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I'll bet your kids were enchanted by the new Disney live action Beauty and the Beast movie starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast.

There are loads of fun dressing up Beauty and the Beast costumes for kids. Most of them, quite rightly, are focused on the main characters of Belle and the hideous Beast character.

A very few designs are based on the other popular characters including Chip the teacup, Lumiere the candlestick and Gaston. Children can wear some very cool costumes from this movie at Halloween.

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Best Pick of Beauty and the Beast Costumes for Kids to Wear This Halloween

Beauty and the Beast Belle Beast Costumes Children Dressing Up Dressed Fancy Dress Boy and Girl

The most recognizable characters from this classic fairy tale are Belle and the Beast. These kids are wearing the outfits from the main dance scene with Belle's yellow gold ball gown and the prince's blue suit.

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The most recognizable dressing up costumes are Belle's yellow dress, also known as her gold ball gown, and the Beast's best blue suit. The characters wear these when they share an enchanting dance of a romantic waltz in the ballroom.

For other characters, it is always possible to find an appropriate t-shirt or put together a DIY costume yourself.

1: Belle's Yellow Dress for Girls to Wear

yellow gold Beauty and the Beast Belle's dress

My daughter's old style Belle's satin gold dress with red rose embellishments.

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Princess Belle has always been associated with the iconic yellow gold dress. It is a very classic design from this fairy tale and a look that is instantly recognizable as this character from Beauty and the Beast.

There are now two main gold dress styles to look out for with the design shown above from the animated movie and the new layered dress from the live action Beauty and the Beast.

ReliBeauty Girls Sleeveless Sequin Princess Belle Costume Dress up Yellow Gold Ball Gown outfit fancy dress

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The style of this yellow ball gown costume is based on the exact same dress as the one Emma Watson wears for her dance waltz scene in the new live action movie with Dan Stevens. If you want the more modern design from the new movie, this is the exact look to go for.

Child Belle Ball Gown Deluxe Costume Beauty and the Beast live action movie style yellow gold color dress for girlsDisney Beauty and The Beast Live Action Belles Ball Gown Costume Dress Kids GirlsDisney Belle Limited Edition Costume for Kids - Beauty and the Beast - Live ActionPrincess Belle Deluxe Yellow Party Dress Costume Girls Kids

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I love how this pretty girl's dress has been subtly adapted from the actual movie dress in order to suit a younger girl's figure. The bodice has sparkling sequins which should catch the light nicely and the skirt area of the dress has the floating tiers and layers. I love the golden foil rose design on the hem which matches beautifully with the story.

Although there are many gold color dresses for girls based on this character, you may wish to take care to get a design that looks similar to the new live action movie. Girls should feel special dressing up like Emma Watson.

2: Belle's Blue Dress Costume for a Child

Little Adventures Beauty Day Dress Princess Belle Blue Dress Up Costume for Girls

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Belle's blue dress offers a very different look that girls can opt for this Halloween. Belle wears her blue dress when she is carrying out her provincial life in her little town or village. This outfit smacks of Belle the bookworm, the dreamer and is in a pretty white and blue.

I saw this outfit and thought how gorgeous it looks with the pretty velvet style blue bodice dress and the crisp white apron and shirt. There is even a matching blue bow that she can wear in her hair. It looks so cute. The detail of the rose pattern on the bodice is a wonderful touch.

Stage-World Book Day-Beauty and The Beast BELLE BLUE DRESS WITH PINNY Child's Fancy Dress Costume - All Children's SizesOfficially licensed Belle blue dress costume for girls from new live action Beauty and the Beast moviePrincess Dress Up Apron Costume Reversible belle yellow blue dress apron design for girlsGirls Blue Belle Inspired Dress, Costume, Disney Vacation Outfit, Girl Disney World clothes, Dress up play, Kids Cosplay

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The second most recognizable outfit that Belle wears is her blue dress with white apron. She wears this at the start of the new movie where we first see Emma Watson singing. She is dreaming of much more than the simple village life that she leads and using her love of books to transport her somewhere else instead.

Since so many girls will be wearing a yellow dress this year, why not let her stand out in blue instead. I do believe younger girls in particular look especially cute wearing the blue costume design.

3: The Beast Costume for Boys or Girls to Wear

Little Boys Beast Costume from Beauty and the Beast

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Kids can have fun dressing up as the Beast. This costume set comes with a blue velvet jacket with white lace cuffs, a gold color vest, white neck tie and brown furry hood. I think this makes a cute looking option for girls and boys this Halloween.

In the new movie, the Beast wears this style of costume when he has his special waltz with Belle. It is the moment that you can see that both of them are truly in love with one another.

Big Boys Beast Costume for Halloween and Dressing UpChild kids toddler beast Halloween costume includes Jacket Vest Front Ascot HeadpieceTurn your little beast into a handsome prince! Tuxedo Jacket with Tails fully lined with Gold Satin.World Book Day-Stage-Panto-Theatre-Beauty And The Beast- BEAST COSTUME- All Sizes Available

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If you don't think these costumes look beastly enough, their are children's masks that you can buy which look a little more in keeping with the scary character that this Prince originally comes across as.

4: More Beauty and the Beast Costumes for Kids

If your child does not want to dress as one of the main characters, there are a few other options available. Ones that I have seen so far include Chip the teacup, Lumiere the candlestick and Gaston costumes for kids.

Chip Deluxe Toddler Costume Beauty and the BeastDisney Belle Deluxe Celebration Dress Costume for Kids - Beauty and the BeastChild Candlestick Costume - ST lumiereWorld Book Day-Theatre-Stage-Panto-Beauty And The Beast- GASTON COSTUME - All Childresn Sizes

An alternative idea is to get hold of a t-shirt with their favorite character on instead. There are plenty of t-shirts to get hold of from online stores as well as character masks that you can buy and also print off right at home.

5: Beauty and the Beast Sewing Patterns for Kids

There are patterns that you can use to make up your own style of outfit instead of purchasing a ready made costume. These are a selection that caught my eye.

Simplicity 8405 Beauty and the Beast Costume for Child and 18 inch Doll (SIZE 3-8) SEWING PATTERNThis adorable Belle blue dress pattern includes patterns for 3 pieces-dress, blouse and apron. GirlsThis listing is for a Sewing Pattern to make your own Belle, Beauty and the Beast Child Apron.This listing is for a Sewing Pattern to make your own Belle, French Provincial peasant Child Apron.

If you don't see anything you love, consider getting hold of a sewing pattern and make up a costume yourself or get a friend or family member to sew one for you. There are some great patterns for Belle and also to make a matching dress for a doll too.

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