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One absolutely essential part of dressing up as Maleficent, the good fairy gone bad, are the very prominent and striking horns that she wears.

These horns have always been pretty iconic to represent this particular Disney Villain. If your costume does not already come supplied with them, or if you are making your own outfit, you really need these accessories in order to get this Halloween or cosplay theme just right.

Choose from some magnificent Maleficent horns and headpieces costume accessories on this page so you can dress up as this bewitching dark witch.

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Maleficent Horns and Headpieces Costume Accessories to Buy

Maleficent Horns and Headpieces Costume Accessories for Halloween and Cosplay Disney Witch

Image Credit: Added text. Original shared by taymtaym on Flickr with a CC License

The Maleficent character is played in the Disney movie by Angelina Jolie who is able to pull off the evil witch or sorceress style to perfection. Everyone recognizes this powerful woman just by the styling of this headpiece.

XCOSER Women's Magic Horns Movie Props for Witch Cosplay Halloween

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Many of the complete outfits for women and girls come already bundled with some head gear as part of the set. This can mean that you're getting better value for money when buying a complete set.

⭐ However, the added headpiece that comes supplied in a costume bundle is not always very good quality. You should be able to make your own or buy a better Maleficent costume headpiece.

If you're piecing together your own look or you already have the clothing sorted, here are some picks of this crucial accessory for you to look to add to your collection including some DIY ideas for you as well.

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In this scene, which everyone knows from the classic Sleeping Beauty story, the bad fairy is not invited to Princess Aurora's Christening. So Maleficent turns up and places a curse on the innocent child. No wonder everyone wants to emulate the whole christening gown look.

Angelina Jolie looks stunning dressed from head to toe in black with a strong, stand up collar piece and a sweeping dress with a enormous inky color train that fills the floor like a seeping slick of oil.

Maleficent black horns costume headpiece

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Although the reviews seem very mixed on this, I like the look of this particular set. The headpiece is based very much on Angelina's magnificent ensemble that she wore as part of the whole Christening scene in the movie.

Maleficent style costume outfot black horned horns headpiece green staff globe

Image Credit: Shared by vu vat va wedding studio on Flickr with a CC License

At a glance, it has the bold look of shiny leather although it is actually made of polyester; leather would be a lot more expensive to make these out of. This head accessory is sized to fit an adult.

To wear this head piece just as Angelina Jolie did in the Maleficent movie, you need to have no hair showing. So, if your hair is long, you might need a net to gather all your hair under this design.

Shorter hair could be slicked back with a hair wax or gel. Get the look exactly right by wearing a bright shade of crimson red lipstick and accentuating your cheekbones with some sweeping cheek make up.

Young Maleficent Horns for Kids and Adults

 Young Maleficent Inspired 9.5 Inch Horns 3D Printed Ultra Light Weight Plastic Suitable for kids and adults comic-con

Buy these Adult and Child Headband Horns from MudandMajesty on Etsy

Young Maleficent horns are based on the softer look brown headpiece that Angelina Jolie wears near the start of this Disney movie. This is her character before she has her heart broken and transforms into an evil and powerful sorceress.

This pair, made by MudandMajesty on Etsy, are 3D printed which makes them light weight to wear. They come on a headband which makes it easy for you to slip them on and off.

This one size should suit most children and adults. Measurements are given in the listing. You can hide the base of the headband by cleverly sweeping your hair over the top of it and around the base of the horns.

BEST SELLING Classic Young Maleficent Inspired Horns 3D Printed choose your color comic-con

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There are some options of headwear which are designed specifically for kids to wear as well. I love this design here which is a light weight 3D printed design. It can be worn by kids and adults under 5.8" in height. They come in black, brown and white although other custom colors can be requested at additional cost.

Maleficent Original Horns from the 1959 Sleeping Beauty

Disney villain Maleficent black and pink robed costume style

Image Credit: Shared by Thomas_Jung on Flickr with a CC License

Some people prefer to dress up as this Disney Villian as based on the classic or original 1959 animated Sleeping Beauty Movie. This hat made of black velvet with purple trim emulates that look.

Elope Women's Disney Maleficent Hat Adult

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Her original style was wearing black and purple. This costume is a good choice of accessory if you want to dress as the original Disney version of this character.

Maleficent Horns DIY Easy Paper or Card Methods

My daughter and I were both so entranced by the movie and she is heavily into her dressing up and role play so I designed some simple but effective horns for her to wear.

Her favorite style is the headband but the elasticated 'mask' version was a slightly easier make. You too can use these items since I made a free template and tutorial for these paper horns.

Maleficent diy horn headband mask

See How to Make Some Paper Horns to Wear Here

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

They are ideal for kids to wear but can also fit an adult too. The pattern can be enlarged before you print it out if you want or just use it as a guide to draw your own.

You can make these from thick cardstock, craft foam or a plastic vinyl sheet. I was lucky to have some black plastic which looks really great shine it shines and catches the light nicely. So if you want a budget version or something that might just be worn once, this is a great option.

My daughter has a black and purple witch costume dress that she wears when she pretends to be this character. You could dress a child in any black clothes, a plain black tee and pants would do, and then add a black cloak on top which would really complete the whole look pretty nicely.

Some kids want to add on some wings, and of course since they're a lot of fun, and you can find some of those on my Maleficent Girls Costume page here on this website. Have fun being totally magnificent as Maleficent!

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