Zombie Stuffed Animals and Toys

If you're tired of the same old cuddly toys, consider a zombie plush instead. Zombie stuffed animals and toys are fun gifts and perfect for kids and adults into some harmless horror. A zombie doesn't make for your average plush, that's for sure. These stuffed toys are the perfect gift idea for someone needing a fun gift for Halloween. Anyone in to all things Walking Dead can now have an undead creature or ghoul of... Read more →

Zombie Halloween Costumes for Adults Guide

Learn how you can look like and dress like a zombie in 5 easy steps. In no time at all, you'll have a whole head full of ideas with this complete zombie Halloween costumes for adults guide. You'll discover what a zombie actually is and what they look like in terms of clothing, hair and make-up. These creepy, undead creatures are always one of the biggest Halloween outfit choices and are suitable for both men... Read more →

Creepy Zombie Clown Outfits for Adults

Clowns are officially evil and downright creepy. You've chosen a brilliant idea for Halloween with a zombie clown outfit which should scare everyone silly. Zombies are a massively popular theme each year. Going with a twist on that theme and choosing to dress up as a zombie clown is fantastically unique and just a bit different to what everyone else will be doing. In a good way. These rather evil and scary characters make an... Read more →

Zombie Yard Decorations for Halloween

Infect your outdoor space with a whole freaky zone by planting creepy outdoor statues and zombie yard decorations. Put them in places where your guests are sure to stumble upon them and then wish they hadn’t. One of the very first things that you can do is to add in some bright yellow warning signs all around the entrance to your yard. This will warn guests or even trick or treaters that your garden is... Read more →

Fun Zombie Slippers and Shoes

Zombie sippers and shoes can make great gag items and gifts for your coworkers, friends and family and can also be just the thing to slip on as a costume accessory too come Halloween time. I’ve hunted down some particularly gross looking zombie feet slippers, shoes and other footwear that can make such a great talking point if you dare to actually slip them onto your feet. Plush novelty slippers always make such a fun... Read more →

Halloween Bathroom Accessories, Decor and Ideas

Here’s some horribly good ideas and inspiration for a Halloween that any visiting party or house guests are sure to remember after taking a visit to your wash room. Halloween bathroom accessories can really help to complete the decor for this occasion in your home. Some of the very best props are actually the more subtle ones which might not immediately pop out at you but give just a little shock when seen. You can... Read more →

Zombie Kitchen Accessories and Gruesome Gifts

If you’re a fan or you know a fan of these rather gross looking undead creatures, there are some wickedly fab zombie kitchen accessories and items to collect. There are a whole range of ceramic zombie items including mugs, jars and bowls that all work as rather gruesome gifts for the Halloween season. These fun pieces of decor will look great in the kitchen and can help to accessorize it in a novel and unique... Read more →