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Adult Ice Queen Costume Winter Witch Ideas

An adult ice queen costume is a truly magical winter witch themed idea. This look is elegant and it is also wrapped up in elements of frozen fairy and fantasy stories and myths. For a Halloween event or any snow or cold season party, you can completely transform yourself into a beautiful and ethereal being. Dress yourself up in cool color tones and sparkling ice cold accessories that shimmer with every trace of light. Putting... Read more →

Witch Decorations for Halloween Room Props

Witch decorations for Halloween make for an enchanting room scheme and party theme. There are many accessories, props and items on this theme that you can buy to create a space that looks just like a real witch could be living in your home this Fall season. Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble: my very first imaginings and ideas on witches came from William Shakespeare’s famous play Macbeth. Since then I’ve been utterly fascinated and intrigued... Read more →

Purple Butterfly Costumes and Wings

Purple butterfly costumes and wings are particularly ideal for Halloween because of the color. Purple is widely used at this time of year either on its own or combined along with other traditional colors for the season. Butterflies make a great dressing up theme for costume occasions through the year. Young girls and even adult women can have lots of fun dressing up in a costume with wings. You can opt for some ready made... Read more →

Halloween Kitchen Accessories and Items

There are loads of fun and novel Halloween kitchen accessories and items with which you can decorate your room for this occasion. This room is often the heart of any modern home and deserves to have its own makeover for the Fall season. I love the idea of having a themed space like a witch's spell brewing area or a zombie zone in the kitchen. An alternative is to mix up your styles with some... Read more →