Beautiful Harvest Season and Thanksgiving Figurines
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Turkey Figurines for Thanksgiving and Fall

Turkey figurines for Thanksgiving and Fall are the ideal breed of bird to display in your home for this season. They figurines are also collectible items for fans of poultry and fowl birds.

There are some beautiful figurines based on this feathered friend, both realistic looking items and also more arty or stylized ones created by artists such as Jim Shore.

These decorations can be used as traditional look centerpieces for a family dinner such as Turkey Day. They can adorn a room with appropriate imagery for the Harvest season. These also make wonderful gift choices if you are celebrating this occasion with friends and family.

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Turkey Figurines for Thanksgiving and Fall: Decorative Patchwork Style Jim Shore Thanksgiving Turkey Figurine

Jim Shore for Enesco Heartwood Creek Pint Sized Turkey Figurine, 5-Inch

UK Readers get a Jim Shore Turkey from

This is a beautiful looking Jim Shore turkey bird design. I believe it would make a great gift choice for Thanksgiving and around the harvest Fall season especially. The bird is posed on top of an orange pumpkin with a couple of red seasonal apples at the base.

There is another hand-painted 7 inch tall turkey bird that stands on a base decorated with fruits of the harvest season. The bird is flaunting some intricate detailing on his tail feathers with a small pilgrim and Native American Indian scene. That makes this bird ideal for your Thanksgiving display or as a gift for this celebration.

Thanksgiving Fall Harvest Turkey Figurine Centerpiece SculptureJim Shore for Enesco Heartwood Creek Pint Sized Turkey Figurine, 5 Inches Pumpkin Fall Season ThanksgivingCharming Tails Mouse Maple Leaf Turkey Thanksgiving Figurine Fall SeasonHandcrafted Turkey Figurine Thanksgiving Polymer Clay Fall Decor

Jim's pieces are always decorative rather than realistic and he likes to include many symbols and motifs in his work too which means there is always a high level of detail to hold your interest in one of his standing ornaments.

As one fan said to me: you can't go wrong with a Jim Shore figurine. I think this is true because the designs that he creates are really imaginative, detailed, colorful, fun and beautiful keepsakes. That is why these figurines have such a great reputation and such a big fan base.

A Realistic Looking Turkey Sculpture

Design Toscano North American Turkey Statue

UK Readers get a Turkey Figurine from

If you are more interested in a realistic looking bird rather than an arty one, here is one that looks to be a beautiful and detailed resin and crushed stone sculpture. A lot of work must have gone into this design which shows the bird proudly fanning out its tail feathers.

This is a larger, approx 12 inch tall decoration. It could be ideal to use as a display or table centerpiece due to the size of the realistic looking design. This is a colorful yet traditional bird in vivid Fall colors rather than muted shades. It makes for a more realistic looking and traditional bird which is displayed in the midst of a harvest crop bounty.

Roosting Turkey On Autumn Harvest 11 x 12 inch Thanksgiving SculptureFall Jeweled Shelf Table Top Sitter Thanksgiving Autumn Home Accent Decoration (Turkeys) by KNL Store

I think this should make an impressive display or focal point for a table in your home this Fall season. The bird is standing over a gourd pumpkin which are viewed as ideal Harvest produce. A statue like this could make an impressive display for any guests that you are welcoming to your home.

I can imagine this bird taking center stage of a display or making a great centerpiece for a Fall season or Thanksgiving table. This turkey has the advantage that it can be displayed all year round because it is not just associated with the Holiday occasion.

Miniature Pint Sized Turkey by Jim Shore

This is my personal favorite turkey bird figurine for Thanksgiving. It is a pint sized design and approx 5 inches tall. This is a nice little size for putting on display on a shelf or cabinet and ideal for a collector to enjoy.

Jim Shore has a larger Give Thanks turkey figurine which is harder to get hold of now. It is a bold, beautiful, colorful and lavishly decorated centerpiece with symbols of the celebratory occasion. On the base of this one are some Fall colored leaves and acorn motifs as well as the appropriate wording: Give Thanks.

Give Thanks Pumpkin with Turkey 11 Inch Statue DecorationThanksgiving Pilgrim Boy Odin Feeding Turkey Figure

Harvest produce such as pumpkins, grapes, pears, apples and corn arranged around the turkey which proudly sits in the middle. I think you would be excited to display this at Thanksgiving because it looks so good.

⭐ Decorative and detailed turkey bird figurines are a great way to celebrate Turkey Day, Thanksgiving and the Fall season. The warm colors and rustic designs can make for some wonderful decor. Some people like to use these collectible pieces as a unique piece for the middle of the Thanksgiving feast table and other people enjoy keeping them for a themed display to enjoy in the comfort of their home.

Wild turkey birds have dark color feathers so that they can easily blend in with their natural habitat. They prefer to live in the woodland areas of North America. Just like peacocks, the male bird of the species use their tail feathers in order to attract females to them.

The selection of collectibles shown here include items that can be used for display pieces and also as beautiful gifts too. Buy a turkey that can last forever for this season of thanks and goodwill. Have fun finding the right piece for your home or as a gift.

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