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One of my favorite costumes from The Princess Bride movie is Buttercups red dress, otherwise known as her red riding dress. The Princess Bride Buttercup costume red dress is the most recognizable one for this character.

Robin Wright is the actress who plays Buttercup and this is the striking costume that she wears throughout most of the movie. She wears it during her kidnap scene with Vizzini and through her rescue by Westley.

This is a particularly good choice of outfit to wear and pair up with that of the Dread Pirate Roberts, for which I also have a costume guide listed near the end of this page.

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1: Princess Bride Buttercup Red Dress Costume

Princess Buttercup Red Made To Order Riding Dress Renaissance Linen buttercup costume princess bride

Get this Made to Order Princess Bride Buttercup Dress from TheModestMaiden on Etsy

Although you can now finally buy some officially licensed outfits and costumes (shown below) for Princess Buttercup, this is a truly fabulous looking made to order design which you can buy.

It looks about as authentic as you can get for Buttercup from The Princess Bride. The dress is made up to your exact measurements so it should fit you perfectly.


The officially licensed red riding dress is available to buy as a ready made costume from You can also get custom and handmade versions from places online such as Etsy.

It is also pretty easy to put this whole look together yourself. You'll find plenty of ideas and options here on this page so you can dress like your favorite character Buttercup for Halloween or for cosplay.

⭐ More Ready to Buy Red Dress Options for Princess Buttercup

Forum Novelties Women's Ruby Sorceress Costume

Buy this Red Dress Costume from

UK Readers get a Red Medieval Dress from

This dress is one of my favorite choices because it is a ready to buy option which gives the right overall look. This one looks like a medieval or fantasy style of dress for a costume that appears similar to Buttercup's red riding outfit and one that certainly looks flattering to wear too.

I also like the idea of wearing a red shirt or blouse which you can then add some red pants or a red skirt to for a more modern take on this outfit. There are loads of billowing red gypsy style dresses on Amazon which would work well for this whole look too.

PLUS SIZE BUTTERCUP PEASANT DRESS COSTUME red design women Halloween The Princess BrideBuenos Ninos Women's Long Sleeve Crew Neck Loose Chiffon Long Maxi Dress with Belt Red MLotustraders Ruffled Dress Peasant Smocked Red 3X A1290206 DR Agan Traders Medieval Bell Sleeve Dress Burgundy Small

Buttercup's Red Riding Dress is a long length dress with a solid bright red color. The gown has very long, billowing sleeves to it. The waist is nipped in and given some definition with a belt that has gold color detailing to it.

Robin Wright as Princess Buttercup: See her Outfit in this Video

Any solid red medieval or peasant style of dress are pretty close looks for what you need. A red graduation gown is quite a close match although not nearly as attractive looking!

☠️ You don't need the exact styling for Princess Buttercup and especially not for a Halloween costume or party outfit. The main look to get is that she wears a long red dress teamed up with a gold belt. You can also swap out the gold belt for some wide yellow ribbon instead.

The other main look to get right is her long blonde hair. If you're teaming up with other characters from The Princess Bride then anyone who's seen the movie will know who you are.

See All Buttercup Red Dress Costumes for Sale on Etsy

There are a number of gorgeous looking red dresses and long gowns that would work for this character. How about choosing a medieval style of dress for a design that is very similar to Buttercup's outfit and also flattering to wear as well.

⭐ Buttercup Princess Bride Costume for a Girl



This officially licensed outfit is available from They have a child size as well as the matching adult female and a plus size version too.

LadyHerndon on Etsy used to have a girl's Buttercup costume available.

I love her adorable costumes which are just perfect for any little girl wishing to dress as the beautiful Buttercup. The red dress comes with a zipper in the back and the gold detail belt which finishes it off just perfectly.

To purchase from Etsy would be a custom order and this seller also has many other Princess Bride costumes available for kids to wear. For any little girl wanting to dress as her heroine Buttercup, this very pretty red princess dress will make a fantastic choice.

2: Princess Buttercup Hairstyle

The Princess Bride Buttercup Wig Hair is honey-blonde w/ platinum highlights, styled in long waves Beaded cap is faux pearl and gold-tone plastic beads strung on metallic gold cord

Princess Buttercup has long, blonde hair. It is not bright blonde but a dark blonde, brown color with highlights of blonde in it. She has no bangs to her hair and it is worn parted down the middle. For the red riding gown scenes in the movie, Buttercup has some very loose and perhaps crimped waves in her long hair.

Her hair is styled with the side strands being pulled back from her face and tied at the back with a hair knot. If you have long blonde hair or even a lighter brown, you could easily style your hair yourself to match. Otherwise you can opt for a wig to wear.

3: Buttercup's Gold Belt

Princess Bride Buttercup Costume Red Dress

Team up with a Westley, Dread Pirate Roberts character from The Princess Bride to complete your whole costume look.

Image Credit: Shared by Ben Loomis on Flickr with a CC License

Although you can get away without one, it's a good idea to also wear a belt over the waist of your red dress or costume to finish off the look.

A gold color works great and stands out well against the red outfit. Princess Buttercup wears a belt over her red riding gown.

⭐ Looking for a cute couple costume idea? Dress up as Princess Buttercup and Westley using my complete guide see how it is done.

This looks like it is a red and gold patterned fabric belt which is embroidered. In some stills from the movie, the belt looks more gold colored. For a close enough look for this costume, I would search for a gold tassel or corded belt that you can easily tie around your waist and allow to dangle down as her belt does.

4: She Wears Long Red Boots with her Dress

Miz Mooz Women's Billie Boot

Get these Red Leather Boots at

UK Readers get some Red Knee High Boots from

To complete The Princess Bride costume for Buttercup, you'll need some flat red shoes or boots to finish off the look perfectly. It is difficult to tell exactly how high the boots are that she wears in the movie because you rarely see them under the long dress.

However, they are long boots and I suspect they are knee length ones. You could get away with just wearing shoes and you can even spray paint some cheap thrift store shoes to match in order to keep the costs down for this Halloween or cosplay outfit.

5: Making Your Own Red Dress for Buttercup

Westley and Buttercup The Princess Bride Halloween Cosplay Costumes Red Dress and The Man in Black

Image Credit: Shared by laura ammons on Flickr with a CC License

The bright red riding habit or gown is what Buttercup is best known for in The Princess Bride movie. It's the outfit most closely associated with this character and the one which most people would recognize.

She wears it through most of the scenes, and also the best scenes, where she gets kidnapped by Vizzini. She is then rescued in it by her hero and her one true love, otherwise known as the Dread Pirate Roberts, The Man in Black or the Farm Boy Westley.

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