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Batten down the hatches real quick because you'll be wanting to see a glimpse of these bone chilling pirate Halloween decorations. These themed props can really create an adventurous seafaring scene for your party or event.

A pirate's life has been much glamorized by popular movies and books like The Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan. It does make for a really fun theme for your home and especially for a party for adults this October.

Despite all the actual hardships and horrors that this corrupt sailing life often involved, we continue to be intrigued by pirates and the search for buried treasure. So come and see how it's done me landlubbers!

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Pirate Halloween Decorations: Props, Themed Accents and Accessories for Landlubbers

Pirate Halloween decorations

Image Credit: Original image shared by AJRitz on Pixabay with a CC License

Where you place the bulk of your decor and props really depends on whether you're aiming more to entertain any visiting trick-or-treaters, the passing traffic, your neighbors or guests for a full-blown Halloween party.

☠️ There are some small but detailed pirate Halloween decorations that will work well placed in key areas in the home. You can spread accents around or group items close together for a themed table or prop display.

For any house guests you'll want to focus more on decorating the entrance leading up to your home and then the crucial rooms that your guests will be visiting in the house.

Pirate Skull Head With Treasure Collectible Figurine Statue Decoration

Get this Pirate Skull with Treasure Figurine from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Pirate Statue from Amazon.co.uk

This small figurine, check the size before purchase, is quite an evil looking pirate skull with a green eyeball in one eye socket and an eye patch over the other. The skull almost looks like it is choking on all the gold and jewel treasures.

Pirate GobletPirate Ship Skeleton Jail Keys Set - Cast Iron Costume PropPirate Treasure Coins - 30 Metal Gold and Silver Doubloon Replicas by Pirate CoinsBig Copper Case Skull Crossbones Pirate Prop Halloween Decor

It is a really detailed looking miniature figurine that should work well on a themed display unit sure to attract a lot of eyeballs. The menacing look of this is ideal for an adult Halloween party or event.

Working on the sea-faring and more nautical aspects to this pirate Halloween party theme, how about getting a traditional looking brass compass which would also make a great small accessory for part of a bigger display.

Halloween Pirate Decorations: Treasure Maps and Antique Maps as Wall Decor

Map Of The World Mercators Projection A J Johnson 1860 Vintage Historical Cartographic Print Framed Poster 18x12

UK Readers get a Pirate Map from Amazon.co.uk

The historical map of the Atlantic Ocean from 1650 was used in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest. You can get a historical map poster which has a more grown up look to it.

A map like this is more ideal for a pirate Halloween party aimed at adults. There are plenty of antique style maps to choose from as poster prints and wall decal stickers. You can also get hold of pirate treasure maps although they generally don't look very authentic.

Alternatively, you can make your own map by printing one off from the Internet. Look for a vintage map of the oceans, maybe the Atlantic. Once you have something printed, you can then crease it up a little and tear the edges to make it look slightly old and worn.

Also think about adding a little color and staining it with a damp tea bag too to give it an aged look. If you get the finished result laminated then it will end up being a prop that you can keep and reuse for many years to come.

Pirate Decorations for Adults: A Brass Telescope with Wooden Box Prop

6 inch Handheld Brass Telescope with Wooden Box - Pirate Navigation

UK Readers get a Pirate Telescope from Amazon.co.uk

How about a traditional style telescope that comes supplied with a wooden box with anchor detail on the lid. This comes in two sizes and looks like it should make for a really great prop. It really needs to be put out on a themed display to make the most of it.

Another small item which will create just the right atmosphere for a more adult based Halloween event are some cast iron skeleton keys. These should look great hung up on a rusty nail and maybe placed right next to your pirate themed bathroom!

The Popular Skull and Crossbones Symbol Used on Props

Pirate carved lit pumpkin for Halloween

A carved pirate themed pumpkin creates a great atmosphere for Halloween.

Image credit: Shared with a CC License by Anthony J on Flickr

The skull and crossbones symbol is one which is heavily associated with pirates. We take it in it's modern meaning to indicate danger or a warning of some kind and normally a warning related to poison. It is a symbol which is also heavily associated with death. For Halloween it's an entirely appropriate symbol to use and you could use it for posters, wall decal stickers, window clings, house flags, doormats and signs pointing to your home.

Wooden Pirate Hanging Sign: It's a Pirate's Life For Me

I love the design of this wooden hanging sign which reads: It's a Pirate's Life For Me. This would make a great prop as well as being useful as a fun decoration for a kid's bedroom after Halloween is done. Other signs feature the familiar skull and crossbones design.

