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How adorable to dress a little baby girl as a cute Disney fairy with an infant and baby girl Tinkerbell costume. Your own little fairy should look pretty as a picture in a sweet outfit for dressing up fun.

Tinkerbell is the Disney fairy that so many girls love. She started out as a character in Peter Pan but she then grew so popular that she ended up getting her very own movies made about her. My little girl, like many others, just adores her.

A costume like this can look as pretty as a picture for a Halloween outfit. Alternatively, it can be used for children's parties and dressing up occasions because it looks so cute. The pretty and floating layers of spring green and pale pink are adorable colors for baby girls to wear.

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Pretty Disney Fairy Infant and Baby Girl Tinkerbell Costumes

You can get an officially licensed outfit that comes with a pretty spring green fairy dress adorned with some sweet pink flowers on the waistband and some detachable metallic color wings shown below.

Any baby girl is going to look adorable dressed up in a super sweet little baby Tinkerbell costume.

A pretty fairy look is ideal for many costume events like Halloween and also birthday parties and other occasions too. It would also make a gorgeous look for some photo shoots of your little one. For younger infants, I've provided other fairy dress up ideas that you can use.

Disguise Baby Girls Tinker Bell Deluxe Infant Costume

Get this Baby Girl Tinkerbell Costume with Detachable Wings from

UK Readers get a Baby Tinkerbell Outfit from

This pretty looking little Tinkerbell dress comes in a choice of 2 different sizes for infants. There is 6-12 months and 12-18 months to choose from.

Choosing sizes for a baby can be difficult I know. When my daughter was small, I made sure to read through reviews carefully before buying her outfits online. Amazon now handily have a fit section which tells you whether previous buyers found the item was too small, too large or fit as expected.

BOBORA Fairy Girl Butterfly Wing Wand Headband Tutu Skirt Halloween Costume Set in Green Like Tinkerbell FairyTinkerbell Costume for Toddler Tinkerbelle Birthday Party and Dress Up HalloweenDisguise Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Classic Girls Costume Tinkerbell FairyDisney Fairies Pixie Dress Tink Tinkerbell Green

The dress is in a pretty spring green color and has a netting overlay over the skirt area. At the back of the outfit are some metallic wings which come on and off thanks to the velcro fastening.

For cooler weather, you could add some leggings or a bodysuit underneath. Some comments have mentioned that it is a good idea to get some bloomers to hide the diaper underneath.

Tinkerbell Costume for Toddler Tinkerbelle Birthday Party and Dress Up

View this Toddler Girl Tinkerbell Costume Set at

UK Readers get a Tinkerbell Outfit from

This is a 4 piece costume set. It includes a green tutu style skirt, some green wings, a silver color star wand and a little headband. You will need to add a top like a little vest top to complete the outfit.

You can get this set in a small size for girls age 1-2 and a medium size for ages 2.5-5. These sizes need to be used as a guideline only. I would read the reviews and check how other people think this set fits.

Newborn Baby Toddler Sizes Tutu Only Green Tinkerbell Style Halloween Costume Pixie Newborn up to 12 months, TUTU ONLYTinkerbell Costume Tutu Fairy Costume Wings Peter Pan Dress Baby Girl Toddler Gift Birthday Halloween Green Silk FlowerCrochet Tinkerbell costume for baby girls fairy outfit photo prop halloween dress up party newborn photo propGirls Tinkerbell Tink Fairy green tutu dress costume with wings and hair bow lots of sizes baby toddler girl

More Baby Girl Tinkerbell Costumes and Ideas for How to Put Together Your Own Magical Outfit

Kids trick-or-treating in Robin Hood and Tinkerbell fairy costumes.

Kids trick-or-treating in Robin Hood and Tinkerbell fairy costumes.

Image Credit: Shared by Phil Scoville on Flickr with a CC License

Getting an official Disney outfit to fit a baby in the size you want is not always easy. I've checked the Disney store itself and they will often only provide costumes for little girls from older ages. Luckily it isn't too difficult to come up with your very own magical looking green fairy outfit and here's some sweet ideas that you can use.

This fairy's classic look is a pretty spring green dress that often gets teamed up with pale pink and sometimes lilac colors too. You can create a wonderful baby outfit with a pale pink or green baby onesie, a pale green baby tutu skirt and how about adding on a little pink rose headband to finish the entire ensemble off wonderfully.

My little girl loves Tinkerbell but she doesn't have an official outfit. We use a plain green t-shirt, pink tutu, sparkly white wings and a pretty matching wand when she wants to play the part.

Most people think of Tinkerbell when they see a little girl dressed in floating, pale green with wings. You can add in little items like pink sandals or ballet shoes and don't forget to add in the wand too so your little one can make some magic of their own.

Click Here to See Tinkerbell Costumes on Etsy

Fairy costumes always look wonderful for photo shoots and my daughter loves to look back at pictures of herself while she's dressed as another character. The photos would be great to print off for personalized cards for family and friends too.

If you still haven't quite found what you're looking for then do look at the choice of outfits available through eBay. You can purchase new costumes as well and some beautiful, custom-made fairy outfits which really will be special and unique. Just imagine taking the most beautiful photos and videos of your little angel that you can cherish and look back on in those years to come.

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