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One way to add a bit of drama to your table decor for Halloween is to choose some novelty salt and pepper pots that suit the theme of the occasion. There are loads of fun and unique Halloween salt and pepper shakers available that will suit a range of tastes from cute, fun, novel, gruesome and creepy.

These are also great items to collect and have on display in a kitchen or living space for the occasion. Pop them out on the table to complete your Fall season theme dining experience.

They also really make for ideal gifts to buy because they are both small and easy to wrap up. I love that these are as useful and practical as they are attractive. Come and see which spooky sets catch your eye the most.

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Witch Salt and Pepper Shakers: Cast a Spell on Your Halloween Table

Halloween Witch Couple Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shakers by Pacific Giftware

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This is a fun looking vampire and witch couple by Pacific Giftware. This ceramic pair feature a sweet looking witch with her black pointy hat, dress, purple cape and broomstick along with a vampire with his purple cloak and pumpkin. They are a kissing couple too.

Halloween Salt and Pepper Shaker Witch Owls WitchesPacific Trading Good Witch and Bad Witch Magnetic Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers 8607Westland Giftware Magnetic Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, Wicked Witch and Winged Monkey, MulticolorBoston Warehouse All Owl's Eve Witch Salt and Pepper Set

A fun and whimsical design of ceramic salt and pepper shakers for Halloween is a sweet witch and her black cat duo, not pictured, by Westland giftware. These make for a wonderful pairing to put out on your table.

This is a sweet take on the witching season with the ceramic witch, dressed in her familiar pointy hat and magical robe decorated with stars and moons, giving her beloved pet a kiss. The cat is perched on top of a carved pumpkin.

I love this cute design and it is an adorable set to keep for your own display during the season or to give as a sweet gift. These are magnetic which means that the pieces will stay together.

If you don’t want to use them on your table, they’d make great little window or shelf figurines too. This is clearly also ideal for someone who is fond of cats and furry felines. Black cats are a lucky token to have so add some luck on your kitchen or dining table this October 31st.

Vampire Salt and Pepper Shakers: Make it Love at First Bite with Your Food

Vampire Coffin Ceramic Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

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If Vampires are more your thing, you should love this particular Love at First Bite set which features a Dracula style Count cloaked in black leaning in to take a nibble of his leading lady’s neck.

This is a cute looking set and particularly fun to gift to a couple or someone that you’re in a relationship with since it’s based on a very ghoulishly sweet pairing.

Count Dracula Vampire Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Glass Shakers By DWKVampire cats Salt and Pepper Shaker Set: Ceramic Halloween CollectibleWestland Giftware Magnetic Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, Vampire Kisses, MulticolorBride and Groom Skeletons Kissing Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shakers Halloween

There is also, if you’re struck on this theme, a vampire along with a coffin set. The coffin reads: Home Sweet Home. So that also makes a fun choice with less of a romantic theme to it. There are black bats to look out for too.

Skull Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder: Skeletons, Skulls and Creepy Bones

Creepy Human Skull Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

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This one is quite a realistic looking skull which should be ideal if you really like Gothic and creepy decor. The aged looking design has deep eye sockets which are holders for the glass salt and pepper shakes.

The good thing is that these are regular glass shakers which means they are easy to actually use whereas some novelty ones are not designed to be as easy for regular use. That makes this one a really fab centerpiece for your table that both you and your guests can enjoy seasoning their food to taste with.

There is an unusual looking pair of silver colored skulls, not pictured. They are made from earthenware which has been hand-painted and they do need to be treated with a bit of care.

From reading the reviews it does seem as though these ones are better for display than actual use so good for a collector but less desirable for adding to the table for October 31st maybe. I really like the shiny look of these with dark black eye sockets. Creepy but eye catching.

More Halloween Salt and Pepper Shakers: Great Gifts, Table Decorations and Display Pieces to Creep Your Guests Out

Accoutrements Creepy Doll Head Salt and Pepper Shakers

Ceramic Doll Head Salt and Pepper Shakers from Amazon.com

Definitely different, and adding a really creepy vibe to the table decor for Halloween, are this pair of really spooky ceramic doll head shakers. These look really novel and unique and would work with a more mature and spooky set of decorations for this occasion. These are rather weird and odd looking. A brilliant conversation piece that guests are sure to love and fantastic as some gag gifts to give.

Halloween themed salt and pepper pots are fun items to pop out on the table for your Fall themed meals. They can make a novelty and fun centerpiece and can also look great popped out on display in your kitchen or dining space. Enjoy choosing a novelty pair whether it is for yourself or for someone else as a small or gag gift.

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