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Geisha Girl Kids Costume for Halloween

A geisha girl kids costume should turn your little girl into a beautiful Asian princess. These Japanese kimono robes make rather wonderful and richly colored Halloween and dressing up costumes for parties and more.

This traditional Japanese robe garment has some full and sweeping sleeves and a wide sash belt to go around the waist. It is an elegant and adorable looking style of dress for a child to wear. Any girl should love to be transformed into a stunning Asian beauty with a richly detailed and colored girls kimono costume.

You can choose to put together your very own choice of design with the tips and ideas that are presented on this page. Alternatively, make life easier by buying a ready made girls geisha costume instead.

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Step 1: A Geisha Girl Kids Costume Kimono Robe

geisha girl kids costume

Image Credit: Original image shared by sakura_robins on Pixabay with a CC License

A girls kimono costume robe makes for a beautifully elegant dressing up outfit for the season of Halloween and also other dressing up occasions where children can enjoy wearing something very different and beautiful.

With geisha girl Halloween costumes it is pretty easy to turn your child into a Japanese princess with a simple change of outfit and some pretty accessories to match.

kids geisha costumes for girls kimono

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This pretty looking child geisha costume is a traditional styled kimono robe. This one is black with a detailed pink and white flower design. Other color options are available.

It gives you the basis for a really lovely looking costume that can be worm for Halloween and other dressing up occasions. Other color choices are available too.

Other designs for girls include silk robes with long, wide sleeves and wide sash belts. If you want to create the look of this child geisha girl costume without buying an actual kimono then you can use a thin and silky bath robe in a vibrant color design.

Tie a wide piece of fabric around the waist with a bow at the back if possible. Look for a colorful silk robe with lots of flowers on to nail the look.

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You can get many colors of kimonos and geisha girl Halloween costumes. I like the look of the pink designs for girls which look very pretty. There is one adorable silk style pink dress robe that features a pretty floral pattern and the fabric is trimmed with a darker color.

The dress robe fastens at the back with Velcro which makes it easier to take on and off. A neat finishing touch for this design comes with a matching fan style hairpiece with a large and pretty flower on a hair comb.

Step 2: Girls Geisha Costume Wigs and Hair Styles

There is no one right hair style that will work along with this particular mode of dress. Japanese hair colors are normally a natural brown to black. You can get some child size geisha wigs or style the child's own hair to match.

If this child is going more for a fantasy look of outfit with a modern twist, you could use some bright blue or pink hair with a wig instead.

Japanese hair worn with a kimono robe is often twisted up into knots which are then traditionally held in place with hair sticks. The hair sticks look very much like chopsticks but have one end which is pointy to push through the hair easily.

Hair may also be adorned with some beautiful flower decorations. You can get some lovely headbands for children which feature fabric flowers. Place a floral headband over natural hair or a wig.

Step 3: Japanese Style Shoes for Kids Geisha Costumes

geisha girl Halloween costumes

Image Credit: Original image shared by akenono on Pixabay with a CC License

Traditional Japanese shoes that are worn are known as Zori. These are thong style sandals which normally have a bit of a wedge heel on them. Zori sandals used to be made from all natural materials such as wood, plant fibers, leather and cloth.

You can now find modern versions of these in plastic and rubber. Flip flops or sandals with a V shaped thong front to them and a slightly raised heel would make great alternatives for girls to wear.

Step 4: Accessories Girls can Wear with this Outfit

If you want to add accessories to this costume to make it appear more authentic in style, here's some extra ideas to help you. Along with the Zori thong sandals which you've seen above in the photo, a Japanese child would also wear something called Tabi which are some special socks.

Tabi look something like regular ankle-high girls socks which are normally but not always in white. They have a separation between the large toe on each foot and all the other toes. This is deliberate so that these socks can be worn easily with thong sandals.

You may struggle to get hold of these socks in a child size so you can use a normal pair of ankle-high socks, then pull them so they are very loose over the toes before putting the thong sandals or flip flops over the top. There should now there will be enough slack in the sock fabric to allow the shoes to be worn.

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If you're making up an outfit from a silky robe, you'll need a wide sash around the waist which is tied off at at the back. This is often tied into a large bow. The sash will hold the robe neatly in place.

You can purchase long silk scarves which could also be used for this purpose, check the size. Alternatively, sew some fabric into a long sash yourself to use.

Of course pretty parasols and fans make wonderful accessories for a child geisha girl costume.

Step 5: Geisha Girl Makeup for Kids

You don't really need to add any makeup for a girl wearing this style of dress. But you might want to add in some red lips using a touch of child-friendly face paints such as Snazaroo face paint which is what I use on my daughter.

Some Japanese geisha girls are depicted as having a white face, exaggerated painted black eyebrows and bright red lips. So that is a style that you could use as well.

I like the idea of adding just a little touch of red face paint over the mouth and perhaps a pretty little butterfly design high up on one cheekbone which would look adorable for a little Japanese princess.

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