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A Bilbo Baggins costume is a fun fantasy choice for Halloween, cosplay, party or costuming event. Now you can see some great items to get for your little Halfling clothing all on one handy page showing you exactly how to dress like Bilbo Baggins the Hobbit.

Dressing up as this Tolkien character is fun and especially if you love all things fantasy. Bilbo is the main character who you see in The Hobbit movies as well as also being in The Lord of the Rings as an older version of himself.

With plenty of advice on what to wear here, you will save lots of time having to look things up individually yourself. It should be great fun to go to an event dressed as this little halfling.

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How to Dress Like Bilbo Baggins the Hobbit With an Essential Hobbit Costume List

Bilbo Baggins Martin Freeman Unexpected Journey Hobbit Figure

Image Credit: Shared by TeenyScarlett on Flickr with a CC License

1: Short and tightly curled Halfling style hair

2: Slightly pointy ears: a pair of small elven ear tips are just right

3: A traveling cloak for adventures in an earthy brown or woodland green

4: Cropped dress pants which fall just below the knees

5: Pant suspenders or trouser braces over a long-sleeve shirt

6: Bilbo Baggin's sword which is called Sting

7: Bare and hairy Halfling feet

You really don't need to buy a full costume set at all. You can put together different elements so you look just like this fantasy character and how he typically dresses.

Start with a pair of old pants and chop them down just over knee length. Leave them with a ragged edge for that just been traveling and fighting fantasy monsters look.

Next, grab a cloak which you could wear over a plain t-shirt. Add on a few convincing extras like the sword. The plastic toy version is actually good enough for this purpose. Finally, grab a one ring which you can wear as a ring, keychain or even as a necklace. You can learn more about these accessories and lots more below.

Hair Styling of Bilbo Baggins the Hobbit

The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins Martin Freeman

Bilbo Baggins Poster: Zazzle

We can see from The Unexpected Journey movie that the young Bilbo Baggins, played by Martin Freeman, has wavy medium brown hair with almost a reddish tint to it. It isn't tightly curled as so many of the Hobbit hairpieces are in The Lord of the Rings movies by the same director, Peter Jackson.

Bilbo's hair has loose waves and an unkempt look about it. Bangs (fringe) cover his entire forehead and sweep in front of his pointy ears which peep through the mid-neck length hair.

The older Bilbo, played by Sir Ian Holm, has hair which is curled just a little more tightly and is even frizzy in some of the movie scenes. The older character's hair is silver gray at first and finally goes completely white.

His hair has receded away more from the forehead and has shorter, wispy bangs which eventually are swept entirely away from his forehead to mingle with the rest of his hair as he ages.

The Slightly Pointy Ear Makeup and Cosmetics

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Hobbits do have slightly pointy ears which are pretty similar in style to the Lord of the Rings Elf ears. Hair tends to be arranged deliberately so that the pointy Hobbit ears often just show through with some hair in front of the ear and some behind it.

How to Apply and Wear Latex Ear Tips

You are best getting hold of some small Elven ear tip cosplay accessories like these ones because these make better and more realistic Hobbit ears than large pointy ears do. You apply these latex ear tips using either Spirit Gum or Liquid Latex.

A Travel Cloak for Bilbo Baggins

hooded cloak cape man cosplay accessory

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When Hobbits wander off on their rather unusual adventures inspired by the wizard Gandalf, they are often seen wearing a traveling cloak.

This cloak makes for a very useful costume accessory because you don't need to worry too much about the authenticity of your under clothes when you have this draped over the top.

FAUX FUR TRIMMED GREEN CAPE cloakLord of the Rings - Hobbit Accessory KitRubie's Costume Men's Lord Of The Rings Adult Elven Cloak, Grey, StandardRubie's Costume Men's Lord Of The Rings Adult Elven Cloak, Brown, Standard

Look for a hooded Elven cloak in a muted brown or woodland green color and plain fabric because this is the right style as worn by Frodo Baggins who wore a Fellowship cloak awarded to him by Lady Galadriel. Read about The Fellowship of the Ring group on wikia.

The Hobbit Sword Called Sting

Bilbo acquires a sword in An Unexpected Journey that is a pretty special and unique sword. No authentic costume would really be complete without this magical addition.

You can find out more on where to buy Bilbo's sword as well as lots of information about it including who owned this sword and what its magical properties were over on: My In Depth Hobbit Sword Sting Page

The Large Hobbit Style of Feet

Hobbits very rarely wear shoes. They don't need them because they have strong and tough soles which can withstand walking even over rough terrain.

Their feet are not actually over-sized, although they are displayed as being so in the movies, and they are hairy. You can get quite a few different versions of Hobbit feet to wear for costumes and just for fun.

See my Detailed Guide on Buying and Making Hobbit Feet

Ready Made Bilbo Baggins Costumes

child children costume unexpected journey bilbo hobbit

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This is a ready made set for children and kids to wear. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of the look of this design. I think you can put together something better yourself using the tips I've given above.

The young Mr Baggins character was played by the English actor Martin Freeman in the An Unexpected Journey movie is seen at the very start of his adventure with mustard color cropped pants (or trousers as we call them over the pond in England) and a wine red button-up jacket.

This is the outfit portrayed in the first of the three movies and it's what this ready made version is based on.

Under the jacket is a sleeveless waistcoat or jerkin and a long-sleeved dress shirt. This vest and jacket are a one piece in this outfit which also has fake buttons. It's been made more practical I assume for children to take on and off.

Deluxe Middle Earth Halfling Theater Costume, MediumThe Hobbit Bilbo Costume Size: MediumThe Hobbit Bilbo Baggins Costume Set CosplayUnited Cutlery UC2892 Bilbo Baggins Sting Sword

Bilbo often wears his shirt with the sleeves rolled up when his jacket is off. Hobbits tend to dress pretty smartly except for the lack of shoes, and that's because with their thick soled feet they simply do not need them.

You can get a theater version of a Bilbo Baggins costume for adults but otherwise you may find it very hard to find a complete adult Hobbit outfit either for men or women.

The theater version is a cosplay set which features the coat, vest, pants and shirt in a range of adult sizes. The sizes are laid out on the page and you need to take your measurements to get the right size or you can opt for a custom made version by sending your measurements.

Obviously this is a little pricey so I would also suggest using the ideas presented here on this page to put some essential items and pieces together for your look.

There are different outfits on here and also dressing up accessories such as pointy ear tips that you can add depending on just how authentic you want your costume to be. Specific and complete Bilbo outfits are much harder to find for adults as well as being pretty expensive to buy.

It is easier to combine elements of the actual type of clothing that he wears so you can get the right look for less. There are plenty of ideas here that you can use so you can dress up as this brave little hero. Have fun browsing your favorite character costumes, as you prepare to astound others with your awesome look.

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