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Kimono Geisha Costumes for Adults

Kimono geisha costumes for adults make for a beautiful and elegant choice of Halloween outfit. This pretty Japanese style of dressing up can really flatter all types of women's shapes and sizes with the rich colors and intricately patterned fabrics.

A geisha Halloween outfit makes a great choice this season. You can look just like an amazing Japanese or Asian princess even with a beautiful and detailed kimono costume for women. You can buy these outfits ready made or spend some time putting together a more unique look with the ideas on this page.

Become an elegant entertainer and companion in a style of robe dress that is so flattering to all sizes and shapes of women from athletic builds to more curvy plus sizes. It is a perfect choice for dressing up occasions and events.

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Kimono Geisha Costumes for Adults Start with a Beautiful Robe

geisha costumes adults

Image Credit: Original image shared by sasint on Pixabay with a CC License

The first thing to do is start off by looking for a beautiful and elegant kimono costume robe. Kimonos are generally very flattering to any type of body shape and should be nice and comfortable to wear. You can purchase a kimono ready made as an outfit for this season.

If you're looking to dress up in a geisha Halloween costume or wear a kimono for another costume event, you need to start with this elegant robe.

You can also opt for an authentic design or make up your own style of outfit using the ideas on this page.

kimono costumes women

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You can make a costume or an outfit that looks like this piece of Japanese kimono clothing by using a silky robe or a dressing gown and tying a wide sash around the waist, knotting it at the back.

The sleeves on a real robe are normally very wide and sweeping. If you're feeling crafty, you could unpick the seams on the underarms of your chosen silky robe and sew on an extra length of fabric in-between which matches up with the color.

Madame Butterfly Costume Geisha Kimono Red HalloweenOld Shanghai Women's Kimono Robe Long - Watercolor Floral, peacock feather- blackVSVO Anime Cosplay Halloween Fancy Dress Japanese Kimono CostumeDreamgirl Geisha And Dragon Costume, Black Red Halloween

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There are some rather fun and flirty kimono costumes for women that are based on the traditional robe design but are much shorter in the skirt area. These variations on the typical geisha Halloween outfit involve some far shorter dresses to wear.

SEXY JAPANESE COSTUME with mini wrap black dress and red sashADULT GEISHA COSTUME includes red dress obi and hair accessoryADULT DRAGON LADY GEISHA COSTUME womens Halloween red and black dress kimono with dragon detailDELUXE JAPANESE LADY WIG costume accessory Halloween

There is one in a royal shade of purple which features a flattering cross-over top design, a skirt and attached black ruffle and the traditional long, flowing kimono sleeves. That particular dress even zips up at the back too.

The pattern on the purple dress fabric features dragons, flowers and birds. And this one comes with an attached black petticoat too which makes the skirt look fuller. A wide obi sash belt does up around the waist with Velcro.

Geisha Costume Hair and Wigs

geisha costumes women

Image Credit: Original image shared by UniBay on Pixabay with a CC License

If you are lucky to have long dark hair, you can easily fashion it yourself into a suitable Japanese design or style. There is no one right way to style the hair because it can be worn in lots of ways.

A popular hairstyle for a Japanese geisha style is to put the hair up in buns or knots and then add in some decorative hair sticks which look very similar to chopsticks. In fact, you could use chopsticks if you wanted.

You can buy traditional style Japanese geisha wigs to put over your own hair if yours is not suitable. A more traditional Japanese style is a bun with black hair which would suit a traditional look.

A pretty rose hair clip is also idea to accentuate your styled hair or wig and will look amazing against a backdrop of dark brown or black hair. Choose a striking red color as a pretty accessory which will look good with a variety of outfits.

Geisha Halloween Outfit Footwear and Shoes

Feet in tabi and zori geisha footwear

Image Credit: Shared by Rosewoman on Flickr with a CC License

Zori thong sandals are a traditional form of Japanese footwear. You can find lots of styles of sandals and flip flops which have a similar V-shaped thong to hold your feet in place and just a bit of a wedge heel. Anything like this would work wonderfully with a kimono robe for this particular look.

Zori are often worn with special, ankle-high socks called Tabi which are shaped around the big toe and the rest of the toes on each foot so that the Zori thong sandals can easily be worn.

You can achieve a very similar look with white ankle-high socks. Just make them loose around the toes so you can fit your thong sandals on.

Accessories for this Japanese Costume

It's very cliche I know, however you might expect a lady of this position to carry with her a Japanese handheld fan. In many movies, they are shown holding the fan open and using it to slightly cover the face.

The fan is simply an accessory that you would expect to see used along with a kimono robe and for a dressing up event such as Halloween or cosplay.

Geisha Asian Japanese Lady Womens Costume Wig HairJapanese Tabi Socks White 1 Size AdultOMyTea Hand Held Silk Folding Fans with Bamboo Frame - With a Fabric Sleeve for Protection for Gifts - 100% Handmade Oriental Chinese / Japanese Vintage Retro Style - For Women Lady Girls Pink FlowersOMyTea® Hand Held Folding Fan Black Japanese Geisha Style

You can even make your own paper fan if you're feeling crafty. Just concertina fold a sheet of paper along its longest side and then staple one end together or tie it tightly with string. The other end of paper will fan out. Try using some pretty patterned paper to make this paper fan.

Other accessories might include things that you can use to decorate your hair. You often see photos or images of these ladies wearing special hair sticks which look a bit like chop sticks through their hair buns or knots. Add in some pretty fabric flowers or a pretty hair accessory and you've got a traditional Japanese style before you know it.

Traditional Geisha Makeup

You can go mad painting your face in this style of fashion but all you really need to complete your look is a touch of vibrant red lipstick. If you want to go for the more cliche look of a geisha girl, you can cover your entire face with white face paint.

Then paint on some fake, black and exaggerated eyebrows and add your red lipstick over the top. But don't forget to take this all off your face before you go to bed.

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