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Thanksgiving and Fall Season Figurines

Enjoy adding in a warm, seasonal touch to your home with Thanksgiving and Fall season figurines for decorative display. These make beautiful keepsake Thanksgiving and Halloween gifts too.

Fall is a favorite time of year and one that you can delight in further by adding some beautiful and decorative figurines to your home decor.

Invite the season into your home with some charming collectibles that encapsulate everything you love about this time of year. Choose one as a timeless and beautiful keepsake gift for a friend or for someone who will really appreciate looking at it.

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Thanksgiving and Fall Season Figurines: Charming Tails Fall Leaves Figurine with Acorns

Charming Tails Mouse Figurine Maple Leaves Leaf Fall Candy Corn Harvest

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Small really is beautiful with this cute looking Fall season mouse. The Charming Tails series of figurines are totally adorable in my opinion. They are great for people who are fans of mice and they always feature some tiny ladybugs to look out for in the design too.

I love the look of this piece with the tumbling Fall leaves, the acorns at the bottom and top and the mouse stretching to catch the little ladybug which you can see when you look at the image very carefully.

Charming Tails is such a cute range of collectible figurines featuring mice as the main theme. They are hard to resist, I know, and make delightful looking little keepsake gifts. This approx 4 inch tall, miniature figurine is called What You Desire is Within Your Reach.

Harvest Charming Tails Figurine Mice Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Autumn FallCharming Tails Thanks All the Way Around Mouse on Pumpkin Thanksgiving Figurine PilgrimThere's Something Very Special In You Charming Tails Figurine Apple Fall SeasonCharming Tails Figurine Pumpkins Fall Season Harvest Thanksgiving Heart Love

The design features the mouse stretching up to reach the pair of acorns hanging from the top of the circular tree bough. The bough is decorated with some rustic orange color Fall leaves on both sides of the piece and you can see the mouse's tail wrapped around it just at the front.

If you don't look closely enough, you might miss the small little ladybug positioned near the acorns. What is wonderful with this display piece is that it can be viewed from all angles because it is finished off nicely at the back of the design too.

Charming Tails Pumpkin Figurine

ENESCO Charming Tails Halloween Your Friendship is Ripe Figurine 3-Inch

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This cute looking pumpkin design features the mouse sat on top, holding the yellow flower of this pumpkin fruit. It is called: Your Friendship is Ripe. This could make a great choice to gift to a friend for this time of year.

A popular motif for these figurines is one which evokes memories of child-like fun, running through the multicolored carpet of fallen leaves and enjoying the rustling sound underfoot.

Fall leaves, cooler days with a refreshing autumn breeze and cozy nights in. Indulge your favorite memories of this season with a collectible piece that will take you there every time you look at it.

Heartwood Creek Autumn Angel Figurine

Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Autumn Angel Figurine 7.25-Inch

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This delightful looking harvest angel figurine is designed by the artist, Jim Shore. It is full of familiar and comforting Fall season motifs including the pumpkins, red apples and the corn. The pumpkins make this also ideal for Halloween too.

Another similar angel design stands at just over 7 inches tall and is carrying her traditional wicker basket of freshly picked red apples from the harvest. The bottom of her dress is decorated with a maple leaf design in rustic oranges and muted mustard yellows.

While the front panel of another angel's dress displays pumpkins, apples and a beautifully designed crow. The figurine revels in the bounty of the Harvest season with a nod to elements of the Halloween occasion.

Celebrate the Magic of the Season with a Fairy Figurine

Fall season fairy figurine leaves red dragon hatchling

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Autumn is a magical time and what better way to celebrate that than with a fantasy fairy figure. This is a detailed looking figurine which features a woodland fairy sitting on some mushrooms.

There is another design I have seen with a fairy standing at a stone fountain. The corset of the fairy's dress and her wings are in autumnal shades of sunset orange.

She looks like she is communicating with the butterfly perched on her hand. The stone walls of the fountain are decorated with butterflies, rose flowers and mushrooms all in carefully co-ordinating colors and shades.

Boyds Resin Fall Season Autumn Bear Ashton McLeaf FigurineAmy Brown Autumn Fall Pumpkin Spice Tea Cup Fairy Collector FigurineKid Pilgrims Boy and Girl Fall Harvest Thanksgiving Figurines Set of 2Cherished Teddies Thankful For Life's Blessing Thanksgiving Figurine 4034590 Pumpkin Teddy Bear Pilgrim Fall Season

I suspect this fountain is a lucky one since the fairy deems it to be good enough for her visit. You could turn a fantasy themed display piece like this into a lucky motif by using it as a wishing figurine. What will you wish for as you glance at the fairy? She looks just like the type of creature who would love to make dreams come true.

There is also a Cherished Teddies autumn range of figurines to look out for. One that I think looks adorable from every angle is a Cherished Teddies angel bear design ideal for the Fall season. This is a really cute looking design and one that would make an ideal gift for your Mom, wife, sister or close friend.

The teddy figure has been gathering items from the harvest with a basket full of produce, she's also holding a pumpkin too.

Around her head is a fall themed wreath and both her angel wings and dress feature a country style patchwork design. I love her apron that she is wearing too. Anyone who collects teddies should delight in one of these charming display pieces.

The warm and inviting patchwork colors of the autumnal and Thanksgiving season are something really worth celebrating with the rustic reds, sunset oranges, mustard yellows and mellow shades of brown.

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