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The mask that has now become totally synonymous with the Anonymous group is based on the character from history called Guy Fawkes.

This whole look has changed to become quite sinister in appearance. It can now make for a really dark and edgy looking V for Vendetta costume just perfect for Halloween.

Dressing up like Guy Fawkes has never been so popular since the cult 2006 movie, V for Vendetta. It has also seen a surge in popularity due to the rise of the hacker-activist group that is known as Anonymous.

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1: V for Vendetta Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween

v for vendetta fancy dress and costume page

Image Credit: Original image shared by parameciorecords on Pixabay with a CC License

If you want to take a historical approach to this famous character from history, I have a complete historical Guy Fawkes costume guide for that too. V for Vendetta outfits and costumes are really just loosely based on this historical character and some elements are nothing like the original versions.

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I'll mention some related costume accessories further on that give you those extra ideas to create this whole look. Although it can take more work buying items to wear individually, you can end up with a better finished look if you choose carefully.

V for Vendetta Grand Heritage Collection Deluxe V CostumeAdult V for Vendetta Costume Includes Shirt Pants w/ Boot Tops Belt w/6 Daggers Cape Mask Hat

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This is one of the rather cool looking and ready-made V for Vendetta Halloween costume designs that many people choose to wear to adopt that popular Guy Fawkes look. The deluxe set by Rubies should include a black shirt, black pants with boot tops, cape, mask, belt, hat and 6 pretend dagger accessories.

However, if you buy this from a re-seller be sure to ask that you are getting the actual Rubies deluxe set and that it contains the full amount of items in it because some of them are not selling the whole set.

The items that you might want to purchase yourself to fully complete the whole look are a wig and some black gloves because these items are not included in the price.

Womens V for Vendetta Cosplay Halloween Costume

View this V for Vendetta Costume for Women on Amazon.com

UK Readers look for a Women's Costume on Amazon.co.uk

The female version of this outfit includes a black dress, cape, boot tops, black gloves, a belt with 6 faux daggers and a black hat. It's a very edgy looking outfit for Halloween and other occasions.

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Alternatively, you could also put together your own design by donning your own choice of black colored clothes and buying some key accessories instead. This one comes in 4 different sizing options.

You can buy complete costumes to dress in a V for Vendetta outfit. Alternatively, and an option that I believe normally works out better, is to buy the items that you need separately in order to make your outfit much more unique.

2: Guy or Guido Fawkes Mask Costume Accessory

V FOR VENDETTA MASKGuy Fawkes Mask Halloween Costume V for Vendetta

UK Readers get a Vendetta Mask from Amazon.co.uk

One of the best parts of not buying a complete costume is that you can pick out some more interesting designs in terms of key accessories. Normally, items packaged in with whole outfits are just bog standard ones that most people dressing up as this character will settle for.

By choosing your own Vendetta or Anonymous mask, you can select from a whole range of colors and designs. I love the look of this shiny gold color one shown here and you can also buy some very cool looking black ones too. Stand out from the crowd by choosing something just a little different.

LED light up Anonymous Guy Fawkes Mask costume accessoryPapier Mache Guy Fawkes Mask, V for VendettaV for Vendetta Hat, Mask, Wig, Gloves Combo Costume Officially LicensedV For Vendetta Black Gloves Costume Accessory

Interestingly, the mask that is used to symbolize the character Guy Fawkes is fairly evocative of the era and time that he lived in with the styling of the pointy beard and the mustache. Almost everyone will recognize who you are portraying by wearing one of these over your face.

3: Other V for Vendetta Costume Accessories

anonymous costume halloween v for vendetta cosplay costume

Image Credit: Shared by GabboT on Flickr with a CC License

The Black Hat

For a traditional looking Guy Fawkes, the styling of the movie Vendetta hat is all wrong. The type of hat that this character would actually have worn would have been much taller and very conical in appearance.

You can get standard black Vendetta hats online or alternatively you might want to trawl around the charity shops or auction sites for different options on this one.

Black Hair Wigs

The actual Vendetta wigs I've seen really don't look anything special. This rather straight, shoulder-length black hair does complete the look when worn along with a actual mask and hat. However, you can get hold of any black hair wig instead.

Women could go for a shoulder-length bob style of wig which is turned under a little at the ends. Or it might be cool to opt for a super long black hairstyle instead. I've seen some ombre grey to black wigs that look really awesome and would work with this look.

Black Leather Look Gloves

Gloves were certainly worn as part of the costume in Guy's day and age. They would have been a slimmer fit around the fingers and much more elegant in construction. A pair of leather look black gloves looks more sophisticated than bare hands and adds to the menacing style of having all your skin covered.

Belt with 6 Costume Daggers

The final key item or accessory is a black belt with 6 plastic daggers. Quite honestly, I would rather construct my own, if I was that keen to add this particular element to the overall outfit.

It would be a fairly simple job and admittedly a little time consuming to glue elastic tabs to an existing black belt and then make some cardboard daggers and spray paint them silver. But that's what I'd do.

4: Ideas on Tweaking Your V or Anonymous Look

V for vendetta red and black costume

Image Credit: Shared by GabboT on Flickr with a CC License

The best thing about dressing up is being able to experiment with different looks and styles. Put your own spin on things. Just because a character in a film dressed a certain way doesn't mean you have to copy it exactly. Otherwise you end up looking just like a carbon copy of everyone else who is dressing that way. Dare to be different.

Ideas on Rocking a Different V for Vendetta Look

  • ✔️ Team a mask, wig and hat with a smart or more formal black suit
  • ✔️ Women could rock a black catsuit with a mask and a low slung belt with the daggers on
  • ✔️ Just buy a mask and wear black jeans and a dark hoodie with it
  • ✔️ Instead of a mask, paint your face across the bottom half in white and add the black mustache and beard design with black face paint
  • ✔️ Do a V for Vendetta Zombie costume design with a mask broken in parts to reveal zombie themed face paint underneath. Wear a blood spattered and shabby looking outfit like you've just walked out of a grave

The vendetta look is definitely very cool and modern and one that you can wear for costume parties, Bonfire Night and other what I'd call alternative occasions. I hope you enjoyed the range of adult size Vendetta costumes and accessories here along with inspiration and ideas on the entire styling that you're going for.

There are loads of fun ideas that you could have with this theme. Be inventive and you'll be the center of attention wherever you go.

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