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Beauty and the Beast BELLE Yellow Dress Costume Guide

To be the real belle of the ball this year, you'll need to gem up on this detailed Beauty and the Beast Belle yellow dress costume guide. I wasn't a fan of the bright and not very subtle design based on the original animated film so was glad they changed it.

Belle's yellow dress is my favorite. The gown from the live action movie featuring Emma Watson is really stunning - so much so that you'll definitely want to wear this one.

This costume guide will examine everything you need to put together a brilliant outfit for Halloween or cosplay. This dress is iconic because it is what she wears for her beautiful dance scene with the Beast. They look so in love as they waltz around the Beast's castle or palace.

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Beauty and the Beast Belle Yellow Dress Costume: The Layered Gown


The new version of the Beauty and the Beast yellow dress. It is much more elegant with the soft, flowing fabric and stunning corset style top.

⭐ Belle's yellow dress is the one most associated with this Disney princess. Everyone associates Belle with wearing her beautiful yellow gown. You can buy ready made versions of this dress or put together your own DIY Belle yellow dress costume. This guide will walk you through both options.

Some people think so but this design is not Belle's wedding dress. Costumes for this character are, however, most associated with this color of dress. You will stand out a treat for Halloween and also cosplay in choosing to dress up as Belle.

Belle Yellow Dress for Women

Belle Ball Gown Deluxe Women's Costume Beauty and the Beast live action movie design yellow gold color dress for adult womenBELLE BALL GOWN PRESTIGE ADULT Officially licensed by Disney with back zipperCosplayDiy Women's Dress for Beauty and the Beast Princess Belle Cosplay New Style Emma WatsonInCharacter Women's Beautiful Yellow Princess Costume Gown Dress

UK Readers get a Yellow Belle Dress from

Although many more versions of the new style costume are now becoming available, you may find it less expensive to opt for the older design instead.

Alternatively, look out for a short sleeve prom dress or gown in a similar shade and color. You'll get more advice on putting together your own look below.

Belle Yellow Dress for Girls

Child Belle Ball Gown Deluxe Costume Beauty and the Beast live action movie style yellow gold color dress for girlsDisney Beauty and The Beast Live Action Belles Ball Gown Costume Dress Kids GirlsDisney Belle Limited Edition Costume for Kids - Beauty and the Beast - Live ActionBELLE CLASSIC TODDLER COSTUME Beauty and the Beast Yellow Dress Kids

UK Readers get Belle's Yellow Dress from

There are some beautiful princess style dresses just right for little girls to wear. You can also get matching little dresses for their dolls to dress up too. Consider getting some soft ballet slippers for kids to wear with their outfits.

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Look out for sellers on Etsy who are able to make some stunning reproductions of the exact outfit as well as tutu style versions which look adorable on a child.

How to Put Together Your Own DIY Belle Yellow Dress Costume

Belle costume from Beauty and the Beast Yellow Gown Dress with red rose

Although not an exact reproduction of the gown, we know that this is Belle from Beauty and the Beast because of the combination of the bright yellow dress and the single, red rose.

Image Credit: Shared by Juliana Coutinho on Flickr with a CC License

⭐ Step 1: The Corset Style Top

The new version of this yellow dress features a stunning corset style top to it. This top section is cinched in at the waist and it is just perfect to make the most of any woman's figure whether slim or curvy.

Interestingly, Emma Watson refused to wear an actual corset underneath this gown. I'm glad she took this view because she already has a beautiful figure that doesn't need to look any slimmer than it already is.

🎃 If you're doing a DIY version of this gown, you can easily opt for either a separate top and full skirt or an all in one dress. You can get yellow corset tops and pair with a full skirt. Alternatively look for a yellow prom dress or ball gown.

The top of the dress is short sleeved. It has an almost square neckline to it with the top edge going straight across the top of her chest. It mirrors the contours of Emma's slim figure and comes down into a V shaped point.

What makes the top section special is all the delicate layering of fabrics going across and down. The extensive layering stops the bodice section from looking plain.

⭐ Step 2: The Full Skirt of the Ball Gown

Beauty and the Beast Movie Prints dance waltz in yellow dress Emma Watson and Dan Stevens

This is the more elegant and refined yellow organza dress that Emma Watson wears as Belle. It has a softer, layered look.

The main dress fabric is satin organza. This fabric is very light, it drapes beautifully and moves really well. It is an ideal choice for a dress that is designed for a big dance scene in a movie.

🎃 For a DIY version, you can opt for a long and full skirt, perhaps one with a petticoat underneath to make it appear fuller. A great alternative would be to go for a layered yellow tutu and add some gold color trim or accents around the hem.

There are three main layers in the skirt section of the dress which add more volume and interest to this beautiful costume.

In the new and live action movie, the beautifully intricate gold accents around the trim of each layer is added magically by Madame De Garderobe who is dressing Belle for her ball. The golden accents fly down gracefully from the ceiling and attach themselves to the dress.

⭐ Step 3: The French Court Shoes

Disney Belle Deluxe Costume Shoes for Kids - Live Action FilmBELLE SHOES - Beauty and the BeastBeauty and the Beast Princess Custom hand painted sneakersBeauty and the Beast Inspired Belle Heels Shoes Metallic Antique Gold Lace Marie Antoinette Yellow cosplay costume

The shoes are pretty hard to see under the very full and long ball gown. She wears some golden colored French court shoes. They are pointed across the toes and have a little heel.

For a DIY outfit, choose some gold color shoes. Ballet pumps or slippers would look good with this style or some feminine sandals.

⭐ Step 4: The Costume Accessories

Illustration drawing artwork of Beauty and the Beast

Image Credit: Shared by Giovana Milanezi on Flickr with a CC License

Disney Beauty and the Beast Official Movie Merchandise Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

Emma wears her hair, half up and half down so some of it hangs loose at the back. She has some golden leaf hair accessories around the half bun at the back of her head.

Around her neck is a pretty Tree of Life pendant necklace.

This necklace is gold colored and features a tree branch design. Hanging from some of the branches are diamond like stones for added sparkle.

Her jewelry overall is very delicate and understated. There is very little to detract from the main triumph of this costume which is her stunning ball gown.

The obvious choice of accessory that you can add into this Belle's yellow dress costume is a single, red rose.

The red rose is the flower that the Enchantress has given to the Beast as his curse.

Every petal fall from the red rose marks one step closer to him remaining a beast forever. Belle has to break that curse before the last petal falls. The Beast keeps this rose underneath a glass cloche.

The Extras for Looking Just Like Belle in Her Yellow Ball Gown

See how to create the makeup and the hair to match this character. The makeup is kept very simple and very natural - you could decide not to wear any cosmetics to recreate this look because there is no stand out makeup involved.

I would just darken my lips slightly with a lip stain as I remember from the movie that Emma Watson's lips were slightly darker than her normal shade. Apart from that the look is a very natural one - I'd say the English rose look.

The hair is in a half up and half down design. Again very natural and it allows the hair to move naturally like the effortless dance moves as Belle and the Beast dance together.

Around the bun area at the back of her head are some gold color leaf accents.

The main takeaway once you have the overall look right is to look like someone who is happy and in love. Belle radiated happiness and contentment in this dance scene, so you should nail that too.

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