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Pirate Halloween Party Supplies and Ideas

Here's a page with pirate Halloween party supplies as well as decorations and ideas that you can use to put on a perfect themed event. This theme can make for such a fun and novel experience that both families and kids can really enjoy. Parties with this theme can be great fun to attend and can also be equally fun to organize too. There are a number of tips thrown in which are taken from... Read more →

Thorin Oakenshield Costume Hobbit Dwarf Guide

With all the Hobbit movies out now including the last one, The Battle of the Five Armies, you can choose whether to make or buy something. Dress up just like this strong Dwarf warrior in a Thorin Oakenshield costume. The ready made outfit options are fine but I always believe that putting something together yourself can end up with a more authentic and unique look. Both options are available on this page for you to... Read more →

Iocane Powder The Princess Bride Facts and Quotes

All about the fictional Princess Bride iocane powder with facts and quotes. You'll discover all you ever wanted to know about this famous fictional poison here including facts, quotes, video clips and more. Are you as fascinated as I am in knowing more about the fictional poison called iocane powder that features in The Princess Bride movie? It's not even real although William Goldman made it sound very convincing as a name for a toxin.... Read more →

The Princess Bride Inigo Montoya Costume Guide

An Inigo Montoya costume makes a brilliant choice for Halloween and also cosplay too. Who wouldn't want to dress up just like an incredible and distinctly dashing swordsman. Inigo Montoya is a complex character, often inebriated yet also described as a magnificent sword-fighting and swashbuckling Spaniard. Read on and see how to completely transform yourself into this sword fencing hero. This is one of my favorite characters from the amazing and hugely popular The Princess... Read more →

Skull Bathroom Accessories for a Gothic Room

Not just useful for Halloween decor, skull bathroom accessories can be used to add a really prevalent Gothic theme to your room. This should bring a very dramatic, bold and strong style to the space. Your guests should be surprised or even a little shocked by the whole skull vibe when they walk in that room. Skeleton, bone and skull motifs are considered as creepy to most people but remain a source of real fascination... Read more →

The Princess Bride Dread Pirate Roberts Costume Guide

As you wish, here's THE twue-ly complete guide on the Princess Bride Dread Pirate Roberts costume. See how the young and naive farm boy, Westley, from the cult classic The Princess Bride movie dresses up in his rather alluring and suave Dread Pirate outfit. Rather fittingly, this particular masked hero is also referred to through-out the tale as the Man in Black which, not surprisingly, is a really rather good description since he happens to... Read more →

Maleficent Horns and Headpieces Costume Accessories

One absolutely essential part of dressing up as Maleficent, the good fairy gone bad, are the very prominent and striking horns that she wears. These horns have always been pretty iconic to represent this particular Disney Villain. If your costume does not already come supplied with them, or if you are making your own outfit, you really need these accessories in order to get this Halloween or cosplay theme just right. Choose from some magnificent... Read more →