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Aurora is the beautiful, kind and sweet Sleeping Beauty princess. She is played by the actress Elle Fanning in Disney's Maleficent movie. Find a beautiful Maleficent Aurora Sleeping Beauty costume on this page.

For girls who simply adore dressing up as pretty princesses, this character is a dream come true. My own daughter is really girly so she loves this character and all the pretty costumes that she wears.

The dressing up and Halloween Aurora costumes from Maleficent on this page are mainly aimed at girls although you can find some women's outfits available too. Aurora costumes for adults tend to be based on the old Sleeping Beauty character who wore a pink gown or dress and not based on the Maleficent movie. So just be aware of that fact if you are purchasing an outfit.

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Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty Costume Coronation Gown for Women and Girls from the Maleficent Movie

Aurora sleeping beauty costume maleficent girls kids child

Image Credit: Original image shared by Clker-Free-Vector-Images on Pixabay with a CC License

Princess Aurora has two very memorable costumes in the Maleficent movie. One is her blue gown which is worn more throughout.

But the special costume, and the one that most girls are going to want to wear more, is the golden Aurora coronation dress that she wears near the end of the film. The gown makes a really pretty looking choice for dressing up in.

Aurora coronation dress gold color maleficent girl

Get this Aurora Coronation Gown Dress from

UK Readers get an Aurora Costume from

This cute looking dress comes in a range of sizes for girls (there is also an adult version of the same dress) and has a detailed glitter print across the front in gold and pink.

You don't get any extras with this outfit so you may also want to check on the matching accessories further on this page that will really complete the whole ensemble.

Disguise Disney Maleficent Movie Aurora Coronation Gown Girls Classic Costume, Large/10-12Disguise Disney Maleficent Movie Aurora Coronation Gown Girls Deluxe Costume, Large/10-12Disguise Women's Disney Maleficent Aurora Coronation Deluxe CostumeMaleficent Aurora's Tiara Headwear

In this coronation scene, the character also wears a golden tiara as well as some gorgeous golden shoes. You can of course use any costume tiara and you can instantly make some less expensive matching footwear by getting a can of gold spray paint and applying it over an old pair of shoes instead.

Elle does not wear much make-up in Maleficent or jewelry, she has much more of a natural look. Her lips have a touch of a darker pink lipstick to enhance them and her eyebrows are quite dark but that's about all.

Aurora deluxe girls dress

Get a Deluxe Disney version of Aurora's Costume from

UK Readers get an Aurora Costume from

This is the super luxury version and it has a price tag to match. If you're happy to spend a decent amount on a beautiful girl's princess outfit for Halloween or dress-up play, this is the one I would get.

This dress is a stunning combination of luxury fabrics, chiffon, lace, satin and tulle, and has so many sweet additional details with trim edgings, fabric flowers, sequins and buttons to make this look like something straight from the actual Sleeping Beauty fairy tale.

Of course, if you or your child want to dress as Aurora, you may already have a suitable golden dress that can be worn for the occasion. A pale golden Princess Belle dress (rather than bright yellow) could definitely work/

Alternatively, a medieval inspired golden dress teamed up with matching shoes, tiara and long blonde hair or wig as well. It actually isn't too hard to get this look right and you may already have some of the parts and accessories kicking around, I know we do.

Princess Aurora Coronation Crown or Tiara

Princess aurora tiara costume

Get the Tiara Accessory from

For the coronation, you really need to add on a tiara. This princess wears a golden tiara which is based on the fairy forest with leaves and a pink flower accent at the front.

Disney have made this costume accessory easy for girls to wear by turning it into an easy-on-off headband. This makes it a quick way for children to transform themselves into their favorite princess.

Maleficent Aurora Blue Dress Costume

Aurora blue maleficent costume

Get this Blue Aurora Blue Dress Costume from

UK Readers get an Aurora Costume from

Right at the start, I mentioned that there were two main outfits that this character wears during the movie. This blue one is the other choice. It's based on more of an everyday look and is a better choice I think for normal dress up play.

Disguise Disney Maleficent Movie Aurora Girls Blue Dress Classic Costume, Large/10-12Disguise Disney Maleficent Movie Aurora Girls Blue Dress Deluxe Costume, Large/10-12

This pretty dress is decorated with golden glitter patterns around the neckline, cuffs, waist with a faux belt and hemline. It looks more durable and comfortable to wear than the coronation versions so I think is a better choice for normal dress up play.

Since this is not worn for the coronation, no tiara is needed although we all know girls love wearing cute accessories too so you could still add that on to make it even more appealing. Like the actual dress made for the film, this one is in a real medieval style with the wide cuffs and the drop design faux belt.

Create an Elle Fanning Aurora Hairstyle

To really complete the entire look of the Sleeping Beauty princess, you need to get the right hair styling too. Elle wears her long blonde hair loose. It is wavy towards the ends and there are no bangs or fringe worth speaking of - just the odd wisp of hair across her forehead.

For the most part, Aurora has a front section of hair taken from each side, braided or plaited and tied at the back. This is a simple hair style that is easily copied. For both kids and adults, there are wigs and hair pieces for Aurora that can be used and this is especially good for Halloween or cosplay. Have fun putting a cool costume together.

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