There are a ton of pumpkin decorations that you can use to fill your home but here we focus on collectible designs by popular sculptors and artists such as Jim Shore.

Many of these pieces could be used as small centerpieces for your table and also as standalone items for your themed displays. They can also make charming gifts that are particularly suitable for parents, close friends, your partner or wife and indeed for anyone who loves collecting keepsake figurines.

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Charming Tails Halloween Pumpkin Figurines: the Cutest Mice to Display in Your Home

How Quickly Our Little Pumpkins Become Big Ones Charming Tails Halloween Series by Dean Griff

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Starting with the cute factor, here is a sweet looking pumpkin figurine that could be used for Halloween or even Thanksgiving displays during the Fall season. This particular Charming Tails figurine is called Pumpkin Zombie.

Another Charming Tails design is part of the Halloween series by Dean Griff. The adult mouse is trying to push along a huge pumpkin (best in show, maybe) on a little wheelbarrow with a baby mouse perched on top. Can you spot the tiny little ladybug there in the design too.

Charming Tails Figurine 3.5-Inch Stacked Pumpkins by Enesco

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In this design, the Charming Tails mouse is carrying a stack of carved pumpkins. Every Jack O Lantern is smiling and looks happy. The mouse may be ready to fall over. On this one, I find the ladybug much harder to spot. There are many other cute designs from this series that feature pumpkins in innovative and fun ways.

Enesco Charming Tails candy corn with pumpkin Figurine, 3.625-InchEnesco Halloween Charming Tails Pumpkin Pie FigurineEnesco Halloween Charming Tails You Rule Figurine, 3.125-InchEnesco Charming Tails Pumpkin Time Figurine

You can find some beautiful and decorative designs for any of these occasions featuring pumpkins, including the Fall season, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

And, if you happen to choose carefully, you can pick out just one lovely piece to buy that suits them all. This wonderful orange color fruit is a great harvest themed icon and makes a lovely warming piece of Fall decor for the home.

Jim Shore Pumpkin Figurines for Halloween, Fall and Thanksgiving

Jim Shore Two Faced Jack 2-Sided Pumpkin 4021134

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A really fun looking Halloween pumpkin figurine is this one called Two Faced Jack by the artist and designer, Jim Shore. It is a really fun looking collectible piece because on one side of the pumpkin Jack O Lantern is a smiling and happy face and carved on the other side of the pumpkin is a spooky or grumpy face. It's like getting a 2-for-1 deal but in Halloween decor and gifts instead.

Two Faced Jack is a pumpkin with two distinct personalities carved right in. Which way you choose to display this piece is entirely down to your own personal preference, but it is fun having the option. It is more suitable for display around All Hallows Eve but if you turn it to have the smiling face on show then you could get away with this pumpkin being on display throughout the Fall season and perhaps even for Thanksgiving too.

As it can be viewed on both sides, you could use this fun piece to go in the middle of your table or party decor since it could really set the scene. Guests can enjoy the novelty factor of this cheeky Jack-O-Lantern. It is made with Jim's usual attention to detail and the familiar swirls and intricate carvings. This statue is pretty tall as collectible figurines go and it stands at over 8 inches high. It looks more imposing as Halloween decor due to the black raven or crow on top.

Jim Shore for Enesco Peanuts Linus and the Great Pumpkin Figurine, 5Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Autumn Angel with Crow Figurine, 7.25-InchJim Shore Heartwood Creek Deliciously Wicked Candy Corn Witch Halloween FigurineJim Shore for Enesco Heartwood Creek Two-Sided Pumpkin Figurine, 8-Inch

If you love Disney characters, how about a super cute carved pumpkin figurine based on Minnie Mouse. It's called the Jim Shore Minnie Jack O Lantern figurine, not pictured, the cutest looking pumpkin I've ever seen. The Jack-O-Lantern design features cute patchwork leaf ears to look like Minnie and has a pink bow too for decoration. This figurine will look especially cute on display for Halloween.

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Just perfect for Halloween is a witch figurine, a Halloween witch with crows, who is dressed up as a stereotypical witch with her pointy hat, shawl and familiar pet. Like most Jim Shore collectibles, this one (not pictured) is lavishly detailed and very well thought out with many Halloween motifs and symbols.

She is holding a black crow in her hand and the skirt of her dress is decorated with pumpkins and the night sky scene with full moon. Her witch's familiar or black cat is sitting right next to her. Perhaps she is ready to take off and fly on her broomstick or do some magic with it at the witching hour on All Hallows Eve. So much thought has gone into the design of this wonderful piece.

Jim Shore Harvest Lighted PUMPKIN DIORAMA 4015887

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One of Jim's most artistic pieces is called the Jim Shore Harvest Pumpkin Diorama. It truly captures the spirit of Thanksgiving with the pilgrim figures who are thankful for what the harvest crop has brought them. It is a lavish design and one that should look special indeed placed in the middle of your table for your family feast as a beautiful centerpiece. Have fun finding the right display piece to enjoy as a timeless keepsake to treasure.

Halloween Pumpkin or Cinderella Fairy Door with Orange Flower around a Wood Effect Door Handmade using Polymer Clay

Buy this Halloween Pumpkin Fairy Door from FairyFantasticClay on Etsy

I love these fairy door designs which you can use inside and out for decoration and display. This is a fun design for Halloween with the pumpkins and matching orange color flowers going up the vine around the doors.

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