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Pirate Halloween Party Supplies and Ideas

Here's a page with pirate Halloween party supplies as well as decorations and ideas that you can use to put on a perfect themed event. This theme can make for such a fun and novel experience that both families and kids can really enjoy.

Parties with this theme can be great fun to attend and can also be equally fun to organize too. There are a number of tips thrown in which are taken from my own experience with hosting parties and events.

This handy page can certainly help to keep the celebratory planning stress to a minimum because of having the suggestions all on one page. Let's make the event a success, aye aye Captain!

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Themed Pirate Halloween Party Supplies Lots of Ideas and Inspiration to Throw a Great Event

pirate halloween party ideas

Image Credit: Original image shared by Clker-Free-Vector-Images on Pixabay with a CC License

Ordering a complete supplies set like this one below can help to make organizing your event a bit quicker and easier since you know everything already matches. Plus it has the added bonus that sometimes it can work out a little cheaper than ordering all the items that you need separately.

Pirate Party Supplies Super Set Plates Napkins Cups

Buy this Pirate Party Supplies Pack at

UK Readers get Pirate Party Plates from

This fun looking pirate set has an assortment of supplies that you can use for your event. It includes 16 plates, 16 napkins, 12 cups and themed stickers. I like the look of this design for a Halloween pirate party because the skull motif looks a little menacing with his missing teeth and eye sockets.

☠️ There are lots of Meri Meri themed pirate supplies and products. We happen to love Meri Meri because their designs always look really great and we think they are very good quality as well.

You can get plates and cups, not pictured here, that are cute, colorful and good quality for a perfect pirate themed bash. What's great about these designs are that you can easily co-ordinate them along with other Meri Meri supplies too. Matching products in this range include plates, garland, cupcake kit, napkins, party bags and even invitations.

Pirate Cove FULL Set Birthday PRINTABLE by The Occasional Day

Printable Set of Pirate Cove Items to Buy from TheOccasionalDay on Etsy

If you are happy to print off and assemble your own items, there is a fantastic looking set from TheOccasionalDay on Etsy. Included in this pack is:

  • 2-inch Party Circles to customize with name and age
  • 4-inch Party Circles to customize with name and age
  • Welcome Sign (8 x 10 inches) to customize with name
  • Bottle Wrappers to customize with name and age
  • 2-inch Party Circles
  • Bottle Wrappers
    2-inch Favor Tags: thank you and blank
  • Food Tents: blank, text formatting available for an extra fee
  • Straw Flags
  • "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" banner
  • Accent banner: "YE BE WARNED"
  • Cupcake Wrappers
  • Thank You Notes: 4 x 6 inches
  • Favor Boxes
  • Mini Candy Bar Wrappers: fits both mini bars and nuggets
  • Treat Bag Toppers

Pirate Skull and Cross Bones Balloons

Get a Set of 10 Skull and Crossbones Balloons from

UK Readers get Pirate Themed Balloons from

No pirate party could surely be complete without some fun, themed pirate balloons to match in. These ones are solid black with white motifs including skulls, hats, swords and crossbones. I like the black because it is a great fit for this time of year.

One tip to keep down your event costs is to buy just one set of themed balloon designs and then match them in with some solid color balloons which are less expensive.

Look for colors that match in with your event. Typical pirate themed colors often include red, white, blue and black. Because most people associate those colors with this theme, they are the colors that I would recommend sticking with unless you are very creative yourself.

Beistle 55026 16-Piece Pirate Party KitPirate Captain Restroom Door Cover Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)Pirate Bandana - Pirate Party Favor - set of 1272 Pc Deluxe Pirate Dress up Party Favor Pack (12 Pirate Hats, 12 Pirate Patches, 12 Inflatable Pirate Swords, & 36 Pirate Tattoos) Costume Supplies

You can also get feature design balloons and there are some large, jumbo sized pirate ship balloons that could well be the centerpiece of your party. I've hunted high and low but not found a better or more unique looking style of balloon that you can use.

They are perfect for a birthday bash or special event with this theme. Mix up just a small number of special balloons with some plain color red, white and black balloons for a massive balloon bouquet. Or use them on their own as the main attraction. Kids and adults alike seem to love it either way.

Beistle Treasure Map Tablecover table cover

Buy a Treasure Map Tablecover from

UK Readers get a Treasure Tablecloth from

Plastic table covers are a pretty inexpensive way of keeping mess to a minimum at parties. They can also quickly dress and decorate up your party tables with the right look.

This design features a treasure map. You can also get skull and crossbone designs and ones with lots of lubberly loot, me landlubbers! Tablecloths or covers with red and white stripes would also work well with this theme too.

