The White Witch of Narnia Costume Guide

The White Witch of Narnia costume is a fantastic look to choose and especially for a winter themed party since most of the styling for this character relates to this ice cold season. Jadis is the White Witch Villain from the The Chronicles of Narnia books and movies. Although most people associate her very heavily with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, we first learn about this character in The Magician's Nephew written by... Read more →

Maleficent Horns and Headpieces Costume Accessories

One absolutely essential part of dressing up as Maleficent, the good fairy gone bad, are the very prominent and striking horns that she wears. These horns have always been pretty iconic to represent this particular Disney Villain. If your costume does not already come supplied with them, or if you are making your own outfit, you really need these accessories in order to get this Halloween or cosplay theme just right. Choose from some magnificent... Read more →

Maleficent Girls Costume for Halloween

Here's a wonderful selection of Magnificent Maleficent girls costume for Halloween suggestions on this page. Kids can wear these bewitching gowns and have fun dressing up in them. All they need to decide is whether to opt for the good side, or the bad. After watching the wonderful Disney movie numerous times, my little girl definitely wants to dress up as the evil fairy queen this Halloween. Angelina Jolie made a fantastic bad witch sorceress... Read more →

Disney Witch Maleficent Halloween Costume for Women

This page focuses on a Maleficent Halloween costume for women. Adults can enjoy dressing as this good girl gone bad. Dress in sleek, figure flattering black for the best witch ever created. Disney's blockbuster movie Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie as the lead part, explores the wonderful classic tale of Sleeping Beauty. This is no sweet fairy tale however because the movie is taken from the perspective of one of the most well loved character villains.... Read more →

Adult Ice Queen Costume Winter Witch Ideas

An adult ice queen costume is a truly magical winter witch themed idea. This look is elegant and it is also wrapped up in elements of frozen fairy and fantasy stories and myths. For a Halloween event or any snow or cold season party, you can completely transform yourself into a beautiful and ethereal being. Dress yourself up in cool color tones and sparkling ice cold accessories that shimmer with every trace of light. Putting... Read more →

Witch Decorations for Halloween Room Props

Witch decorations for Halloween make for an enchanting room scheme and party theme. There are many accessories, props and items on this theme that you can buy to create a space that looks just like a real witch could be living in your home this Fall season. Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble: my very first imaginings and ideas on witches came from William Shakespeare’s famous play Macbeth. Since then I’ve been utterly fascinated and intrigued... Read more →