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Legolas Lord of the Rings Costume Guide

This help guide provides lots of ideas on how you can put together your own unique Elven style of clothing for a Legolas Lord of the Rings costume for Halloween and for cosplay.

This guide shows you exactly what items of clothing you need so you can dress up just like the Elven Prince Legolas Greenleaf from the LOTR series by J. R. R. Tolkien. I've based this look on the movie versions rather than the books.

This character dressed in a very similar style in the The Hobbit movies as well where he has appeared in The Desolation of Smaug and also The Battle of the Five Armies.

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A Legolas Lord of the Rings Costume Guide for Kids and Adults to Dress Like this Elven Prince

Legolas lord of the rings costume guide

Image Credit: Original images shared by Unsplash and sipa on Pixabay with a CC License

You can purchase complete Lord of the Rings Legolas costumes and outfits for kids and adults based on this Middle Earth Elf. However it is also possible to put together something yourself that will give you a really unique look and something that is different to how every one else is dressing.

For a super fast transformation, throw an Elven style hooded cloak over your shoulders and then add on a leaf clasp from The Fellowship of the Ring at the neck of the cloak. Just these two pieces will quickly give you the basic Legolas Lord of the Rings inspired outfit.

This page is laid out so that you can quickly find the information you want. Whether you need ideas and advice on the main items that this Middle Earth fantasy Elf wears, a look at his hair styling, shoes, clothes, accessories or make-up.

There are some rather easy steps that you can take to quickly assume the look and styling of this character played by Orlando Bloom. Read through to ensure that you look just the part for a fan convention, party or Halloween.

Legolas Hair Styling and Wigs

legolas lord of the rings costume fellowship of the ring greenleaf elf middle earth tolkien

Image Credit: Cropped image by Gage Skidmore on Flickr with a CC License

A big part of getting this look right is with the hairstyle and the pointy Elven ears. There are Legolas wigs that you can get hold of but please be aware that some of them are not quite right either in terms of hair color (you want blonde not brown) or in terms of styling.

For adults and older kids, you can buy a ready made Legolas wig. You can get an official wig with it already styled to how this wood Elf wore his hair in the Movie version of The Lord of the Rings. However, customers have complained that this wig is brown when it should in fact be very blonde in color. From what I've seen from the Hobbit movies, his hair is in exactly the same style in that too.

How to Do a Legolas Hair Style: 2 Different Ways

In the movies, Legolas Greenleaf has straight, long blonde hair which has no bangs or fringe to it. The hair is braided with one long plait down the back (fishtail braid) and two smaller and thin plaits down each side. This means that all his hair is swept away from his face and kept tidy no matter what the weather.

If you're happy to style the hair yourself, it can help to watch the video above or looking at this photo tutorial on how to do a fishtail braid.

A fishtail braid is the one that sits at the back of the head. It is slightly more difficult than a normal plait but worth the extra effort. If you are not using your own hair then look for a straight and long blonde hair color wig that you will be able to style and braid.

Buying a good quality long blonde wig accessory and plaiting it yourself is a better option than going with the official wig which is not the right color. You want to get this woodland elf look just right.

How to Dress Like Legolas Greenleaf

Tolkien fan legolas cosplay outfit dress

Image Credit: Shared by Andrew Evans on Flickr with a CC License

For a super easy Elven costume for Halloween or cosplay, simply put a dark color or woodland green cloak over some plain black pants and a t-shirt. Then tie the cloak together round the neck with the special fellowship leaf clasp.

Get a toy bow and you're ready to go. For a much more detailed outfit and cosplay help on this character, make sure you scroll down for a wealth of ideas on hairstyling, accessories, make-up and more.

Kids Legolas Costume - Child LargeRubie's Costume Men's Lord Of The Rings Adult Elven Cloak, Brown, StandardLord of the Rings - Legolas - Adult CostumeRubie's Costume Lord Of The Rings Legolas Wig, Yellow, One Size

To carry off a cosplay costume really well, here is a run down of how to get this look and the clothes as inspired by The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King.

1: His Silken Dress Shirt

Legolas wears a beautiful silver-grey long sleeved shirt underneath his standard green tunic. The real shirt is made from silk and very fitting for a prince of the woodland realm of Mirkwood.

You can only see this shirt at the neck area and also at the middle of the arms. So, you might not want to go to that extreme when it will likely be covered almost completely with a tunic or jerkin and a woodland elf cloak over the top.

It's not necessary to wear a grey top but it can look good if your tunic has arms cut off above the elbow. With a long sleeve green tunic it would be a pretty pointless addition.

You can see the shirt with fellowship of the ring's first evening in Lothlorien. It's not an essential item of clothing so you could miss it out altogether if you want.

2: A Green Suede Jerkin Tunic

Over the top of the shirt, he wears a suede jerkin in two tones of green. The tunic that he wears over the top of this shirt is in two tones of green. One of the greens is a green brown olive color. The bottom part is in a light shade of green and the top part is a darker green/brown shade.

The jerkin closes down the front with hooks which cannot be seen. The jerkin has elbow length sleeves. You could cut down a green coat to make your own jerkin or use a vest/waistcoat.

You can buy a top in with a fancy dress set and, as with most Halloween and ready made party outfits, it may look flimsy and cheap or reasonably acceptable. Most costumes you buy are not going to be as good as something you would take time over and make or put together yourself.

Find lots of details on his jerkin here. Also, you can find lots of photos of the tunic at Lady of the One Ring's site if you are wanting to make your own. Note, there is music on this site. You could adapt a long green coat or jacket to get just the look you need.

