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The Hobbit Costume Jewelry

You'll discover some great Lord of the Rings and Hobbit costume jewelry items here along with some facts about each one. Jewelry items based on the movies and books by J.R.R Tolkien are great to wear with a costume for Halloween or cosplay and even to give as a gift to fans. Something that most people will recognize is the One Ring. This ring is the one, key item that spans the entire story from... Read more →

The Princess Bride Vizzini Quotes Inconceivable

This page features my favorite selection of Vizzini quotes with some fabulous quips and lines from the man with the Sicilian brains in The Princess Bride movie. All quotations are taken from the movie version and not the book as written by William Goldman. The criminal mastermind known as Vizzini has a dizzying intellect of such high proportions. He really does believe that those famed Greek philosophers otherwise known as Plato, Aristotle and Socrates, are... Read more →

Knights and Kings of Narnia Peter Costume and Edmund

Most young boys and even men can enjoy recreating the look of Peter and Edmund Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia books and movies. Although Peter and Edmund are Kings of Narnia, their most recognizable look is with their knight and battle armor. You may struggle to get official and licensed costumes anymore but, luckily, the outfits you need are quite easy to replicate. The Pevensie brothers wore a traditional style of knight's costume in... Read more →

Snow Princess Halloween Costumes for Kids

What a wonderful winter themed outfit a snow princess Halloween costume makes and not just for this Fall time but also for parties and winter occasions like Christmas too. Girls look so gorgeous dress in this winter wonderland snow queen theme in shimmering white and icy blue dresses and accessories. This is the perfect look for little girls who want to sparkle and shine for Halloween and other dressing up occasions. I believe this is... Read more →

The White Witch of Narnia Costume Guide

The White Witch of Narnia costume is a fantastic look to choose and especially for a winter themed party since most of the styling for this character relates to this ice cold season. Jadis is the White Witch Villain from the The Chronicles of Narnia books and movies. Although most people associate her very heavily with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, we first learn about this character in The Magician's Nephew written by... Read more →

Princess Bride Buttercup Costume Red Dress

One of my favorite costumes from The Princess Bride movie is Buttercups red dress, otherwise known as her red riding dress. The Princess Bride Buttercup costume red dress is the most recognizable one for this character. Robin Wright is the actress who plays Buttercup and this is the striking costume that she wears throughout most of the movie. She wears it during her kidnap scene with Vizzini and through her rescue by Westley. This is... Read more →

Creepy and Dark Alice in Wonderland Costume

You've probably seen a lot of Alice costumes for Halloween, I'm sure we all have. But have you ever seen a dark Alice in Wonderland costume for this occasion. This give a whole new look to a traditional style. An evil, horror, dead or even a zombie Alice is quite the scary look to rock. She looks like such a sweet girl in all the movie versions so, turning this idea on its head is... Read more →