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Any Hobbit outfit or costume that you dress up in will need some rather convincing hairy halfling Hobbit feet to match perfectly with it.

Giving yourself some special halfling feet will really finish off a Lord of the Rings and Hobbit themed Halloween and cosplay costume. There is plenty of information here for you to achieve a more realistic look.

For more serious fans and cosplayers there is also invaluable information provided on how you can come up with your own feet for conventions such as comic con.

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All About Hobbit Feet for Cosplay and Halloween Costumes

Feet for a hobbit character

Image Credit: Original image shared by ajaschi on Pixabay with a CC License

⭐ These Hobbit style feet costume accessories are not always so easy to buy and especially if you want some to fit small kids or more extreme shoe sizes. There are also very few options available if you don't want to go down a real novelty route.

Luckily you've got a pretty big fan here to explain ideas for how you can make your own more realistic versions. Get the exact Bilbo Baggins look straight from the movies: An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies. You will see plenty of options for buying and making these unique shoes and slippers on this page.

How the Author, J.R.R. Tolkien, Described Hobbit Feet

Hairy feet

Image Credit: TheRoss on Flickr, shared with a CC License

The actual author of The Lord of the Rings books describes these particular appendages as having a covering of rather curly hair. His description goes on to clarify that the hair color is often brown and will, in any case, match up with the color of the halfling's head hair.

Since the soles are pretty leathery and tough, these humanoid creatures rarely wear shoes and are more suited to walking barefoot. The ladies of this species are afflicted with the same condition of excess hair too!

Unless you just happen to have some feet that are naturally hairy like these ones shown here in the photo, then you're really going to need some advice and help. Getting just the right look and styling for assuming more of a Shire halfling look requires some thought.

⭐ The main thing that you need to know is that your feet should either be bare or at least look as though they are. Popular Hobbit characters such as Bilbo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee did not wear shoes. In addition to that, you need a layer of rather curly and short hairs covering over the flesh at the top of your feet.

What you should also know is that these body parts were never described by Tolkien as being any larger than normal in proportion to the body. However, they have been shown this way in the movies and it is what people and viewers have come to expect and also associate with this charming Shire creature.

Part 1: Ready to Buy Hobbit Feet Suggestions

toe socks hobbit bilbo baggins

Get these Bilbo Baggins Hobbit Toe Socks from Amazon.com

UK Readers get some Hobbit Feet from Amazon.co.uk

These are a pair of officially licensed novelty toe socks in a one size option. You can read reviews to get idea of the sizes that these one-size socks will cater too but generally it seems to be quite middle of the road.

You used to be able to buy some Hobbit socks which are now hard to find so look on eBay. They don't have any grips on the soles which means that they are not ideal for wearing outdoors. Although, you could potentially use adhesive to stick something to the soles so that you can wear them more comfortably outdoors. These may be an option to fit some adults and older children.

Furry Monster Adventure Slippers Comfortable Novelty Warm Winter Hobbit Feet Slippers for Adults

Buy Some Halfling Hobbit Style Slippers from Amazon.com

UK Readers get some Hobbit Feet from Amazon.co.uk

These are normally available via Amazon but, if they should be unavailable when you look, then make sure to also hunt for these on eBay and ThinkGeek for alternatives.

These plush designs come in a one-size adult fitting. They look rather special as slippers and are styled like a comic look of the Hobbit appendages with some furry fur fabric on top. These could be fun for going on a Middle Earth adventure of your own. Now you just need a company of 13 dwarves to come along on your fantasy with you.

Lord of The Rings Hobbit Costume Feet bilbo baggins shoes

Foot Covers with Elasticated Straps at the Back from Amazon.com

There are some mixed reviews that I've read on these. However, they could be a viable option so long as you realize that they are covers and do not have any actual bottom or sole attached. They sit over the top of feet or shoes and have a strap at the back.

They are officially licensed foot covers and versions that come as a one-size for kids to use. However, read the reviews because some people have said that they are too big for young kids feet.

