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An adult ice queen costume is a truly magical winter witch themed idea. This look is elegant and it is also wrapped up in elements of frozen fairy and fantasy stories and myths.

For a Halloween event or any snow or cold season party, you can completely transform yourself into a beautiful and ethereal being. Dress yourself up in cool color tones and sparkling ice cold accessories that shimmer with every trace of light.

Putting together and dressing up as an ice witch, snow princess or maiden can be a lot of fun especially with all the shimmering make-up and accessories.

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Dress Like a Shimmering Maiden with an Ice Queen Costume: Transform Yourself into an Elegant and Beautiful Queen of Winter

ideas for an ice or snow queen costume for women

Image Credit: Shared by Ann Wuyts on Flickr with a CC License

I’ve loved this theme since I first read the Chronicles of Narnia books as a child. A favorite character of mine has always been the ultimate winter witch from Narnia called Jadis.

Dressing up as an Ice Queen is an outfit that you can easily put together yourself and you may already have most of what you really need to pull off this look. I’ve listed 5 key elements of this style below for you if you’re in a hurry.

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Of course the Snow Queen theme has been popularized many times in literature and film with the most recent take on it being the Princess and then Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. Here’s my take on how this magical look should be done.

You may struggle to find a really great ready-made costume to buy but it is really much better to put together your own unique style of dress so that no-one else looks exactly the same as you.

EVER FAITH Silver-Tone Austrian Crystal Winter Party Snowflake Pierced Hook Dangle Earrings ClearWomen's Ivory Faux Fur Winter Long Wedding Cloak Coat Jacket Bridal Wraps Cape and hand muffForum Novelties Women's The Haunted Adult Ghost Costume, White, StandardIce Princess Costume -Temporary Face Tattoo Makeup eye decorations snowflakes

Winter colors to select from include lots of white, of course, which is heavily associated with the snow and snowflakes of the cold and frosty winter season.

But other colors to choose for the overall look are pale ice blue, shimmering silvers, pale moonlit grays and small amounts of midnight blue and royal purple.

Use the latter two colors of dark blue and purple in moderation (think nail art and a touch on the make-up) because those are harder to pull off well with this particular costume and cosplay look.

InCharacter Costumes Women's Sexy Snow Queen ice witch costume

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This is unusual because I’ve been writing about this type of styling for years, always being fascinated by the ultimate character of this nature who is Jadis from Narnia, but there are rarely complete sets for women like this.

I think now that Frozen has been so popular, we are seeing more of these winter theme Halloween clothing sets come through. Anyway, if you’ve got a good figure to show off then this makes a good choice. In 5 different sizing options too.

Fur trim satin cloak cape shawl cover wedding coat renaissance bridal mid length medieval wrap Available in white, ivory

The main part of your outfit should be a long and possibly hooded cloak or cape because every real Queen of Winter would wear that since it is practical and elegant. You’ll find this item of clothing depicted on many a piece of art associated with this fantastical theme. White, pale blue or silver gray are the best choices for the color of this item.

You can buy a long white cloak, see my choice here for a stylish looking option, or you can sew your own from a pattern. A long cloak will hide much of what you wear underneath which means you can pay less attention to those items of clothing so long as they match the color scheme.

Main Adult Ice Queen Costume Components: All The Essential Accessories Laid Out for You

Putting together your own snow, ice or winter queen costume is fairly straightforward if you know exactly what to look for. Here I have highlighted some of my favorite ideas to create this stunning look.

1: Get a Long White or Silver Wig

AGPtek 33 inch Heat Resistant Curly Wavy Long Cosplay Wigs-Silver white

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You may already have beautiful hair and you can certainly opt to spray or dye it white or silver which will enhance the frosty and winter wonderland look. Apart from spray or dye, you can get hold of pre-made white wigs.

Wigs no longer have to be of the cheap and nasty variety because with the rise of cosplay there are now some truly beautiful hairpieces and wigs in any shade or style of your choosing. I would suggest long white or silver gray for the color but whether you want short, long, straight or wavy is entirely up to the look you want to go for.

2: Decorate Your Hair with a Themed Comb or Sparkling Tiara

EVER FAITH Snowflake Hair Comb Clear Austrian Crystal

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A decent looking crown for adults is actually quite hard to find but there are some really stunning tiaras. To stick with the correct styling, opt for a silver colored tiara with clear sparkling rhinestones and white or ivory color pearls. You can search for a snow queen costume crown on Etsy.

