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Unicorn Costumes for Adults this Halloween

There a number of outfit choices for this fantasy creature with unicorn costumes for adults to enjoy. There are some fun all in one designs that you can wear and cute dresses too. If you want to choose your own outfit, opt for an ultra realistic looking costume mask.

Who doesn't love unicorns? This wonderful fantasy creature is just like a magical breed of horse. It looks like a horse but comes with a sharp, pointed horn in the middle of its forehead.

A unicorn is not to be confused with the other magical breed which is the flying Pegasus which has wings. The unicorn does not actually have any wings but, of course, you can add them if you wish to add your own variety of magic to the mix. Whichever you choose, this is one seriously cool theme for Halloween.

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Seriously Cool Unicorn Costumes for Adults to Wear This Halloween

Kigurumi Adult Costume blue unicorn onesie for adults

Get this Blue Unicorn Costume for Adults: Other Colors Available

UK Readers get a Kigurumi Unicorn Onesie from Amazon.co.uk

Slip into a lovely looking fleecy Kigurumi onesie which is an all in one costume to dress up just like a fantasy style unicorn.

This does look lovely and snug and warm and should be great for a PJ or pajama party as well as for Halloween. You may also want to wear it just because you really love this fantasy style and rather magical breed of horse.

MAGICAL UNICORN ADULT COSTUME women womens hooded jumpsuitWOMENS UNICORN RAINBOW FANTASY COSTUME women includes Dress boot covers tail

This is a chance to dress as a fantastic fantasy horse with this soft and luxury look fleece design. This is from the more deluxe Kigurumi range and they are specifically made to be loose, baggy and really comfortable for you to wear.

Leg Avenue Rainbow Unicorn Headband Costume Accessory, Multicolor, One SizeLeg Avenue Women's Magic Stars Unicorn Kigurumi Costume, Multi, Medium/LargeSunrise Unisex Unicorn Onesie Costume Kigurumi Pajamas (Medium, Pink)Leg Avenue 2 Piece Unicorn Costume Accessory Kit Wig with Horn and Ears, Multicolor, One Size

This looks to be rather roomy and comfortable to wear unicorn costume for adults and there are also kid sizes too. It is available in three different color schemes with pink, purple and blue as a choice to pick from. It features a wonderful looking plush horned hood with a very soft, furry mane and a bushy tail to it as well.

You could use these as fancy dress or snuggle up at home in a really novel and winter warm sleepwear styling. This style buttons up right down the front of the onesie and it has no feet attached to it. This means that you may want to team this up with some cool plush unicorn slippers as well.

There's a great pair of slippers from Think Geek, to finish the whole look off completely. Forget boring designs and look completely magical this year. There are many other styles of this all in one outfit that you can get hold of as well which you'll be able to see.

Rainbow Magical Unicorn Onesie for Women

Buy this Rainbow Unicorn Onesie from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Unicorn Costume for Women from Amazon.co.uk

If you're after something much more colorful and cute, what might look better than this bright, rainbow color design.

This is a sweet looking 3 piece set which comes with a short dress with a furry tail attached to the back, a pair of furry arm warmers and a matching horn headpiece for you to wear.

NOTE that you can buy some furry leg warmers that look great with a lot of rainbow unicorn costumes. You can buy the leg warmers separately here to match up with a rainbow unicorn costume set.

I love how feminine this dress outfit looks with all the rainbow and candy colors. It seems to be pretty cute without being over the top and it also appears to be really eye-catching too.

These bright rainbow colors should really stand out at a party or rave even. How adorable should this look be for Halloween and especially if you can also add on some of the very sweet and funky furry leg warmers to wear along with it as well. Maybe you could even add on a long colored hair wig too.

Novelty Unicorn Head Latex Mask Unicorn Hooves Gloves

Get this Unicorn Mask and Hooves Costume Accessory Set from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Unicorn Mask from Amazon.co.uk

For more of a realistic look, there are some fantastic masks that you can wear. I love the look of this white one since white is a color that is often associated with this fantasy animal. This actually comes with a pair of hooves to be worn like gloves too. They also match up with the mask and look pretty realistic to me.

You can wear these costume accessories with any outfit of your choosing. You might want to dress all in white with top and pants or add some color by going for something bright to funk it up with.

Note that these accessories are made from latex so they will not be suitable to anyone who has a latex allergy. You will probably need someone to assist you as well since these types of masks are more difficult to see through because they are going more for realism. But what fun to really look the part.

White Light-Up Unicorn Slippers for Women Twinkle Tootsies Color Changing LED Lights and Vibrant Rainbow Mane For Grownup Ladies with Magic in Their Hearts and Sparkle on Their SolesNovelty Halloween Costume Party Latex Animal Head Mask, Unicorn WhiteAnimal Unicorn Head Mask For Halloween Costume Cosplay Party Deluxe Novelty Gift BlackSock it to Me Women's Rainbow Blast Knee High Socks, women's shoe size 5-10

There is a Starline 4 piece dress set unicorn costume for women which is a real favorite of mine since I adore this styling. This female unicorn costume design is in a gorgeous white and rather icy color design which should look like quite a show stopper in the cooler, winter months.

This dress set includes the faux fur trim dress, furry leg warmers, arm accessories and horned hood. So really everything you need to make a real impact when going to a party. It's kind of an Eskimo meets unicorn design. This one was made for those winter dreamers.

Great for guys as well as women is an evil unicorn mask which does look like a realistic mask with red eyes. It is quite menacing in the design and contrary to how most people view this magical creature.

Again it is made from latex so not to be worn if you have an allergy to this. But how cool is it! Wear it with some more dark side looking clothes for one cool costume.

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