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Bathrooms really don't need to be bland and boring anymore. You can easily transform this area into a pretty cool theme with pirate bathroom accessories and decor that kids and adults can't wait to get into.

Either make this rest room space over for your Halloween party guests or give it an every day remodel by turning it into a unique look that everyone can really enjoy.

There's so much fun to be had in selecting some awesome items and accessories for this choice of room decor. It can appeal to both the young and also the old too. Have fun choosing some more accessories for any young aspiring Jack Sparrow or Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates crew.

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Pirate Bathroom Accessories: Skull Shower Curtain and Other Pirate Themed Shower Curtains

Yestore Superior Custom Pirate WaterProof Polyester Fabric 60 x 72 Shower Curtain

Get this Pirate Shower Curtain with Skull Design from

UK Readers get a Pirate Shower Curtain from

Those larger and key bathroom accessories, such as shower curtains and rugs, can quickly give an overall impression for a themed room.

When doing complete room makeovers, I will often shop for one main piece or item to go in the room and then I will carefully match up the rest of the design and color scheme to look good along with that one particular thing. This can really help if you're initially stuck on ideas for colors, patterns and motifs.

Skull Shower Curtain Nautical Home Decor by Ambesonne, Pirates Jolly Roger Flag Sailor Symbols Crossed Swords Theme, Polyester Fabric Bathroom Shower Curtain, 69 x 70 Inches, Navy Blue WhiteKids Shower Curtain Ambesonne Ahoy Its a Boy Shower Curtain, Cute Pirate Kids Treasure Chest with Ship on Ocean Background Illustration, Fabric Bathroom Decor Set Shower Curtain for Boys BathroomJake and the Neverland Pirates Discovery Shower Curtain BathroomCirco Pirate Ship Shower Curtain

Select a key piece such as a shower curtain and then look to work your new room scheme around it, tying in other accessories and items to match. There is another high quality shower curtain I love the look of which is made from microsuede with cotton applique pirate designs and motifs.

It comes in more of a dark and rustic color scheme with a sandy color brown background that would be easy to match in with natural wooden accessories such as a ship's wheel as well as natural shells too. It is called Treasure Cove which is a fabric curtain by Sweet Jojo Designs if you want to look this up.

I like the refreshing and different color palette on the matching treasure cove pirate bathroom rug, not pictured, which can be used in a themed bedroom or bathroom. It's in darker shades of brown, black and deep red and has an older look to it than the usual bright blue and red pirate color schemes. There is a matching collection that coordinates with this design with many items that could be employed in the bathroom too.

Pirate Themed Bathroom Ideas for the Wall: Wall Hangings and Decor

18 inch Ship Wheel Wooden Pirate Boat Nautical Fishing Clock

Buy a Pirate Ship Wheel Clock from

UK Readers get a Ship Wheel from

If there is a good sized blank area of wall in this bathroom, why not add in a fun wooden pirate ship wheel. If you position it at the right height and it is securely fixed to the wall then guests can enjoy pretending to steer the ship. This one is made of wood and brass.

Some ship wheels have an antique weathered look to them depending on the style that you want. Do check the sizing before you buy items to place on the wall just in case they're going to be too big or even too small for the area that you intend them to be on.

Custom Name Pirate Wall Decal Skull Personalized Vinyl Sticker Nautical Sea Ocean Wall Nursery Decor

Buy this Custom Name Pirate Wall Decal Sticker from AwesomezzDesigns on Etsy

I really love the design of this personalized pirate wall decal with the skull and crossed swords and name above the top. You could have a custom name (or very short piece of text) added to a pirate themed decal sticker. Instead of a custom name how about these choices instead: Ahoy, Poop Deck, Yo Ho Ho.

Gifts Decor Halloween Toilet Paper Holder Skeleton Skull

Get this Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder from

UK Readers get a Skeleton Toilet Roll Holder from

Skulls and pirates are a very common theme that go hand in hand. You see them all the time in movies with the skulls and bones often belonging to failed attempts to find the treasure. This might not be great for a younger child but a slightly older age group should find this idea to be lots of fun.

I like this fun looking skeleton toilet roll holder which is a really novel idea. This is a Halloween item but it is unusual as a novelty piece because it has some great reviews from people who have bought it. It should make for a really brilliant conversation piece for visiting guests and sleepovers.

View My Pick of Halloween Toilet Paper Holders Here

While it can be difficult to find a wealth of bathroom items on the pirate theme, there are quite a few if you know how to look. Also search out decor that has a nautical or sailing component to the design.

Think of ships, sailing, anchors, wheels, skulls, crossbones, maps and treasure in order to find enough accessories to make your room come alive. Those are good ideas to get you started. Here's some smaller accessories which can also give you ideas on the actual color scheme and design of the room too.

Pirate Door Decor and Accessories for Bathrooms

Pirates Only No Trespassing All Others Will Walk the Plank and Jolly Roger with Eyepatch Single Lapel Pin

Buy this Pirates Only Sign from

UK Readers get a Pirate Sign from

Add in a real finishing touch to the room scheme with a fun looking metal sign that can be hung from the bathroom door or on the wall. It says: Pirates Only. No trespassing. All others will walk the plank.

When decorating a bathroom on a theme, it makes sense to start with a few key and perhaps some larger items such as a shower curtain or a rug. You can then more easily tie in smaller decorations to match in with the whole color scheme and design.

I will often look to the decor to get ideas for the overall color theme of a room. Soft furnishing items like bath towels and wash cloths can be easily matched to your chosen room colors as well.

kids pirate bathroom poop deck Captain Restroom Door Cover Party Accessory

Get this Pirate Captain Door Cover from

UK Readers get a Door Cover from

I like this Ye Olde Poop Deck restroom door cover which you could use as a fun party or Halloween accessory. It shows a pirate captain sitting on the toilet. I love all the detail including the porthole window, parrot, peg leg and treasure map. Check out the skull and crossbones bathroom paper on the design too.

There is no need to buy a special toilet or even a new toilet seat because you can get hold of a very cool and clever, washable toilet seat sock in your chosen theme. The toilet sock (not pictured) just slips right over the seat of the toilet lid and instantly gives the toilet that pirate makeover. The one I saw which is called Pirates of the Bathroom Seat Sock glows in the dark. So when you first get it, leave the light on for a few hours in the room to activate the special glow in the dark material.

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