Hobbit halfling Flesh colored Pair of Hairy Feet SandalsCOSEAN Men Women Adults Warm Winter Soft Cute Plush Anti-slip The Hobbit Slippers Shoes Indoor Home

The hair is attached across the front and, since they are covers, they can be popped around plimsolls or sneakers for outdoor use. Like most things related to costume accessories, they can often go in and out of stock in stores online and there is nothing you can do about that.

Another idea for children would be to use flesh or nude color plimsolls and stick some faux fur on top or some curly doll hair using Elmer's or a glue gun.

Part 2: Different Ways to Make Your Own DIY Hobbit Feet

Bilbo Baggins Hobbit Prosthetic Feet, Weta Cave

Image Credit: Shared by Chris on Flickr with a CC License

There are lots of tricks that you can employ such as getting gag or novelty Hobbit feet slippers, using nude or flesh color socks or shoes or even just going barefoot and adding hairs on top.

If you're struggling to find ready made designs that you like to buy, know that actually it's not all that hard to make your own versions up instead with just a little effort and patience.

One very easy method is to get a pair of novelty barefeet slippers or some nude/flesh color socks or plimsolls. Use a good adhesive to then stick some curly hair on top.

⭐ For the curly hair, you need to search for hair which people buy to make their own dolls with as that is going to be a more realistic option.

Alternatively, use some yarn and then stick it in place with a strong adhesive such as Elmer's multipurpose glue or a glue gun with some clear glue sticks. Any flesh color slippers, shoes or socks could work as a base to stick the hair to.

If you have problems sourcing hair for making dolls, also look at using curly hair extensions, a curly wig or even some faux fur fabric which actually may be much easier to stick on although it will look less realistic.

If you need to wear the finished designs for Trick or Treating or for the outdoors, you may want to stick some harder wearing insoles or rubber to the bottoms so that they will be better to walk in.

DIY Feet Ideas for Indoor Events

bilbo baggins feet costume

Get some pre-printed flesh color socks or draw on your own design to create toes and hair!

Image Credit: Shared by whatleydude on Flickr with a CC License

For indoor costume and cosplay events, you should consider having the much more realistic option of real bare feet. Unless you have naturally hairy skin, you'll probably want to enhance that Shire look and styling up a notch by adding some curly hairs in.

You can use skin safe adhesive to attach hairs or faux fur in place. Many cosplayers and those who work with theatrics use something know as spirit gum.

Spirit gum is a special adhesive that is used for sticking items such as faux scars and ear tips onto bare skin; you can also use liquid latex. I would advise looking at the ingredients on any of these products if you need to be wary of any particular skin allergies etc.

Ideas for hair that you can readily buy and use are: pieces cut from real hair, curly hair extensions or a wig, dolls hair used in doll making, fuzzy yarn in a natural color or some faux fur fabric cut offs. Read this instructables page for seeing how adhesive and brown thread are made to create a realistic looking pair of hairy feet.

Harder Wearing Foot Options for Outdoor Events

Options for footwear accessories that you can realistically use outside as part of your overall costume are a little different. You probably won't want to opt for the more natural looking bare skin effect which could be rather hard and painful on your soles.

You'll need some nude or flesh color footwear such as sneakers, plimsolls or something that has a snug fit and looks unobtrusive in design. Use adhesive to stick some curly hair or faux fur right on top.

Another option, especially if you don't want to ruin a pair of perfectly good plimsolls, is to pull some flesh color socks over the top of these instead and stick the hair or fur onto the socks.

You can also stick thick felt or fabric such as leather onto the bottoms of the socks so that they last longer for walking around costume parties or cosplay events. Here's a great article I read on making some more robust feet.

Bilbo baggins feet cookies

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Learn how to make these cool cookies here: Bilbo Baggins Feet Cookies

I love the idea of Hobbits so much that I came up with some cookies that are easy to make using a basic cookie mix, some chocolate and a novelty shaped cookie cutter. These unique cookie biscuits would be perfect for a Halloween party, a fun school or cosplay event and great for fans as a fun treat.

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