Chronicles of Narnia Song Facts and Favorites

In this Chronicles of Narnia songs facts page, you'll discover the best picks from the soundtracks plus reviews on the Chronicles movie scores. The movie music includes The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, Prince Caspian and The Voyage of The Dawn Treader. You'll also discover what the missing Narnia songs are on the soundtrack albums. As a bonus, you can listen to one of these right from this page. Immerse yourself in the ethereal... Read more →

Snow Angel Costumes for a Child

What adorable outfits snow angel costumes can make for a little girl to wear this winter season. Your little angel should look so beautiful, angelic and sweet dressed up in a pretty white outfit with a pair of wings and a halo to match. The snow angel theme is a really cute choice of winter outfit. Young girls especially can look super sweet dressed up all in white to match with the natural colors of... Read more →

Knights and Kings of Narnia Peter Costume and Edmund

Most young boys and even men can enjoy recreating the look of Peter and Edmund Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia books and movies. Although Peter and Edmund are Kings of Narnia, their most recognizable look is with their knight and battle armor. You may struggle to get official and licensed costumes anymore but, luckily, the outfits you need are quite easy to replicate. The Pevensie brothers wore a traditional style of knight's costume in... Read more →

Snow Princess Halloween Costumes for Kids

What a wonderful winter themed outfit a snow princess Halloween costume makes and not just for this Fall time but also for parties and winter occasions like Christmas too. Girls look so gorgeous dress in this winter wonderland snow queen theme in shimmering white and icy blue dresses and accessories. This is the perfect look for little girls who want to sparkle and shine for Halloween and other dressing up occasions. I believe this is... Read more →

The White Witch of Narnia Costume Guide

The White Witch of Narnia costume is a fantastic look to choose and especially for a winter themed party since most of the styling for this character relates to this ice cold season. Jadis is the White Witch Villain from the The Chronicles of Narnia books and movies. Although most people associate her very heavily with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, we first learn about this character in The Magician's Nephew written by... Read more →

Adult Ice Queen Costume Winter Witch Ideas

An adult ice queen costume is a truly magical winter witch themed idea. This look is elegant and it is also wrapped up in elements of frozen fairy and fantasy stories and myths. For a Halloween event or any snow or cold season party, you can completely transform yourself into a beautiful and ethereal being. Dress yourself up in cool color tones and sparkling ice cold accessories that shimmer with every trace of light. Putting... Read more →