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Dr Who 10th Doctor Costume for Women

With a new line of novel and fun stretchy dress costumes, it is now so easy for women to look like their favorite Dr, played by David Tennant. Here's how to get the 10th Doctor Who costume style as a woman.

David Tennant was the tenth Doctor and well loved by many fans including my daughter who’s a bit of a mini encyclopedia on this cool BBC show.

I didn’t really watch the all new series until the second season and then I got rather hooked on it. David is a brilliant actor, have you seen him in Broadchurch or Gracepoint, and is so much fun to watch. See how to get his Dr Who look.

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1: Female 10th Doctor Costume: Ready Made Outfits to Rock for Halloween and Cosplay

10th doctor girl costume

Image Credit: Added Title. Original by PopCultureGeek on Flickr with a CC License

The Dr Who 10th Doctor costume for women is based on David's classic and iconic design that he wore. It is the typical outfit of a pinstripe brown suit with tie and long, flowing brown trench or ‘hero’ coat.

Doctor Who Her Universe David Tennant Tenth Doctor Costume Dress

Get this Dr Who 10th Doctor Dress for Women from

UK Readers get a 10th Doctor Costume from

Instead of wearing a dress, another great option is to go for a pre-printed design of this character’s blue pinstripe suit and brown coat. You’d need to match this up with some blue pants, shorts or a skirt and some of the accessories mentioned above to make a really winning outfit.

Elope mens Doctor Who 10th Doctor Coat Large/X-LargeDoctor Who Her Universe David Tennant Tenth Doctor Costume DressDoctor Who 10th Doctor Costume Mens T-ShirtDoctor Who Dr. Brown Long Trench Coat Tailor Made to Fit

I love how they’ve given this design above a pretend belt and the skirted section which flares out very attractively to make the waist look slim. It’s a really cute looking design and one which could be worn for Halloween, cosplay or just because you’re a fan and you want something rather cool to wear.

2: Get the Main Look with a Dr Who 10th Doctor Trench Coat

tenth dr who long brown coat for a 10th doctor halloween costume

Image Credit: Shared by Mark Healey on Flickr with a CC License

One of the main clothing items which fans associate with David Tennant's character is his long brown trench coat. It's also referred to as a Hero coat because every super cool hero loves to wear a long coat which sweeps behind them as they run. This coat was brown and you can see the actual coat above in the photo.

Doctor Who Dr. Brown Long Trench Coat Tailor Made to Fit Wool Blend 10th Doctor Who David Tennant cosplayCosDaddy Brown Long Trench CoatDoctor Who 10th Doctor CoatDOCTOR WHO 10TH DOCTOR COAT costume cosplay Halloween

UK Readers get a Brown Trench Coat from

You can buy a replica version of the coat in a few reputable places online including on Amazon. The 10th doctor trench coat is sometimes additionally for sale at Etsy. You can often get a wool blend version which is handmade to order. You can specify that you are female and the size you need when you buy it.

There is often a good selection of long brown trench coats on Amazon with a range of prices that you can pick from. Alternatively, look for something suitable in thrift stores or make your own version instead. This guy over on Instructables made one from adapting a Burda pattern.

3: Accessorize with 10th Dr Who Glasses: Look Intelligent with Brainy Specs

David loved to use glasses or spectacles through-out the course of his time as this sci-fi character. The ‘brainy’ looking ones were not worn due to poor eyesight or because his regeneration needed to suddenly wear them but because it was a bit of a vanity thing. On the show, he even said once (I’m paraphrasing) that they made him look a wee bit clever.

grinderPUNCH Fake Plastic Rim Clear Lens Plano Reading Glasses for Men and WomenGeneric 12 Pairs of Red/Cyan Cardboard 3D Glasses - White Frame

UK Readers get a 3D Cardboard Glasses from

He didn’t wear the glasses all the time, they just got pulled out now and again, but they’re a fab accessory for your costume. The type you need are square specs with a tortoise-shell rim, just perfect for that full on thinking mode for when you’re in a bit of a mind blowing challenge or conundrum. Get a pair for a truly geeky look.

David wore some very similar blue and red lens glasses in the 2nd season of the Doctor Who series with the episode called Army of Ghosts. In this episode, there were two different universes and the Dr used these in order to be able to see who had been to the other universe. Lots of fans associate these with this character so they make a great accessory to wear.

4: Carry a 10th Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver for Cosplay and Halloween

Doctor Who 10th Dr. Sonic Screwdriver LED Flashlight - David Tennant

UK Readers get a 10th Dr Sonic Screwdriver from

The Time Lords carry sonic screwdrivers around with them that are pulled out to be used in sticky situations. It’s a rather cool multi-functional gadget which seems to have more and more functions and abilities as time goes on and it gets upgraded and tinkered with.

Not every Sonic device is the same; David had one with a bright blue light at the top which you need to bear in mind if you get one to go with your costume.

Unfortunately whichever version you buy (and there are many from lights and sound versions to actual remote controls) it sadly won’t be able to hack into Alien computers, scan out of space technology, act as defense against monster weaponry and open spacecraft doors! However, it will still be rather cool.

5: David Tennant Doctor Who Converse Shoes

hand painted Doctor Who 10th 11th canvas shoesBad Wolf Painted Shoes Converse Costume Cosplay Halloween

This particular regeneration of the character had such a cool sense of style. He matched up a really smart looking pinstripe suit (usually brown or blue) and a tie along with a pair of funky footwear.

He does wear different kinds of these during his time on screen but he is mostly associated with either his cream converse shoes or his red ones. So to emulate his sense of fashion really well, you need to nail that rather funky smart casual look.

6: Doctor Who Allons-y Meaning Let's Go: Wear a Cute Necklace Featuring this Favorite Saying and the Tardis

Police Box Necklace Allons-y Whovian Geek Jewelry

Get an Allons-y Tardis Necklace from BewareofNinja on Etsy

One of the favorite sayings of David Tennant's Dr was Allons-y which means Let's Go. I love the look of this cute styled police box design necklace which should really work well for a female whovian fan. Also look out for some sonic screwdriver jewelry on Etsy too that you can wear as necklaces, earrings and bracelets even. Just remember that this regeneration of The Doctor had a sonic screwdriver with a blue tip. Have fun dressing up as this cool character with your 10th doctor female costume.

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