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Bright Yellow Duck Costumes for Kids

Babies, toddlers and young kids can look very cute dressed up in bright yellow duck costumes. I wore one when I was a child. Find a selection of patterns and ready made outfits here. Quack, quack!

How adorable is a children's duck costume for spring themed occasions like Easter and also dressing up for Halloween. Infants, toddlers and young kids look very sweet dressed in animal themed outfits.

It's also good to introduce young ones to animal characters such as farm and barn animals at an early age. The bright yellows and oranges on a little ducky outfit are fun and appealing to little ones too.

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Cute Duckling Dress Up Including Bright Yellow Duck Costumes for Halloween and Other Occasions Like Easter and Spring

yellow child duck outfit dressing up

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🎃 A yellow duck costume for kids can be worn for lots of dressing up events and certainly October 31st but how sweet is the idea of little one waddling along on an Easter egg hunt too.

Duckling outfits are great for baby boys and girls because of the colors which have a unisex appeal. The colors also ensure that your little one will stand out in a crowd.

IDGIRL Unisex-baby Winter Flannel Romper Outfits Suit

UK Readers get a Duck Costume from

This is a zippered bodysuit for infants to wear. The hood has large eyes and an orange beak attached at the front. It is meant to be roomy for the little one to wear and comes in infant sizes.

Other romper designs may come with snap leg closures which can help to make diaper changes much easier and less fuss for the child. Some have slip on booties which are in the shape of ducks feet. Look out for skid resistant bottoms to any included booties for indoor use.

Rasta Imposta Yellow Ducky

View this Toddler Duck Costume on

UK Readers get a Duck Costume from

This duck costume could be worn over the top of other, warmer, clothes for trick or treating. The child's arms slip into the wing areas and their head fits into the hood with eyes and beak. There are orange duck feet that can be worn along with this outfit too.

Underwraps Baby's Duck Belly-Babies, Yellow Costume Easter Spring HalloweenChild kids duck costume yellow Shirt w/ Attached Headpiece Tights Pair of Foot CoversEyourhappy Handmade Knitted Crochet Hat Costume Newborn Baby Photograpy Set Duck Hat Socks Pants Spring EasterCute Little Baby Duck Costume Set

UK Readers get a Duck Costume from

Infants and toddlers dressing as cute farmyard ducks is cute for Halloween and also for Easter time too. Kids should look cute waddling along in their little duck costumes while doing an Easter egg hunt, so long as the weather's not too warm. I'll leave you with one of my daughter's favorite jokes: Is that duck silly? No, it's quackers!

TODDLER YELLOW DUCK COSTUME with jumpsuit hoot and shoe covers kids yellow designTODDLER DUCK COSTUME set for kids

Sewing Patterns for Duck Costumes

Of course it is always convenient and quick to buy a complete outfit design but you may prefer a pattern to make your own instead. Having your own pattern means that you get to choose your own fabric and you can scale it up or down to the size you need.

Sewing Patterns with Duck Costumes for Kids

CROCHET PATTERN pdf, Duck Feet Slippers, Play clothes, costume feetDuck Romper Set Crochet Pattern PDF3-8 YRS - Kid's PDF Sewing Pattern Chick Chicken Bird Duck Kids' Costume Playsuit Sleep suit Romper Animal Costume ePattern Instant DownloadDuck Set - Crochet Patterns - Size Newborn - Size 0-3 Months

You'll find some readily available sewing patterns of duck costume designs that you can purchase and use for your Halloween, dress-up or Easter outfit. These patterns are by Simplicity but you may find others available on eBay if you have a look. You'll also find some no-sew easy costume ideas below to use too.

Easy No Sew Duck Costume Ideas

One of the easiest ways to make a DIY outfit of your own, without resorting to any sewing, is to first get hold of some bright yellow clothes. Look for a bright yellow hooded kid's tracksuit or some yellow pants/leggings and a t-shirt. You can use these clothes as a base and then stick some feathers up the arms and over the hood if there is one.

For feathers, you can buy craft supply ones which normally come sold as Marabou feathers or a length of yellow Boa feathers which can then be cut into smaller pieces. You can hot-glue the feathers to the clothes which will give the look of one of our feathered bird friends.

You can then add on some yellow gloves and also some yellow shoes or boots. Wellies or rain boots can look really great. Yellow rubber or washing up gloves would make great looking webbed feet for this aquatic bird too.

Also, if you want to get the look of a duck costume without actually buying one, simply dress the child up in yellow or orange clothes and then make a mask out of card and add a beak on. You can find printable duck masks online that you print out on to plain card, cut out and assemble.

If the child is too young to wear a mask, how about a cap or hood made to look like a bird's face with a beak OR a paper plate decorated that way that the child can hold up.

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