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Turkey Figurines for Thanksgiving and Fall

Beautiful Harvest Season and Thanksgiving Figurines

Decorate your home up with some beautifully themed Harvest season and Thanksgiving figurines. These home accessories can also make wonderful displays and centerpieces for your table on Turkey Day.

There are some beautiful and traditional designs of figurines here which are just perfect for display and also for keepsakes to be gifted to special friends and family members.

Add an air of happiness and gratitude in to your home decor with figurines and collectibles that will make a warm and inviting atmosphere. Your friends and family can admire them when they come to wish you a happy Fall season for Thanksgiving.

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Harvest Season and Thanksgiving Figurines: A Hand-Painted Pumpkin Centerpiece Decorative Design by Jim Shore

Jim Shore Harvest Lighted PUMPKIN DIORAMA 4015887

Get this Jim Shore Harvest Lighted Pumpkin Figurine on

This pumpkin figurine is a two-sided design to put on display. Entirely appropriate for this celebration is this beautiful looking pumpkin figurine by the artist Jim Shore.

It is approx 7 inches in height and could make a good choice of small centerpiece for a display or dinner table at Thanksgiving. It has two sides to it.

One side looks like an ordinary yet decorative orange color pumpkin. The other side has a cut away section that reveals a traditional style pilgrim couple.

Enesco 4023638 Cherished Teddies Collection Scarecrow Pumpkin Figurine Harvest Season Fall ThanksgivingJim Shore for Enesco Heartwood Creek Pint Sized Turkey Bird Figurine with Pumpkin, 5-Inch, Fall Season ThanksgivingEnesco Halloween Charming Tails Pumpkin Eye to Eye Figurine, 3-Inch, Mice Heart Pumpkin Love Fall Season AutumnCherished Teddies Thankful For Life's Blessing Thanksgiving Figurine 4034590 Teddy Bear Couple Pilgrim

The couple are celebrating the harvest bounty that they have been lucky to receive. The interior is very detailed and it also features some lights to highlight the scene. As a table centerpiece, guests would be able to see all around this lovely looking design.

Jim Shore Harvest Lighted PUMPKIN DIORAMA 4015887

The other side of the Thanksgiving pumpkin figurine by Jim Shore.

More Jim Shore Pumpkin Figurines on

There is another lovely pumpkin design also by Jim Shore but it is harder to get hold of now. If you are lucky to spot one on an auction site it has text around the middle.

The text reads: Heavenly Father, on Thanksgiving Day, We bow our hearts to you and pray. Like most of his designs, the pumpkin contains beautiful motifs decorated all around with country style scenes.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Figurine: a Horn of Plenty

Jim Shore Harvest Cornucopia Figurine

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Be thankful for the fruits of the harvest this Thanksgiving. This is a lovely looking cornucopia design figurine. Similar designs feature woodland animals, Fall leaves, acorns and harvest items for this season with apples, pumpkin and corn.

I love the fact that he has included animals on some of the Fall designs. There are also some miniature yet colorful and bright Jim Shore cornucopia figurines.

The horn of plenty is a widely associated symbol for this occasion and time of year. The cornucopia is a symbol of the abundance of the harvest and a reminder of why we should be thankful during our celebrations.

We are lucky indeed to enjoy food which is readily available and in plentiful supply too. I love that these designs are lavishly detailed and colored with shades of the season.

Pilgrim Thanksgiving Figurines Giving Thanks

Precious Moments I Give Thanks Every Day For You Pilgrim Thanksgiving Couple Limited Edition Bisque Porcelain Figurine 179014

See this Precious Moments Thanksgiving Design

This is an adorable pilgrim couple design by Precious Moments. The scene features a pilgrim boy and girl sitting on top of a Fall pumpkin. The girl is holding a turkey bird while woodland animals are at the base. The pumpkin reads: Happy Thanksgiving.

There is another pilgrim themed design which is truly traditional. It features a table with We are Truly Blessed written on it and it is surrounded by both Native American and Pilgrim children enjoying goods from the harvest season.

There is so much to look at in some of these pilgrim themed statues including pumpkins peeping out underneath the table cloth, the sunflowers and the little girl praying.

Jim Shore Harvest Angel Thanksgiving Day Figurine

Get this Harvest Angel Figurine by Jim Shore at

This beautiful looking Harvest angel figure is surely a good reminder to be grateful and give thanks no matter what season of the year it is. Although ideal for the Fall time season, you could have this on display around the year.

It could be a good display piece for the Thanksgiving table as well as making a wonderful gift to pass on to a friend or family member.

Another design is the now hard to find Angel of Plenty which comes with an added surprise of a hidden scene that shows off even more detail inside. The level of detail and thought for design is typical of a Jim Shore figurine.

This angel design features many symbols associated with the Fall and harvest time to enjoy. In her hands, the angel is holding a cornucopia or horn of plenty which is overflowing with fruits of season.

The front panel of her autumnal colored patchwork style dress opens to reveal an additional scene of corn, apple gathering, pumpkins and a barn. When the dress is closed up, you can see a scene of sunflowers, pumpkins and apples. These are all motifs strongly associated with this season.

Cherished Teddy and Pumpkin Cart Figurine

Enesco 4023639 Cherished Teddies Collection Pulling Pumpkin Car Figurine

Buy this Cherished Teddies Pumpkin Car Figurine by Enesco at

This is an adorable looking teddy bear figurine which is part of the much-loved Cherished Teddies range. It features a sweet little bear figure dressed in a pilgrim style dress and bonnet, to which a Fall leaf has blown onto the side.

The teddy is pulling along a huge pumpkin on a simple wooden cart and the pumpkin is adorned with flowers, a wreath, a big red bow and a little bird on top of the stalk too. The entire piece is sweet to look at and should look charming on display for Thanksgiving.

This highly decorative turkey bird figurine by Jim Shore makes a wonderful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving meal or display. This 10.5 inch tall figurine features a turkey surrounded by fruits of the Fall harvest with apples, pumpkins, pears, grapes, corn and more. The stand says Give Thanks on the front and is decorated with autumnal leaves and acorns.

You have seen a charming hand-picked selection of my favorite figurines for the season of gratitude and goodwill that you can view right from this page. If you are visiting someone else for this happy celebration, why not consider one of these figurines as a thoughtful gift.

Best to choose a gift that will make for a lasting impression as it is brought out to delight in every year. These are decorations that are beautiful to put on display year after year.

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