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Zombie Yard Decorations for Halloween

Infect your outdoor space with a whole freaky zone by planting creepy outdoor statues and zombie yard decorations. Put them in places where your guests are sure to stumble upon them and then wish they hadn’t. One of the very first things that you can do is to add in some bright yellow warning signs all around the entrance to your yard. This will warn guests or even trick or treaters that your garden is... Read more →

Fun Zombie Slippers and Shoes

Zombie sippers and shoes can make great gag items and gifts for your coworkers, friends and family and can also be just the thing to slip on as a costume accessory too come Halloween time. I’ve hunted down some particularly gross looking zombie feet slippers, shoes and other footwear that can make such a great talking point if you dare to actually slip them onto your feet. Plush novelty slippers always make such a fun... Read more →

Great Ideas to Decorate Pumpkins without Carving

Decorating pumpkins for the Halloween and Fall season is very achievable without all the mess and frustrations of carving. It is really difficult to make great designs in the tough outer skins of these fruits and easy to make a real mess of it. Last year, we spent ages trying to create a simple scary face design into our pumpkin. It took ages and it didn’t look anything special when we were finally done. Plus... Read more →

Dr Who 10th Doctor Costume for Women

With a new line of novel and fun stretchy dress costumes, it is now so easy for women to look like their favorite Dr, played by David Tennant. Here's how to get the 10th Doctor Who costume style as a woman. David Tennant was the tenth Doctor and well loved by many fans including my daughter who’s a bit of a mini encyclopedia on this cool BBC show. I didn’t really watch the all new... Read more →

Best Halloween Gift Baskets for Adults and Kids

Halloween gift baskets make great choices for treats during the Fall season and for this occasion they come as fun and spooky as well as sweet candy surprises that can be enjoyed by kids and adults too. Bear in mind that you normally pay a bit of a premium for a ready made basket set because you are buying into the convenience of getting a themed selection of items presented nicely in a matching box.... Read more →