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Ghost of Marley Costume Dickensian Fancy Dress

One excellent choice of Halloween outfit or fancy dress is to transform yourself with a Ghost of Marley costume. Jacob Marley is the dead business partner of Ebenezer Scrooge in the Charles Dicken's book, A Christmas Carol. In the classic story by Dickens, Marley is a cold-hearted and mean money lender who comes back to haunt Scrooge seven years after death. He appears as a ghost on Christmas Eve to plead with Scrooge to change... Read more →

A Christmas Carol Ebenezer Scrooge Costume Guide

Scrooge is so famous that his surname has actually become a word that stands for a mean-spirited and miserly person. On this detailed Ebenezer Scrooge costume and fancy dress page, you'll get plenty of ideas on how to dress up as this rather unique character. Scrooge is one of the most iconic characters who was brought to life by the author, Charles Dickens. He has been played by many actors over the years from way... Read more →

Miss Havisham Costume: The Dickensian Ghost Bride

Miss Havisham is the poor, jilted bride from the novel Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens. With a Miss Havisham costume, you want to emulate the sheer misery of a woman who had love cruelly ripped away from her on her wedding day. The actress who played this character to perfection in the wonderful BBC series Dickensian was Tuppence Middleton. In this series she was given the first name, Amelia. Poor Amelia becomes a reclusive... Read more →

1980s Movie Costumes for Adults

Love the 1980's? So do I. Here's lots of ideas and inspiration for 30 1980s movie costumes and outfits for adults to wear at eighties fancy dress parties and events like Halloween. Movie characters are great fun to dress up as because most people watch films or at least see them talked about on the news and in the media. You can remind people of some fab retro shows that they can enjoy going back... Read more →

Brideshead Revisited Costume: Lord Sebastian Flyte

Putting together a fancy dress costume for the highly flamboyant Sebastian is lots of fun. In this guide I show you how to get the look for a Lord Sebastian Flyte Brideshead Revisited costume for Halloween or any dress up occasion. Anyone who has read the book of Brideshead Revisited or seen the televised adaptations on the big screen will recognize your Halloween or cosplay outfit. They will appreciate the nod to this outstanding novel... Read more →

1980s Video Game Costume Ideas

The 1980s was a very exciting time to be growing up. Mainly this excitement was because it was the dawn of some super popular video games and also affordable home computers. It makes a great theme for 1980s video game costumes. This page uses popular 1980s video games as the basis for some really cool looking Halloween and party costumes and fancy dress ideas. If you're a gamer, what could be better than dressing in... Read more →

1980s TV Characters Fancy Dress Costumes

Stuck for some really cool ideas on what you can wear for an eighties party or for Halloween? Here's my top ten favorite 1980s TV characters fancy dress costume ideas to get you started. There are loads of great television shows from this decade that you can glean inspiration from. Having recently been to a birthday celebration with this costume theme, I've already seen some fantastic outfits first hand. As a bit of a geek,... Read more →