Carving a symbol into a pumpkin is a great idea. A pirate skull sign over the top of two crossed swords looks pretty creepy. Another similar icon is that of the pirate known as Calico Jack. His symbol was that of a skull with a pair of crossed cutlasses beneath it.

You don't have to carve an actual pumpkin design since there are many no-carve methods to decorate a pumpkin including painting. But a pumpkin with a popular pirate symbol or motif is one easy way to expand on this Halloween theme.

Treasure Chests as Pirate Halloween Props and Decor

You can make your own treasure chests from card stock if you have time to spare. Otherwise there are some great versions that you can get which are made from card, plastic or wood. Fill them with fake treasures and jewels like pieces of eight coinage, plastic colored gems, bright colored candy and costume jewelry.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Pirate Chest with Loot

Get a Pirate Treasure Chest as a Table Prop from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Treasure Chest from Amazon.co.uk

This is a small toy treasure chest by Melissa and Doug. It is a toy but could also make a little table prop for an adult party too since some similar sized chests are quite pricey. I really like Melissa and Doug products because my daughter has a lot of their wooden items and they've all been great quality buys.

Haunted Skeleton Parrot on Perch PropPIRATE DECOR - BEARDED PIRATE WOOD CARVING WALL HANGINGPirate Captain Restroom Bathroom Door Cover Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg) Poop DeckBeistle 50008 Beware of Pirates Door Cover, 30-Inch by 5-Feet

This wooden treasure chest could make a lovely looking accent piece for adults or kids and it has some great details including brass handles, a skull latch and a worn look to make it look more antique. It comes with some matching themed accessories including a eye patch, coins, bandana and a loot bag too.

Pirates love their loot but perhaps you should hide the treasure first. In the life of a real pirate, treasure was not always plentiful and it was more likely to be shared around the crew than hidden on a deserted island somewhere. But every great tale of these sea adventurers involves an amazing hoard of treasure and guests will expect to see all your lubberly loot at your Halloween party.

Pirate treasure chest filled with jewels

Have gems and jewels spilling out of your treasure chest prop.

Image Credit: Original image shared by steinchen on Pixabay with a CC License

You can make or buy a treasure chest. Larger pirate chests and especially wooden ones can cost hundreds of dollars but you can buy small table top versions which look just as good but on a miniature scale. We went to a brilliant party once where my daughter decorated a plain cardboard chest with stickers, flat-backed gems and lots of other goodies. She then filled up the chest on a hunt round the back yard.

For a much larger sized or life sized wooden trunk or chest to fit in with your home decor, you have to spend a lot more. There are some sturdy wooden chests that are decorative and have antiqued styling to look out for. These may be good enough as part of your pirate Halloween themed scenery although the quality may not be as good as a piece that you would choose as part of your forever home decor.

Pirate Decorations for an Adult Halloween Party: Showstopper Centerpiece Items

Skeleton pirates boat rowing treasure

What a fantastic show stopper this pirate boat prop makes for the garden.

Image credit: Shared with a CC License by kinwart on Flickr

This is a great centerpiece prop idea. You might not have room to fit an entire rowing boat in your home but perhaps you could fit one under a spacious covered porch or out in your yard. Of course a prop like this is going to cost a fair amount unless you already happen to have access to a wooden rowing boat and a full sized skeleton or two. But it really looks awesome.

☠️ You can achieve something on a much smaller scale by getting hold of a skeleton prop and dressing it in some pirate clothing like a bandana and an eye patch. You could then hang it up on your front door or somewhere which means your guests would need to brush past it to creep them out a bit.

If your budget will not stretch to a full skeleton, get hold of some smaller bone props and have them planted in key locations. I like the idea of a bony hand reaching out from the ground near where guests or trick-or-treaters will be walking up to your door.

24 Wooden Boat Anchor with Crossbar

Buy this Wooden Boat Anchor from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Wooden Anchor from Amazon.co.uk

Larger props could be utilized indoors or in a covered space outside. How about a pirate ship wheel or a wooden anchor that can be hung on the wall.

You can get a fishing net, drape it from a ceiling or hang it across a wall and then fill with some creepy sea creatures, skeleton bone parts and maybe some shells. How about using that glow in the dark paint to get a really spooky effect for an evening Halloween party. Have fun at your event.

Of course, actual life during the Golden Age of Piracy was really a hard one and often involved a life of theft, crime and violence. People often became seriously ill due to a lack of healthy food and being cooped up together on ships for months at a time.

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