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Pumpkin Kitchen Decor and Accessories

Here, I've picked out my favorite selection of pumpkin kitchen decor and items which have rich and warm Fall season designs and colors. This should make your room look really inviting and a place where you want to be and where you can really enjoy welcoming guests inside.

Pumpkins make beautiful motifs and designs for the Fall Harvest season. I imagine you've had a hard time finding any really good quality kitchen items and accessories because these can be overshadowed by all the novelty items catering for Halloween.

Enjoy making the kitchen the real heart of your home with this selection of hand picked pumpkin kitchen items that are ideal for the Fall season.

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Beautiful Pumpkin Kitchen Decor Accessories for the Fall Season

Cosmos 10363 Fine Porcelain Lift off Lid Small Pumpkin Box, 3-1/2-Inch

Get this Porcelain Pumpkin Shaped 3.5 Inch Box

This is a miniature porcelain pumpkin trinket style box design with a lid. Hand painted ceramics really evoke the Fall with their color shades of burnt orange, deep green and rustic brown. They should look wonderful set out on the kitchen table or shelf and, although intricately designed, are fully functional too.

Each piece can make quite a statement on its own and is something that friends and family may be drawn to when they use the kitchen. From the tough outer skin to the seeds inside which make a very nutritious snack, pumpkins are an almost entirely edible source of food and can be eaten in a variety of different ways like baked in a pie or served up in a can.

Pumpkin Decorated Teapot by Winrose

Buy this Decorative Pumpkin Teapot at Amazon.com

In a different design set is this beautifully decorative looking teapot. This should be perfect for Fall or Halloween tea parties and gatherings and you can also set it out as part of a unique display.

My mom collects teapots and this one should make a superb gift. It makes for a more traditional and elaborate looking design for the kitchen and it's fully functional too so could be perfect for using on special occasions. This one is brightly colored and will stand out as a piece of unique room decor.

Home Gourmet Collection Pumpkin Soup Bowl with Lid, Set of 4Home Gourmet Collection Orange Ceramic Pumpkin Soup Bowl with LidHalloween Collection, Kitty Cat with Pumpkin Canape Plate, Orange/Black Jack O LanternPumpkin Orange Porcelain Drink Pitcher Fall Autumn

One of my favorite ceramic items is a really elaborate Spode pumpkin pitcher, not pictured. I love the delicate looking pumpkin and leaf shaped design with fluted edging and wonderful rich rustic reds and woodland greens. It's a really vibrant colored piece for the kitchen.

It can hold 64 oz of fluid which makes it a good size for serving iced tea, cool lemonade or water. And it also makes a fantastic looking centerpiece too. I would want this displayed in the middle of my kitchen display cabinet where it would stand out very nicely. I also like the idea of using a piece like this to hold some freshly picked flowers.

Pumpkin Shaped Mug and Pumpkin Coffee Mugs can Accessorize Your Kitchen Inexpensively

OliaDesign Pumpkin Cookie Mug, White

See this Pumpkin Mug Design at Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Pumpkin Mug from Etsy

Use a special mug for Fall or Thanksgiving that you can enjoy a morning cuppa in or a warm evening beverage during the colder winter months. I like to have my own special cups and mugs which are different to what everyone else in the family uses. I like the fact that they're mine and no one else drinks from them.

Out of stock now is a curved pumpkin shaped mug design which looks good to warm your hands with as you hold it. It had the addition of a decorative sunflower and leaf which is one of my favorite flowers. A mug could be very good for sipping hot soups and broths as well as looking great for some rather inexpensive pumpkin themed kitchen decor.

Dressing the Kitchen Table for Fall with a Pumpkin Table Runner

Table Runner, Joyful Pumpkin Harvest Fall Leaves

Get this Harvest Thanksgiving Pumpkin Table Runner from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Table Runner from Etsy

I like my table runners better than table cloths because they're easier to wash, iron and find storage space for. A runner is a fast way to add a theme to a kitchen table and can be used on top of a cloth or instead of one depending how smart or casual you want your table to look.

They're an attractive way of setting a scene and make a convenient area down the middle of a table where you can place items like jugs, vases and salt and pepper shakers without scratching the surface or the table top.

A lovely example of a table runner is a design called Autumn Harvest diecut (not pictured) which features a very decorative cut-work and machine embroidered autumnal leaves and pumpkins around the wide border edging. It's a very traditional design worked in pretty orange, red and green silky threads.

Thanksgiving Harvest Tray with Ceramic Pumpkins Kitchenware

Get this Metal Harvest Tray with Decorative Pumpkins from Amazon.com

I love the look of this large leaf shape metal tray with the pumpkin decorations inside. It makes a great looking way to dress up a table for this season. Pumpkin carving was a tradition that started with Irish people who emigrated to America.

The Irish were used to carving turnips but America had pumpkins available which, as it turned out, were easier to carve. So that is how this tradition started.

Thanksgiving White Pumpkin Place Card Holders for the Fall Season TableEmbroidered Placemats Pumpkin Leaves Decorate for Thanksgiving or Halloween this Autumn FallAutumn Harvest Pumpkin Gourd Fall Leaves Diecut Decorative Table Linens, Square, Machine WashableEuropean Polyester Tablecloths - Fall Harvest Autumn Leaves With Pumpkins And Corn Print On The Side - Ivory 60

Custom Name Pumpkin Apron Design: Add Your Choice of Text or a Name to Personalize this Kitchen Gift

Autumn Vine Pumpkin with Customizable Text Adult Apron
Autumn Vine Pumpkin Apron with Customizable Text - Add a Name

An apron is a practical item that you can buy and hang up in the kitchen. This one here, from Zazzle, allows you to add in some custom text or a name if you are buying for yourself or for a Fall themed gift. This is one apron that should look great hanging up to match your decor.

Happy Fall Pumpkin Pillow to Soften Up Your Kitchen Room Decor

Happy Fall Pumpkin Chevron Zigzag Pattern Throw Throw Pillow
Happy Fall Pumpkin Chevron Zigzag Pattern Throw Pillow from Zazzle

In recent years, manufacturers seem to have cottoned on to the fact that the shape of this large, Harvest season fruit is actually a great shape to incorporate into bowls, dishes and pots, anything that requires and benefits from that pleasant, rounded shape. There are now some beautiful items that you will enjoy seeing in your kitchen either on display or being enjoyed as part of a meal.

Dish up some delicious homemade soup in a large and colorful lidded tureen, not pictured, which comes with a ladle for serving. This design is one which will match up well with the many other coordinating items that can also be enjoyed and used. I like how a tureen can really make a great Thanksgiving table centerpiece and also that it is not merely decorative but functional too.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Decor Art Print Pumpkin Spice Autumn Signs Fall Decorations

Buy this Pumpkin Spice Digital Print from SimplySweetDigitals on Etsy

The large pumpkin fruit is a natural motif for this season since it is so heavily associated with the Harvest crops and the abundance of food that we are thankful and lucky to receive each year.

It can grow everywhere apart from the Antarctic and that's because it's just too cold there. The pie that this fruit is so famous for today was first created by early colonists in America and is particularly enjoyed at Thanksgiving.

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