3: His Soft Gray Pants Tucked into Long Boots

Legolas wears some tight but soft fabric gray pants. His tight gray pants or trousers are tucked inside the boots. They have to be worn fairly close fitting as they get tucked into his knee-length boots.

You could wear any dark color and close fitting pants to carry off the look. Tight jeans, sweatpants or leggings and even thick tights would all suffice. Leggings would work particularly well for women.

4: Brown Almost Knee-High Boots

Legolas wears knee-high boots which are a medium to dark brown and look like they're made from a soft leather fabric although suede would also be the right look. A brown color is a good choice, dark green, grey or black. Suede boots give a nice soft look for this outfit.

Some knee-length boots in brown or any dark color are required. You could also get long spats or boot tops to use. Alternatively you could use some brown leg warmers which are pulled down past the ankle and over the top of your own footwear.

This Mirkwood Elf is light of foot and moves very nimbly and quickly so you should opt for boots that look light to wear rather than heavy and clumpy ones.

5: A Long Fellowship of the Ring Cloak

Halloween costume or cosplay larp hooded cloak fantasy dress elven

Get this Adult Size Elven Cloak with Hood from Amazon.com

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The actual fellowship cloaks are in a gray-green color but many cosplayers choose a dark hooded cloak like the one shown to pull off the look. These cloaks are hooded and are clasped together with a decorative leaf brooch pin. You can get a free pattern and advice on making a fellowship cloak.

A hooded cloak is a great addition and especially if you are going for the fellowship look from The Lord of the Rings movies. If you choose to wear a hooded cloak (green, brown or grey would all be suitable colors) then don't forget to add on a leaf clasp at the neck of it.

Legolas received his leaf clasp from Lady Galadriel which was on the Elven cloak. You can discover what all the Elven gifts from Lothlorien were on LOTR Wikia.

I also show you with photos and written instructions how to make a hooded cloak without a pattern which is ideal for people who can sew but don't like technical sewing or following and marking out patterns. I used this method to make an easy hooded cloak which looks like it came straight out of a LOTR movie.

The full Legolas costume for kids and adults isn't always going to be easy to come by. However it looks pretty similar to some of the Robin Hood themed costumes which could easily be adapted by removing the hat and throwing a long green Elven cape over the top. Die hard Rings fans might know the difference at a fantasy con but the majority of people wouldn't so perfect for Halloween and parties.

Woodland Elf Armor: Arm Bracers Vambraces

lord of the rings legolas costume cosplayer

Image Credit: Shared by GabboT on Flickr with a CC License

This Elf Prince wears something that most people would refer to as arm cuffs but they are bracers or vambraces which are forearm defence against cuts and wounds. Legolas wore arm vambraces on his lower arms to protect them in battle. These are forearm armor worn over the top of his long-sleeved silk shirt.

They are another reason why you hardly see any of his silken shirt once he is dressed for action. These bracers are made from tough leather and offer protection against any cuts from close-quarter fighting.

The vambraces are made from brown leather and have beautiful Elvish scroll patterns on. You can buy some plain brown arm bracers to use or make your own up using some faux leather fabric and some gold fabric paint.

You can find actual movie replicas with lots of images from Weta Workshop.

I love how one cosplayer made their own version which you can see over at DeviantArt and painted on the delicate patterning.

You could buy your own plain brown vambraces or arm bracers and either use as they are or paint on your own patterning using gold color paint.

Middle Earth Fantasy Elven Weaponry

Costume cosplay prop bow and arrow fantasy lotr style

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The weapon that is most associated with this character is the Lord of the Rings Legolas bow and arrow. The Mirkwood, short, bow was the weapon that Legolas used before he visited Lothlorien. It was there that he was gifted a long-bow of the Galadhrim from Lady Galadriel. The bow and arrows (held in a quiver on his back) was his main choice of weaponry. There is a replica movie short bow made by United Cutlery but be aware that this is the version used in the Hobbit movies and not the long bow which we saw mostly in LOTRs. For close combat this character uses daggers.

Jewelry for a Lord of the Rings Legolas Costume

green leaf clasp pendant with chain necklace plus pin brooch

Get a Green Leaf Clasp Wear as Necklace or Pin Brooch on Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Leaf Brooch from Amazon.co.uk

The only piece of jewelry that we ever see this character wear during the movies directed by Peter Jackson is the special leaf brooch or clasp which is given to all Fellowship of the Ring members by the Elf Lady Galadriel. All the members except for the wizard Gandalf because he was thought to be dead at the time.

These clasps were attached to magical cloaks which helped to hide the Fellowship members on their perilous journey. The green leaf clasps or pin brooches were used to tie or hold the Elven cloaks together around the neck section. The one shown above has a pin clasp on the back and is a pendant so can be worn on a chain as a necklace too depending on what you prefer.

Make Up and Elf Ears for a Legolas Inspired Outfit

This is my favorite tutorial on how to apply latex ear tips on top of your own ears. She does a really great job of getting the ears to blend in and give the look that you would need for a party, Halloween, cosplay and other occasions.

As you'd expect for a Woodland Elf, the make-up is very natural, apart from the Elven ears of course! You really should think about purchasing some Elf ear tips because this really completes an Elven Woodland outfit for Halloween or cosplay.

Pointy ear tips are readily available to buy and can normally be attached to your own ears using spirit gum or liquid latex. If you don't want to apply special ears then the best thing to do is keep them covered using a hood on an Elven cloak.

In The Fellowship of the Ring movie, the eyebrows of this character are dark brown which is in contrast to his long blonde hair. That's an important feature if you want to get the look spot on.

You can tint your eyebrows and color them darker with a make-up pencil. His lips also look as though they are slightly tinted so a faint application of rose tinted lip gloss should work well.

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