The Greatest Showman Costume PT Barnum Ringmaster

Self-named the Prince of Humbugs, PT Barnum really was the Greatest Showman of his era. Get plenty of ideas for a great PT Barnum costume as the circus ringmaster extraordinaire. You rarely see this confident and bold character portrayed without his top hat so it's a crucial part of the costume. Learn how to put together the PT Barnum look from head to toe with this detailed costume guide. PT Barnum has been played by... Read more →

Merlin Wizard Costumes for Kids and Adults

Before the arrival of J. K. Rowling's famous wizard Albus Dumbledore or even J.R.R. Tolkien's Gandalf, the best known sorcerer of them all was Merlin. Here's some magical Merlin Wizard costumes suitable for children and adults too. Get lots of ideas on perfecting the exact look for this mysterious mythical figure who was popularized in the medieval period of history. Kids and adults should really enjoy dressing as this famous character for Halloween and other... Read more →

The Hobbit Toy Sword: Great for Halloween Costumes

The Hobbit toy sword with lights and sounds makes for a great item not just for play but also for dressing up as a Hobbit character at Halloween. The size of it and the light weight is ideal for kids and even looks good enough for a costume accessory for adults too. The scabbard is a really nice extra which allows you to wear the sword on a belt. You can buy this Hobbit toy... Read more →

Best Beauty and the Beast Costumes for Kids

I'll bet your kids were enchanted by the new Disney live action Beauty and the Beast movie starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. There are loads of fun dressing up Beauty and the Beast costumes for kids. Most of them, quite rightly, are focused on the main characters of Belle and the hideous Beast character. A very few designs are based on the other popular characters including Chip the teacup,... Read more →

The Beast from Beauty and the Beast Costume

For boys and for men, the Beast from Beauty and the Beast costume is going to be a hot one this Halloween. With the new live action movie we have the glorious Dan Stevens in the lead role as this enchanted prince. Learn how to dress up as this complex character of the Beast so you can win the heart of your own fair lady so you can be with her for Evermore. It is... Read more →

Beauty and the Beast BELLE Yellow Dress Costume Guide

To be the real belle of the ball this year, you'll need to gem up on this detailed Beauty and the Beast Belle yellow dress costume guide. I wasn't a fan of the bright and not very subtle design based on the original animated film so was glad they changed it. Belle's yellow dress is my favorite. The gown from the live action movie featuring Emma Watson is really stunning - so much so that... Read more →

Beauty and the Beast BELLE Blue Dress Costume Guide

The blue dress that Emma Watson wears at the start of the new 2017 Beauty and the Beast movie makes a really popular choice to wear for Halloween and also cosplay. This very detailed Beauty and the Beast Belle blue dress costume page will take you through the whole outfit from head to foot so you can get it just right. Emma Watson wears 3 main dress outfits through the course of the movie. Belle's... Read more →