Halloween Pirate Party Games for Kids

Pirates are a constant popular theme used at parties for both boys and girls. Younger children especially can really enjoy playing Halloween pirate party games and activities that are fun and entertaining to join in with. Whether you have visions of a Jake and the Neverland, Captain Jack Sparrow or more of a darker, spooky style celebration, you’ll find plenty of ideas and inspiration here for your event. All you need for this themed occasion... Read more →

Miss Havisham Costume: The Dickensian Ghost Bride

Miss Havisham is the poor, jilted bride from the novel Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens. With a Miss Havisham costume, you want to emulate the sheer misery of a woman who had love cruelly ripped away from her on her wedding day. The actress who played this character to perfection in the wonderful BBC series Dickensian was Tuppence Middleton. In this series she was given the first name, Amelia. Poor Amelia becomes a reclusive... Read more →

How to Make a Happy Halloween Banner Decoration

See step by step how to make a Happy Halloween banner vintage style decoration to hang up in your home this Fall season. Making your own banners is easy and you can have a lot of fun making up this Gothic antique style wall decoration. The 14 free printable images to make this banner include creepy black birds, owls, skulls, skeleton keys and other illustrations. You can use these to quickly make a very striking... Read more →

Creepy and Dark Alice in Wonderland Costume

You've probably seen a lot of Alice costumes for Halloween, I'm sure we all have. But have you ever seen a dark Alice in Wonderland costume for this occasion. This give a whole new look to a traditional style. An evil, horror, dead or even a zombie Alice is quite the scary look to rock. She looks like such a sweet girl in all the movie versions so, turning this idea on its head is... Read more →

Skull Bathroom Accessories for a Gothic Room

Not just useful for Halloween decor, skull bathroom accessories can be used to add a really prevalent Gothic theme to your room. This should bring a very dramatic, bold and strong style to the space. Your guests should be surprised or even a little shocked by the whole skull vibe when they walk in that room. Skeleton, bone and skull motifs are considered as creepy to most people but remain a source of real fascination... Read more →

Maleficent Horns and Headpieces Costume Accessories

One absolutely essential part of dressing up as Maleficent, the good fairy gone bad, are the very prominent and striking horns that she wears. These horns have always been pretty iconic to represent this particular Disney Villain. If your costume does not already come supplied with them, or if you are making your own outfit, you really need these accessories in order to get this Halloween or cosplay theme just right. Choose from some magnificent... Read more →

Disney Witch Maleficent Halloween Costume for Women

This page focuses on a Maleficent Halloween costume for women. Adults can enjoy dressing as this good girl gone bad. Dress in sleek, figure flattering black for the best witch ever created. Disney's blockbuster movie Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie as the lead part, explores the wonderful classic tale of Sleeping Beauty. This is no sweet fairy tale however because the movie is taken from the perspective of one of the most well loved character villains.... Read more →