Message in a Bottle Pirate Party Invitations

12 Pirate Party Invitations Message In A Bottle

Buy these Set of 12 Message in a Bottle Invites from

UK Readers get Message in a Bottle Invites from Etsy

Here's a fab looking set which allows you to present your invitations in a bottle. I love this very fun idea. There are also some great looking invites featuring a skull with a crossed swords design.

Some invites have the design on one side and the wording on the reverse, waiting for you to fill in all the party or event details. This bottle set comes in a pack of 12. You can order as many sets as you need for the occasion.

Instant Download Print Yourself Pirate Invitations

Pirate Invitation Party Invites INSTANT DOWNLOAD Edit NOW with Adobe Reader from home

Buy these Instant Download and Print Invites from SugarShebang on Etsy

I really love the style of these invites which you can print off yourself at home. These need to be edited using Adobe Reader because they are PDF files. Instructions are provided on the product purchase page for you.

More Pirate Party Invites at Etsy

Halloween Pirate Party Decorations

Treasure Chest Pinata with Pull String Kit

Get a Treasure Chest Pinata at

Pinatas can be great fun for kids at parties. They look good as part of the overall decorations as well as being good as an activity too. Look out for a treasure chest pinata like the one above that can be filled up with candy and treats for the kids.

You can hang the pinata from a tree, a basketball hoop or the ceiling. If there is nowhere to hang the pinata, then get a couple of adults to hold it taut in the middle of some rope. Let each kid get a turn at hitting the pinata with a stick or bat until it breaks open and spills the candy everywhere.

☠️ Pennant flags can easily be hung across walls and from the ceiling to instantly create a mood or theme for your pirate party. Get even more use out of these by using them around the edges of tables, around lampshades, as quick swags across windows and door frames and around any other items you want to decorate.

You can easily make your own triangles for a pennant banner made out of paper, felt fabric or, alternatively, craft foam sheets.

There's also some fun hanging decor for your party that kids should enjoy. These are hanging, swirl decorations that come in red and black to match the majority of pirate color schemes and whirl round as they hang up.

☠️ Many More Decorations are Shown Here

They are long so you can hang them high overhead and have a skull and crossbone design at the bottom. They can make for cute decorations that will help to make your birthday celebration look special.

Pirate Halloween Party Crafts and Activity Ideas

Visit My Halloween Pirate Party Games for Kids Page

☠️ Decorate the Treasure Chests Craft

Fun Express Treasure Chest Treat Boxes, Bulk, Pack of 24

Get these Treasure Chest Treat Boxes at

My daughter went to a brilliant party where they had lots of fun games, activities and crafts. One of the crafts was getting the kids to decorate their own treasure chests.

The kids then all went on a treasure hunt around the garden to fill up their chests with all kids of party favors such as pencils, notepads, action figures, pieces of 8 (gold chocolate coins) and lots of other fun loot.

The party hostess had made all her treasure chests up from scratch. Gulp! If you're like me and don't have time to make lots of boxes up yourself, look out for a kit instead.

You can get plain cardboard treasure chests and all sorts of crafty goodies to decorate them with. Because some of these treasure chest kits are plain, they can then be colored with paints, glitter glue or marker pens.

☠️ Treasure Map Party Game

There is a treasure map game which works a bit like the old-fashioned game of pinning the tail on a donkey. This one uses a treasure map and some little flags instead and comes with an elastic mask so that you can make sure that no one is peeking when it is their turn to play.

We played a very similar game at a pirate party. Everyone had a turn at guessing the location of the buried treasure and the nearest answer, when everyone had completed a turn, got a special themed gift.

For young kids who are playing, it helps to give them all a small gift such as a chocolate coin and then give the winner something a little bigger. You probably want a no-tears party after all.

☠️ Easy to Make Pirate Themed Cupcakes

pirate treasure themed cupcakes

Come See How to Make Some Very Easy Pirate Theme Cupcakes HERE

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

These pirate-y, treasure and gem topped cupcakes can be made in advance of the party or event. Alternatively an activity can be to decorate these treats. You really do not need to make the actual cupcakes.

You can just as easily buy some pre-iced cupcakes and then provide all the treasure toppings that people can use to decorate their very own cakes with.

☠️ Map in a Bottle Party Invitation Craft

A fun way to make up your own pirate party invitations for the bash is to use some empty plastic bottles. Fill them with some sand and shells in the bottom of each bottle, then pop a printed treasure map inside along with all the party invitation details.

Tie some curling ribbon around the outside of the bottle to make it look cute. And don't forget to put the cap on top so the sand doesn't all spill out!

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