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Elven Queen Lady Galadriel’s Hobbit Costume Guide

What fantasy costume could possibly have more elegance and beauty associated with it than that of Lady Galadriel. This is a detailed Lady Galadriel's Hobbit costume guide for the magnificent Elf Queen from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

This stunning Lady of the Light from Lothlórien, the forest realm of the Elves, is part of the White Council. This council come together to meet in the movie An Unexpected Journey and you can see from those scenes just how amazing her white dress is.

Her dress glides perfectly behind her as she walks into the meeting at Rivendell. Whether you are searching for Halloween, cosplay or Comic Con, you will get lots of ideas and inspiration here to adopt her style with a beautiful Lady Galadriel outfit of your own.

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Step 1: The Elven Queen, Lady Galadriel's Hobbit Costume Guide: Her Beautiful Floaty Dress

Lady Galadriel from The Hobbit

Photo from zazzle.

In An Unexpected Journey, we see Lady Galadriel at the Elven Rivendell along with Lord Elrond, who is her daughter's husband, Gandalf the Grey and Saruman. They are all members of the White Council.

She is wearing the actual scoop neck dress pictured here in this postcard from Zazzle. However, when Gandalf first sees her she is wearing a long dress coat of silvery shot silk over the top of the white dress.

Rubie's Costume The Hobbit Galadriel Dress With Headpiece, White, Adult One SizeThe Lady Galadriel Ring - The Hobbit (5)The Hobbit Necklace Lady Galadriel Pendant Necklace Alloy with Imitation Pearl Cat's Eye Stone Pendant Cosplay Jewelry Silverelope Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Lady Galadriel Crown Headdress

You can see the dress underneath as the coat has a very low v-style neck to it with no collar. At the end of the neckline is a large and really beautiful, ornate brooch pin that looks like a huge pearl encased in an elaborate silver color metal design. You can see it on her dress here.

This postcard from the official Hobbit store at Zazzle shows exactly the look that you are going for with your whole costume.

Lady Galadriel Hobbit Costume Dress Costume

Get Lady Galadriel's Costume Dress Available at

UK Readers get a Lady Galadriel Costume from

Luckily you can buy the Galadriel dress from The Hobbit and the headpiece together as a set which makes dressing up as this Elven Queen so much easier. Team this up with a long blonde wig and some cute silver shoes to look really magical and ethereal.

The Hobbit, Lady Galadriel Costume for Girls

Elven Queen Dress for Girls Available at

UK Readers get a Lady Galadriel Costume from

This child's costume comes with a white floaty dress and a headpiece. It works as a resemblance for Halloween dress up as their favorite Hobbit and Lord of the Rings character and comes in a variety of sizes.

Apart from the popular dresses shown above, there are currently not many other easy ways to dress as this character. If you have plenty of money to spend, there are also some very nice dresses available on etsy for this Lady of Lorien.

Otherwise scour all the thrift shops for a long-sleeved white chiffon dress if you can. I also have a close-ish sewing pattern listed here for you to make your own or get someone else to.

Dress Pattern: Simplicity Sewing Pattern 4940. This is the best looking commercial sewing pattern available that I've seen for this dress which has quite a renaissance style.

You could get away with the version C on this pattern which has the rounded scooped neckline, long floaty sleeves and dress. The actual dress for the movie was made from white chiffon fabric which has lines of sparkling Swarovski beads sewn into it running down the dress like thin streams of water.

If you're able to adapt the pattern, you can slit the sleeves up high which looks even more authentic.

The Long Silver Silk Coat Woven with Threads that Magically Capture the Moonlight.

The long silver coat is fitted over her slim form beautifully and then flares out with a huge amount of material at the bottom. The sleeves on the coat are longer than her arms but split from just below the shoulder where her bare arms can be viewed in length.

It's beautiful but if you were really going to attempt to make one, you'd need a ton of expensive fabric to do it any justice. For most of the scenes, she is shown just in the white dress and will be more recognizable from this.

The Elven Queen's beautiful coat is not readily available to buy so you'd need to make it or get one made for you.

Step 2: Lady Galadriel Hairstyle, Wigs and Elven Ears

Lady of the Light, Galadriel

Photo from zazzle.

Let's not forget the long golden hair for which she is famed, having granted Gimli the dwarf in The Lord of the Rings with 3 strands of her hair. She wears a stunning and elaborate crown around her head to create a fantasy outfit that is truly going to outshine everything else.

Getting the head area with the pointed Elven ears and the long golden hair is a rather crucial element to people recognizing you as this character. Otherwise you'll probably just look like a lady in a white dress.

If you don't have naturally long blonde hair that you can style, a wig is the next best option and I've seen some inexpensive hairpiece versions on Amazon and eBay. You can additionally find some great cosplay wigs on etsy too.

Look for an extra long wig if possible with curls through the hair and a middle parting. Cheap synthetic wigs might tangle easily and be harder to style, so bear that in mind.

The Elven Lady of Lorien was famed for her beautiful golden hair and the length of it falls right down her back. It was so beautiful to look at that the dwarf Gimli from The Fellowship of the Ring dared to ask her for a single strand of hair, she then gave him three.

She wears her hair with a center parting and swept back from her face. Two long side strands fall down her front and the rest falls back behind her pointed Elven ears. Her crown sits over the top, circling round her forehead.

There are various methods of getting Elf shaped, pointy ears. Elven ears in The Hobbit are not ridiculously long and pointed, they mostly have subtle tips at the end. The best way to get this look is to apply latex ear tips with spirit gum. But if you have a latex allergy, you can use tape on your ears to make a point instead and then paint make-up over the top.

elf elven ear tips costume accessory cosplay

Get these Elven Ear Tips for Cosplay at

UK Readers get Elven Ear Tips from

Get yourself some Lord of the Rings inspired Elven shaped latex ear tips which sit over the top part of your ears and are stuck down using spirit gum. They are what many cosplay fans use to achieve the right looks for their fantasy costumes.

These come in an unpainted shade which possibly won't match your own skin tone so you paint over the top using make-up like foundation to match the colors up. Some spirit gum or liquid latex can be used to stick the ears on with.

Step 3: Galadriel's Headpiece Crown and Jewelry

See How to Make Your Own DIY Galadriel Crown

The most notable accessory worn by the Elven Queen in The Hobbit movie is her silver color crown which circles her forehead. It is a very distinctive piece and one you should try to get for your costume - even if you have to make something similar using silver colored card.

She also wears an elaborate a large brooch which you can see in An Unexpected Journey over her long silver dress coat and also on her white chiffon dress. You can actually buy a replica of this.

The last notable piece is her special Elven ring of Power which is called Nenya, the Ring of Adamant or the Ring of Water. Out of all those items, the crown is really the one which will work likely work best for your cosplay or Halloween costume.

Elope galadriel elf queen crown

Lady Galadriel's Headpiece Available at

UK Readers get a Galadriel Crown from Etsy

A shiny and beautiful crown based on the one she wears for the An Unexpected Journey movie. This is just right to complete your outfit. You could also use the image as inspiration to create one of your own headpieces fashioned and cut from silver colored card.

Lady galadriel from the hobbit lord of the rings fantasy costume

Image Credit: Original image shared by geralt on Pixabay with a CC License

To finish your outfit in style, consider getting the movie replica of the beautiful and elegant brooch pin that this Elf Queen wears pinned to the middle at the top of her dress. Enjoy dressing as this magical character.

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