Why Pumpkins Are Used for Halloween

A burning question that many people have this time of year is to know why pumpkins are used for Halloween. What is their significance and why are they associated with the Fall season. Carving pumpkins to make them into Jack O' Lanterns and displaying them at Halloween is an age old tradition that actually originates from Ireland in Europe. Discover how the pumpkin tradition started, how it came from Europe over to America and how... Read more →

Halloween Colors, Their Meaning and Symbolism

If you've ever wondered about Halloween colors, their meaning and symbolism, this page will give you all the fun facts and so much more. You can hardly miss the main colors of orange and black for this Fall celebration since they are in all the stores on decorations, on so many costumes and even the Trick or Treating candy. Discover why these colors are used, what they mean and what other colors now have associations... Read more →

Why do we Celebrate Halloween in the UK?

Here in the UK, Halloween has recently enjoyed a massive surge in popularity with more and more shops and stores filling the shelves with related items. It is not surprising then that many people are getting curious about the occasion. You may be wondering why we celebrate Halloween in the UK even. Is it just a fad that has taken off because of our American neighbors overseas? Or should it really be an occasion to... Read more →

When did Trick or Treating Begin and Originate From

Lots of people mistakenly think that the Halloween custom of trick or treating started or originated in America, then spread more recently to other countries such as the UK. This trick or treating custom, however, is a very traditional one. It is actually steeped in British history and originates from the UK. It was a tradition that went over to America with the first settlers who went there. On this page, you'll learn much more... Read more →

What does You've Been Booed Mean

Halloween celebrations may be well established in countries such as the USA but it is still pretty new in other places round the world. Many people want to know what does you've been booed mean and what on earth is it? Chances are that you've never heard of You've Been Booed. You may have even recently received a goody bag with a Been Booed message attached. Now you're curious as to what all this boo... Read more →

How Trick or Treating Works in the UK

If you've never been out trick or treating before, you may not know exactly how it all works and what you're supposed to do. This October 31st activity is fast gaining popularity in the UK and you should really learn how trick or treating works in the UK. A lot of fun can be had with trick or treating if you have a good idea of what to expect and are aware of the basic... Read more →

Guy Fawkes Facts for Kids to Discover

Here's a page full of fun and interesting facts all about Guy Fawkes. It is an ideal resource for parents, carers, teachers and adult educators to read so that they can aid the learning of children who need this information. My daughter and I both had a lot of fun doing the research needed to fact find all the information for a school project that she was doing. Now we are sharing the research that... Read more →