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Giving a theme to your door can give a hint of what type of horrors lurk inside. Choose carefully from available Halloween front door wreaths and decorations to give the right impression.

There are so many fun ways to decorate your home for the Halloween season. The one thing that's on show to everyone, however, is your front door. Your front door is going to be the first impression that people get of your decorations and how well you've done.

People are nosy. You can guarantee that anyone walking or driving by will check out your decorations to see if they are elegant and welcoming, bright, bold and lots of fun or whether they are perhaps something a little bit more freaky to really surprise your trick-or-treaters.

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Halloween Front Door Wreaths for Fall are a Traditional Sign of Welcome

Halloween Front Door Wreaths for Fall are a Traditional Sign of Welcome Decorations Home Autumnal

Image Credit: Original image shared by 70154 on Pixabay with a CC License

Halloween wreaths are often created in black and orange shades which are the classical colors associated with October 31st. You may be wondering where to look for wreaths for your door. I've looked around quite a bit and found a great selection over at places including Amazon, Walmart and also Etsy for Handmade designs.

Boo Decor Halloween Deco Mesh Ghost Wreath

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This wonderful looking design incorporates the classic colors of the witching season. It looks to be a striking yet elegant design to grace the front entrance of your house.

The amount of effort that you have put in will say a lot about how much you enjoy the festivities of this particular occasion. Get into the spirit of the spooky season by conjuring up just the right atmosphere and making your home one that everyone really can't wait to visit.

Halloween Trick or Treat Wreath. Halloween Door Decoration with lots of Sparkle. Super Cute & Whimsical.Halloween Witch Legs Front Door Wreath; orange, black, white, purpleDeluxe Halloween Trick or Treat Front Door Wreath Orange Purple Green ribbonsOrange Pumpkin Fall Harvest Silk Autumn Front Door Wreath

You can find plenty of dark and black designs just right for the spook time season and October 31st and you can also find some wonderful Fall and Autumnal designs too. You are best to have a browse there if you are keen to find just the right design to greet people to your home.

Get a Handmade Halloween Wreath from Etsy

Wreaths to hang on the front door are not such a new concept as we might like to think they are. They actually date back and can be linked to the ancient Greeks, Roman, Persian and Pagan cultures.

They are most often associated now in the Western world with a welcoming sign that is used during both the Holiday and Christmas season. However, they are also a traditional and beautiful way to decorate up your front door for many other special times of year too and are frequently used for the Fall season and Halloween.

Use a Halloween Doormat to Great Guests and Trick or Treaters

Please book ahead and immediately set the tone of your decorations this year with a specially themed doormat for the occasion. There are lots of choices to opt for but consider whether you want one that will be just appropriate for the Halloween season or a more generic design that you can use for the whole of Fall. You'll find more items and suggestions below that you can use.

The Sleepy Hollow design by folk artist Jami Boldy is featured on this door mat

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UK Readers get a Halloween Door Mat from Amazon.co.uk

Instead of making guests use your normal bell or knocker, add on a temporary Halloween Doorbell or Chime which has been made specifically for creepy events and occasions.

Look for one that comes with a selection of sound effects including: Help Me cries, wolves howling, Jacob's Ladder, a witch's cackle, ghost and ghoul's moaning, evil laughs, creaking doors and thunderstorms. This adds a fun decor element for visitors, and especially kids, who come to your home.

Lots of Cool Themes for Halloween Door Decorating Ideas

1) A Fall Pumpkin Seasonal Theme:

You may not be keen on the more novelty aspects of door decorations and would prefer to go with more of a seasonal theme instead. Pumpkins are heavily associated with the Fall, Halloween and the harvest season and are ideal to use all through the autumn.

As well as having pumpkins placed near the entrance of your home, you can decorate using pumpkin orange as the base color. Make or buy some pumpkin themed accessories with a Happy Fall Y'all and Give Thanks message.

2) Haunted House Door Decor:

Give your front door a haunted makeover by making it look old and very creepy. Add in some cobwebs by draping some stretchy spiderweb fabric around the entrance and adding a few spider figures too.

The whole idea is to make the front of the home look old and rather uninviting, a place that people do not want to come and visit. Use a dark and dingy color scheme: blacks, grays and browns. Add in some ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

3) Spooky Skulls and Skeleton Decorations:

There's nothing quite like bones to creep approaching guests out. You can hang a whole skeleton on the door, make a wreath from bones, add in some skulls around the entrance or porch, perhaps plant some skulls in pots, and even have a skeleton's hand hanging off the door knocker, eugh. You can also introduce a cemetery element in with gravestones and coffins too.

Halloween Yard Decoration Scary 
YUNLIGHTS Halloween String Lights, Set of 3 Strings with 30 LED Lights Each - White Ghosts, Orange Jack O'Lanterns, Purple Bats

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4) Creepy Creatures and Bugs:

There are a wealth of decorations based on bugs and other creepy creatures such as spiders, rats and bats that you can easily buy and use to create a Halloween themed door.

You can get some figures that glow in the dark which will be fun for trick-or-treaters in the evening and even some that move. Hang individual items such as bats around the entrance to look like they're flying. And you could have a scooped out pumpkin that's looks like it's overflowing with creepy crawlies.

You Can Visit My Creepy Crow Decorations Page Here

5) Keep Out! Zombie Zone:

Zombies always make a fun theme for Halloween. Make your home a keep out, no-go zone. Make it look as though the home's been boarded up by adding a decoration of wood planks nailed across each other or some warning tape in bright yellow and black stripes crisscrossed over the door.

You'll need warning signs which you could print out at home and laminate to stick outside. And how about a fake green hand or arm looking like it's trying to get out of the door. Or even a whole head coming through. There are lots of fun ideas to use for making your door the talk of the town.

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