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Best Halloween Gift Baskets for Adults and Kids

Halloween gift baskets make great choices for treats during the Fall season and for this occasion they come as fun and spooky as well as sweet candy surprises that can be enjoyed by kids and adults too.

Bear in mind that you normally pay a bit of a premium for a ready made basket set because you are buying into the convenience of getting a themed selection of items presented nicely in a matching box.

Whether you’re looking to buy or put together your own basket, I’m going to give you plenty of ideas and suggestions that you can employ to choose something that your recipient is sure to enjoy this bewitching season.

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1: Halloween Gift Baskets for Adults: October 31st Treats for College Students and Grown-Ups

Trick-or-Treat Campus Survival Kit Halloween Care Package

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Fright Night Theme Halloween Gift Basket Ideas for Adults

Pack up a movie box bonanza with a fright night theme. Choose some scary DVDs or Blu-Rays OR pop in a gift card so that the recipient can choose their own rental movie from somewhere like Redbox.

Of course watching movies cannot be complete without having all the usual snacks and comforts so add in some luxury popcorn, chocolate, candies, choice of beverages including fizzy movie favorites. Think of everything you’d love to have and then add in some more for a fun treat basket.

Spooktastic Spa Sets Halloween Gift Basket Ideas

I like the idea of a spooktastic spa set for a eerily relaxing Halloween night. Instead of spa slippers add some monster slippers or socks for adults. Theme your bath potions and lotions in monster green and pumpkin orange packaging.

A Halloween color scheme is not hard to do if you look for citrus fragrance sets of lime or orange and find a really glowing green face mask. For added fun get some of those glow sticks that can be added into the bath to make it have a spooky glow when the lights go out!

Halloween Tower of Treats 7 Pound from Gift Basket Village

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Blood-y Baking Bonanza Halloween Treat Baskets

If your recipient likes to cook, make up a creative baking gift basket. Add in some Halloween recipe cookbooks for ideas that they can use and then find some themed baking items such as Halloween cupcake wrappers, ghoulish cupcake toppers, a cupcake ready mix and some spooky sprinkles. I guarantee that they will have lots of fun!

2: Halloween Gift Baskets for Children: Stacks of Treats that Kids can Enjoy

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A lot of the Halloween baskets you can buy for kids involve large quantities of candy and chocolate – there’s nothing wrong with that since October 31st is one time of year when sugary treats are indulged, especially as it is part of the whole Harvest season.

But you may wonder if a child really does need to be given anything else to eat since they’re likely to get a whole load from Trick or Treating and as gifts from other people too.

There are plenty of ideas you can use that do not have to involve food in any way. I suspect many parents will be delighted at this one. I know how I feel about all the treats my young daughter gets during Halloween, Christmas and Easter too.

Most of it ends up being given away since there are only so many sweet things that one little girl can eat. So, here are my ideas for you for making your own gift sets.

Fright Night Theme Gift Basket Idea for Kids

Your ‘horrible’ hamper creation can contain everything that a child requires to have their own fun fright night. Choose an age appropriate Halloween DVD for kids.

Alternatively, have a book to read, a spooky mug with a hot chocolate sachet and marshmallows and maybe some monster slippers to keep their feet cozy as they snuggle up and enjoy getting just a little bit frightened.

You could make up a treat tower of black boxes with lids and then fill them up with fun treats or items on this spooky theme. You can use some sticker eyes or those googly eyes in different sizes to decorate the outside of the boxes where they will show up brilliantly against the black.

Happy Halloween Frankenstein, Ghost, and Jack-o-lantern Chocolate Gift Basket

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Spooky Slumber Party Basket Idea for Kids

Slumber parties can be lots of fun but this one is going to be of the spooky kind in honor of All Hallows Eve. Pack a pumpkin tote bag with some fun Halloween pajamas, some child-friendly face paints (instead of make-up) horrible hair accessories and a frightening kid’s movie to watch. Don’t forget to pack some spooky snacks too.

Creepy Crafts Fun and Novelty Activity Basket Idea

For kids who love crafting, make up a gift basket on a creepy crafts theme. There are plenty of Halloween coloring and activity books you can buy.

Add in some themed stickers, foam sheets and papers in Halloween colors of orange, black, white and monster green, lots of self-adhesive googly eyes, pens, stencils, punches and glitter glues. This will make a terrible treat that will keep a little monster busy for hours.

Skeleton Glass Cup Halloween Candy Holder

This is another idea that is very easy for you to do and it is perfect for a smaller item to give to someone like a teacher for the occasion. Get a themed mug or glass (Halloween dollar store cups are ideal) and fill it up with a selection of goodies.

Add on some curling ribbon in colors such as pumpkin orange, black and monster green. Chocolate Halloween candy baskets and holders are very easy to do and they look fab too.

You can easily buy a pre-made design or set and I've picked out the best I've found on this page. Have fun making up a themed selection of horrific goodies.

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