Why Pumpkins Are Used for Halloween

A burning question that many people have this time of year is to know why pumpkins are used for Halloween. What is their significance and why are they associated with the Fall season. Carving pumpkins to make them into Jack O' Lanterns and displaying them at Halloween is an age old tradition that actually originates from Ireland in Europe. Discover how the pumpkin tradition started, how it came from Europe over to America and how... Read more →

Halloween Colors, Their Meaning and Symbolism

If you've ever wondered about Halloween colors, their meaning and symbolism, this page will give you all the fun facts and so much more. You can hardly miss the main colors of orange and black for this Fall celebration since they are in all the stores on decorations, on so many costumes and even the Trick or Treating candy. Discover why these colors are used, what they mean and what other colors now have associations... Read more →

Fall Season and Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Decorate your Turkey Day table with some traditional themed and beautifully crafted Thanksgiving napkin rings and holders. These can accessorize your tableware and add a real hint of opulence and luxury to your whole dining experience, for you and your guests. All the best dressed tables use proper holders as tasteful and beautiful decor for special occasions. They really enhance the whole look of the dressed table setting while not taking up any extra room... Read more →

Beautiful Harvest Season and Thanksgiving Figurines

Decorate your home up with some beautifully themed Harvest season and Thanksgiving figurines. These home accessories can also make wonderful displays and centerpieces for your table on Turkey Day. There are some beautiful and traditional designs of figurines here which are just perfect for display and also for keepsakes to be gifted to special friends and family members. Add an air of happiness and gratitude in to your home decor with figurines and collectibles that... Read more →

Thanksgiving and Fall Season Figurines

Enjoy adding in a warm, seasonal touch to your home with Thanksgiving and Fall season figurines for decorative display. These make beautiful keepsake Thanksgiving and Halloween gifts too. Fall is a favorite time of year and one that you can delight in further by adding some beautiful and decorative figurines to your home decor. Invite the season into your home with some charming collectibles that encapsulate everything you love about this time of year. Choose... Read more →

Halloween Front Door Wreaths and Decorations

Giving a theme to your door can give a hint of what type of horrors lurk inside. Choose carefully from available Halloween front door wreaths and decorations to give the right impression. There are so many fun ways to decorate your home for the Halloween season. The one thing that's on show to everyone, however, is your front door. Your front door is going to be the first impression that people get of your decorations... Read more →

Pumpkin Facts for Kids: Fun Trivia and Info

What do Jack-O-Lanterns, Halloween, the Fall season and pies all have in common with each other? Did you guess pumpkins because if so, you're right! You'll discover lots about this topic here on this pumpkin facts for kids page which has 10 fun, interesting and educational pieces of trivia and info to read and learn about. Children (and adults too) can discover lots of things about this rather unique fruit that we tend to eat... Read more →