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Disney Witch Maleficent Halloween Costume for Women

This page focuses on a Maleficent Halloween costume for women. Adults can enjoy dressing as this good girl gone bad. Dress in sleek, figure flattering black for the best witch ever created.

Disney's blockbuster movie Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie as the lead part, explores the wonderful classic tale of Sleeping Beauty. This is no sweet fairy tale however because the movie is taken from the perspective of one of the most well loved character villains.

The star of the show was Angelina as the good fairy turned bad and you just know that Maleficent costumes and accessories are going to be a huge hit every Halloween. My daughter and I were blown away by the magnificent retelling of this story. We both love the fresh fantasy that had been brought to life from an age-old fairy tale.

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An Adult Maleficent Halloween Costume for Women to Look Bewitching In

maleficent evil witch sorceress halloween costume dress

Get this Purple and Black Dress Costume with Headpiece from

UK Readers get a Maleficent Costume from

This is not an official costume set but it's one of the most attractive looking versions that I've seen and it also has some really great reviews too with images of customers wearing this product.

One reviewer won first place in a Halloween contest with it. You get the dress, the sleeves, the collar and the headpiece as well. Add some dramatic makeup to finish your look.

ADULT DELUXE MALEFICENT CHRISTENING BLACK GOWN COSTUME womens includes dress headpiece broochWOMENS DISNEY MALEFICENT COSTUME includes Dress Neck piece Headband

I love the look of figure hugging dress which appears to be really flattering for a more curvy woman's figure and the purple shimmer fabric should catch the light wonderfully.

It's also great that the headpiece is included as part of the set so you don't need to add that or buy that separately which you do with some costumes.

Leg Avenue Women's Disney 3 Piece Maleficent Costume Dress and Head Piece Black, MediumDisguise Women's Disney Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Sassy Costume, Purple/Black, MediumDisguise Women's Descendants Maleficent Deluxe Adult Costume, Multi, MediumMagnificent Witch Costume - Large - Dress Size 11-13

One of my favorite official outfits available for this wicked fairy is the Leg Avenue one which includes the really figure hugging and curve flattering adult sized dress, collar piece and her horn headpiece. It looks like a rather sexy take on this evil villain.

Unfortunately Maleficent's pet familiar which is her raven, not a crow, is not included but you can get one if you want to add it on as an accessory. In the movie, Diaval the raven also assumes human form as well as that of a fierce dragon. His part is played by Sam Riley.

Maleficent Angelina Jolie Costume Black Christening Outfit

black witch sorceress evil villain woman disney maleficent costume adult

Buy this Maleficent Christening Gown Costume from

UK Readers get a Maleficent Outfit from

This outfit above is the set that you can buy based on the iconic christening scene. It includes the black dress and horn headpiece. Please note that the magical staff is not included and that this is an accessory that you can buy separately.

⭐ Since she does use a magical staff in the movie, in fact it becomes very relevant when she is wingless, you could certainly look for one to add in as a prop. It looks like a twisted branch with an orb on top. You can buy her staff accessory separately.

In her bad fairy role, Angelina gets to wear some really cool outfits during the film and the best one of all has to be the jet black gown that she wears as part of Aurora's Sleeping Beauty christening scene.

This includes a vast amount of flowing black fabric which sweeps in an elegant and regal train behind her as she strides uninvited to bestow her wish, or curse should we say, on the baby princess.

Disguise Women's Disney Sleeping Beauty Movie Maleficent Christening Deluxe Women's Glam Gown Costume, Black, Large/12-14Cosplaydiy Women's Costumes of Maleficent Angelina Jolie Dark Witch Queen Black Christening DressLeg Avenue Women's Maleficent Cozy Villain Costume, Black, LargeCalifornia Costumes Women's Evil Sorceress Witch Dress Adult, Black/Turquoise, Small

If you're keen to really emulate this Christening costume, you could add on a beautiful, long black cape or cloak to this or another dress. Of course, that would disguise the figure hugging dress but you have the option to remove that later to show off the fabulous gown underneath.

California Costumes Women's Evil Sorceress Adult

Get this Evil Sorceress Witch Queen Costume from

UK Readers get a Sorceress Fancy Dress from

If you don't mind getting your horn headpiece separately, this looks absolutely perfect for the style of dress that you need. This is not an actual costume based on the movie but, teamed up with a headpiece, it seems you would look just the part.

This is a set that comes with some really great reviews I read on it. If you're particularly nervous about getting something good to wear, this one seems like a pretty safe bet.

The styling of the gown is very medieval which suits the movie theme perfectly. It is made from a velvety fabric which has some stretch to it and that should work nicely around your figure.

Maleficent Adult Costume Headpiece or Horns and Other Costume Accessories

MALEFICENT HORNS Handmade Acssessory Headpiece

Buy this Maleficent Horn Headpiece from EpicCostumes on Etsy

Of course, with some costume and dress options you'd need to buy a horned headpiece as a separate accessory item. Alternatively, you could have a go at making your own headpiece using papier mache and paint or even just cut cardboard stuck to a headband. There are some very simple methods and you'll find one below.

See How to Make a Simple DIY Horn Headband

What about her wings? Well we've all seen the movie clips showing her flying, even if you've not yet seen the movie itself. I won't spoil it and say what happens because that would ruin a key part of the actual story. But let's just say that in her adult, and largely bad fairy form, she mostly has no wings.

So that's pretty much why the offerings that you see don't come with them. However, I totally get why you'd want a beautiful pair of wings to complement what you are wearing and there's no reason why you can't add these on since there are many available.

You can simply add wings on to one of the official offerings or you could dress in a black rubberized pant suit with wings (kind of like a cat woman suit) which would be true to some scenes of the movie. If you look for some black costume wings, make sure that you get ones that look like they have feathers on them.

Maleficent's wings look like a large pair of bird wings rather than the sweet transparent fairy ones that you can get. Have fun dressing as this cool character for Halloween or for other occasions.

Disney maleficent halloween dress costume outfit

Image Credit: Original image shared by Larisa-K on Pixabay with a CC License

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