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Best Princess Bride Inigo Montoya Quotes

This selection of Inigo Montoya quotes are taken from The Princess Bride movie and include the famed Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya line that the actor Mandy Patinkin repeats again and again. He states it each time through the movie with such passion and conviction that you somehow never get tired of hearing it. You'll discover all of Inigo's most popular sayings right on this handy page. Very often, people mistake this amazing sword... Read more →

The Princess Bride Dread Pirate Roberts Quotes

The Princess Bride movie is just packed to the hilt with tons of witty quotations and quips. Westley, not Wesley, comes out with some truly fantastic Dread Pirate Roberts quotes and sayings which are beautifully sarcastic. Played to absolute perfection by the British actor Cary Elwes, Westley starts out his life as a simple farm boy. He goes on a quest to gather enough fortune to marry his true love, Buttercup. On his journey he... Read more →

Fall Season and Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Decorate your Turkey Day table with some traditional themed and beautifully crafted Thanksgiving napkin rings and holders. These can accessorize your tableware and add a real hint of opulence and luxury to your whole dining experience, for you and your guests. All the best dressed tables use proper holders as tasteful and beautiful decor for special occasions. They really enhance the whole look of the dressed table setting while not taking up any extra room... Read more →

How to Make a Happy Halloween Banner Decoration

See step by step how to make a Happy Halloween banner vintage style decoration to hang up in your home this Fall season. Making your own banners is easy and you can have a lot of fun making up this Gothic antique style wall decoration. The 14 free printable images to make this banner include creepy black birds, owls, skulls, skeleton keys and other illustrations. You can use these to quickly make a very striking... Read more →

Turkey Figurines for Thanksgiving and Fall

Turkey figurines for Thanksgiving and Fall are the ideal breed of bird to display in your home for this season. They figurines are also collectible items for fans of poultry and fowl birds. There are some beautiful figurines based on this feathered friend, both realistic looking items and also more arty or stylized ones created by artists such as Jim Shore. These decorations can be used as traditional look centerpieces for a family dinner such... Read more →

Beautiful Harvest Season and Thanksgiving Figurines

Decorate your home up with some beautifully themed Harvest season and Thanksgiving figurines. These home accessories can also make wonderful displays and centerpieces for your table on Turkey Day. There are some beautiful and traditional designs of figurines here which are just perfect for display and also for keepsakes to be gifted to special friends and family members. Add an air of happiness and gratitude in to your home decor with figurines and collectibles that... Read more →

Chronicles of Narnia Song Facts and Favorites

In this Chronicles of Narnia songs facts page, you'll discover the best picks from the soundtracks plus reviews on the Chronicles movie scores. The movie music includes The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, Prince Caspian and The Voyage of The Dawn Treader. You'll also discover what the missing Narnia songs are on the soundtrack albums. As a bonus, you can listen to one of these right from this page. Immerse yourself in the ethereal... Read more →