Hobbit Bilbo's Sword: All About Sting

Discover lots of fun trivia, facts and information on the Hobbit Bilbo's sword. Bilbo Baggin's little sword was called Sting. This blade also belonged to Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings books and movies. Bilbo Baggin's Hobbit sword is a real topic of fascination to me. Share my enthusiasm with this page which is packed full of fun facts. This is the most magical Middle Earth weapon which features both in The Hobbit... Read more →

The Hobbit Toy Sword: Great for Halloween Costumes

The Hobbit toy sword with lights and sounds makes for a great item not just for play but also for dressing up as a Hobbit character at Halloween. The size of it and the light weight is ideal for kids and even looks good enough for a costume accessory for adults too. The scabbard is a really nice extra which allows you to wear the sword on a belt. You can buy this Hobbit toy... Read more →

Scary Masks for Adults to Wear

Many people use masks or eye pieces as accessories to complete a costume look. However, there are some really awesome designs that actually are so cool that they can be used without any other gimmicks or need for further dressing up. The ones here focus on rather scary, creepy and horror like designs for adults to wear. Warning, they may well give your friends and family a little fright when you put them on. I... Read more →

The Hobbit Costume Jewelry

You'll discover some great Lord of the Rings and Hobbit costume jewelry items here along with some facts about each one. Jewelry items based on the movies and books by J.R.R Tolkien are great to wear with a costume for Halloween or cosplay and even to give as a gift to fans. Something that most people will recognize is the One Ring. This ring is the one, key item that spans the entire story from... Read more →

Sting the Hobbit Sword Facts

Many people think or associate Sting as being the Hobbit Frodo's sword because that's how they still remember it from the classic The Lord of the Rings movies. But actually it belonged to Bilbo Baggins first. You'll discover loads of Sting the Hobbit sword facts on this page. Bilbo passed this weapon on to his adopted heir and younger cousin, Frodo. They were actually cousins, despite Frodo politely using the term Uncle for his older... Read more →

Hobbit Feet for Halloween Fantasy Fun

Any Hobbit outfit or costume that you dress up in will need some rather convincing hairy halfling Hobbit feet to match perfectly with it. Giving yourself some special halfling feet will really finish off a Lord of the Rings and Hobbit themed Halloween and cosplay costume. There is plenty of information here for you to achieve a more realistic look. For more serious fans and cosplayers there is also invaluable information provided on how you... Read more →

Iocane Powder The Princess Bride Facts and Quotes

All about the fictional Princess Bride iocane powder with facts and quotes. You'll discover all you ever wanted to know about this famous fictional poison here including facts, quotes, video clips and more. Are you as fascinated as I am in knowing more about the fictional poison called iocane powder that features in The Princess Bride movie? It's not even real although William Goldman made it sound very convincing as a name for a toxin.... Read more →