If you like creating your own accessories then you could fashion a head piece from silver wire and beads or just make a cardboard variety from silver card and flat backed adhesive gems.

3: Use Snowflake and Icicle Jewelry for a Winter Queen Costume Look

Sterling Silver Blue and White Snowflake Pendant-Necklace with Swarovski Crystals

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Much of the ice queen look focuses on the facial and head area. I particularly like those pretty dangle drop style earrings which look like shimmering icicles dripping down.

They will add the right look if you have pierced ears. You can also find many snowflake shaped earrings which would also work well or just a simple pair fashioned from silver, pearl or clear sparkling rhinestones.

4: Some Dramatic Winter Makeup and Cosmetics

Getting good makeup can dramatically transform you from pale and interesting into a stunning ice maiden and I love ready made eye wear. You don’t need to cover your whole face with make-up which actually that can have pretty disastrous looking results.

Snowflakes available in 3 different sizes Small Medium Large. Each sheet includes 40-50 nail art vinyls in 4 different designs

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Focus mainly on the eye area for make-up that looks elegant and which stands out. There are some fantastic video tutorials that you can easily follow and I’ve hand-picked my favorites.

Here is a Selection of My Favorite Snow Queen Make-Up Tutorials

A lot of the snow or ice queen costume style focuses rather heavily on the make-up and accessories because the clothing, for instance a white dress outfit, can be pretty plain. Fantasy queens are never plain so you can really go to town with frosted eye make-up, winter nail art and sparkling jewelry.

Ice Queen MakeUp Look YouTube

Winter Snowflake Nail Tutorial YouTube

Cloak and Cape Sewing Patterns for Your Ice Witch Costume

If you can sew or you know someone else who can, making your own cloak can not only cost less than buying a good one but you also get to choose the exact fabric you’d like and the color of it too. I suggest going with a simple long and hooded cloak design.

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 5794 Misses Costumes

McCall’s Patterns M4139 Lined and Unlined Capes Misses/Mens/Teen Boys

McCall’s Patterns M2853 Misses/Mens/Teen Boys Cape and Tunics

Hooded Cloak Sewing Patterns Available to Buy on Etsy

A hood associates the clothing more with the cold or winter season and you could go with thick and warm fabrics which enhance this perception or with light and floaty fabrics which play more on the fantasy element of your outfit theme.

White looks beautiful and you can use white cloaks and capes in many a Halloween or costume idea but it is not the most practical color to keep clean so you may want to opt for a silver gray or pale ice blue instead.

If sewing part of your outfit is not going to work for you then you can find some really great cloaks to purchase ready-made instead. Look for the following patterns:

More Ideas for an Ice Queen Costume for Adults: Clothing You can Dress in for this Winter Wonderland Style

Hooded cloaks are my personal favorite for this look but instead of this key piece you could also opt to wear a shrug, shawl, bolero, faux fur cape or wrap or stole.

You can find a lot of these items of clothing under bridal ranges in ivory shades which are perfect. Many of the smaller wraps are fastened with pretty brooch style clasps and look extremely elegant.

If you opt to wear a shorter cape or wrap then you will have to pay way much more attention to your dress or clothing underneath and I’d recommend that you opt for a long and graceful dress in a silky fabric which clings to your shape as you walk.

Another option is a pretty top in a cool shade and some cropped pants or trousers. You may want a shorter outfit if you have some amazing shoes to rock!

Ice queen costume for adults women

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Like many women, shoes are a big weakness of mine and I’d want to make sure that whatever I was wearing wasn’t too long to entirely cover my feet.

You can get some amazing strappy sandals (heeled or flat) in silver tones and adorned with sparkling gems that would look perfect for your ice or snow princess or queen costume. Or how about a shorter dress with white knee-high, faux fur trim boots. Have fun putting together your beautiful and elegant outfit.

If you want to go more with the crowd than work out more of an individual and unique look then check out a Disney Frozen Dress for Women. Elsa's iconic blue dress features sequins over the bodice and a floaty snowflake overlay. It’s a darker blue for sure but there is no doubt that the styling is a reference to Elsa from Frozen.

I think it is very pretty and different enough to stand out during Halloween or something like comic con. You could team this idea up with a sparking tiara and shoes for even more sparkle.

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